This weekend, national appointment with long releases

February 22nd, 2019

The Gaetà Huguet de Castellón track hosts the IV Winter Championship of Long Launches of Minors, while the Municipal Sports Center of Moratalaz, in Madrid, will witness the National II Master's specialty

The winter competitions with national character will also have their continuity this weekend, counting with two important events in which we will have representation of athletes from the Region of Murcia, in both cases aimed at pitchers.

One of them will be the IV Winter Championship of Long Launches for Minors, with the Gaetà Huguet athletics track in Castellón, where four of our athletes will attend.

It will be the Municipal Sports Center of Moratalaz, Madrid, which hosts the National II Master of the specialty, where the UCAM Cartagena José Sánchez athlete will attend, to take part in the javelin test.


Disk (1kg.) Sub16.

Francisco Bolarín Miñano.

CA Murcia Tovarsport.


Disk (1,5kg.) Sub18.

José Bolarín Miñano.

CA Murcia Tovarsport.


Hammer (4kg.) Sub16.

Francisco Bolarín Miñano.

CA Murcia Tovarsport.


Hammer (5kg.) Sub18.

Francisco Plana Albaladejo.

Athletics Roldán.


Javelin (700g.) Sub18.

Álvaro Carreño Zamora.

UCAM Cartagena.




José Sánchez Pérez.

UCAM Cartagena.


Source: FAMU

The new board of government of the Murcia Bar Association takes possession of their positions

February 22nd, 2019

Francisco Martínez-Escribano, re-elected dean, thanked the comrades for their repeated trust and the majority support for their management, after his re-election as head of the College

The Murcia Bar Association welcomed this Friday the act of taking possession of the positions elected in the elections held last December.

Francisco Martínez-Escribano, re-elected dean, thanked the comrades for their repeated confidence and the majority support for their management.

He also thanked his work to the members of the governing board that end his term, to all those who collaborate every day with the school, the employees and all the assistants.

Likewise, he claimed the figure of the lawyer, the essential thing that is the rendering of the service of duty shift demanding their dignification, recognition and equal payment, demanding greater attention from the public authorities.

In addition, it requested the involvement of these for the concession of the premises that the school needs in the City of Justice and highlighted the multitudinous participation of colleagues in the day to day of the school through sections and commissions, as well as the majority presence of women on the board.

Along with Francisco Martínez-Escribano, Maravillas Hernández-López (deputy 1st-vice-dean), Teresa García Calvo (second deputy), Antonio García Montes (3rd deputy), José Gabriel Sánchez Torregrosa (deputy 4th), Patricia took office. Sabater Martínez (7th deputy), Cristina García López (8th deputy), Carlos Román Hernández (9th deputy) and Regina Márquez Gutiérrez (treasurer).

The board is completed by Blanca Belén Castillo Amorós (5th deputy), Carlos Pascual Rojo Fuentes (deputy 6th), Daniela Belén Rubio Riera (librarian) and Helena Rivera Tortosa, (secretary).

The swearing-in ceremony was held within the general assembly of the institution in which the accounts of last year have been approved.

During the same has reviewed the situation of non-compliance by the Ministry of Justice of their obligations to the lawyers of the Office shift, debiting the months of November and December 2018 and January 2019. For this reason, the compliance of all the commitments and the dignity and attention that the Service of Turn of Office deserves like guarantee of the State of Right and the effective Judicial Guardianship that lend 1.036 lawyers of the School of Murcia.

The event has counted with the participation of collegiate and judicial, professional and institutional authorities.

Among them, the president of the Provincial Court of Murcia, Miguel Ángel Larrosa, the superior prosecutor of the Autonomous Community, José Luis Díaz Manzanera, the counselor of the Presidency, Pedro Rivera, the president of the Economic and Social Council, José Antonio Cobacho, rector of the University of Murcia, José Luján or the deans of the bar associations of Cartagena and Lorca, economists and attorneys.

In addition, it has been honored to collegiate members who have completed 25 years of practice.

The lawyers who have received the recognition of their colleagues, in this act, have been Clara Eugenia Esquer Ortín, Gabriel Lozano Martínez, Salvador Gálvez Morales, Pedro Marquina Pérez, Antonio Hidalgo Zambudio, Francisco José Álamo Bernal, Rafael Rivas Molina, Concepción Velasco Moreno , Andrés Silvente González, María Carmen Mota López, María Isabel Dólera López, Eduardo Andúgar Carbonell, María Carmen Hernández González, María Rosa Nieto Mulero, Antonio Meseguer Cavalle, Elena Lledó Álvarez and Concepción López Carrasco.

Source: Agencias

López Miras: "We will analyze the Law of Climate Change as a comma because we will not allow another attack on the Tajo-Segura" The president assures that "as this draft law approved in the Council of Ministers leaves the slightest dou

February 22nd, 2019

Attend the Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, the act of deploying the poster commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Tajo-Segura, "the most supportive water infrastructure in Spain"

The president of the Community, Fernando Lopez Miras, said today that "we are expectant" before the approval by the Council of Ministers of the draft of the Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition, and "we will analyze it as a comma and point by point ", because" we are not going to allow it to be questioned again or to attack the Tajo-Segura transfer ".

"As this law leaves the slightest loophole or doubt that transfer transfers may be affected, they will listen to us," López Miras remarked in the act of deployment, on the façade of the Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, commemorative poster of the 40th anniversary of the Tajo-Segura, under the slogan '40 years of unity ', "because it is the water that should unite us all the Spaniards", said the president.

This is an action carried out together with the Central Union of Irrigators of Aqueduct (SCRATS) "to recognize and claim the need to maintain the most supportive water infrastructure in Spain," said the regional chief executive, who stated that "we are not only going to be fighting here, in Madrid, in Brussels and where it is necessary with a discourse of unity that guarantees a National Water Pact and that the transfer is not touched, but also, we are going to be in front of those who want to close it, say that the transfers have to be something extraordinary or affirm that the Region does not need water and that the problem is that it cultivates too much ".

López Miras said that "we are not going to allow the Region of Murcia to be further ignored".

He recalled that "first was the delay in the arrival of the AVE and I am afraid that now they will want it to be the Tajo-Segura transfer, and that is not going to happen there," he added.

He defended that the transfer "is synonymous of growth and prosperity", since, only in the Region of Murcia, 100,000 families live thanks to the water of the transfer.

The 70 percent of the fruit and vegetable that is produced is exported to the rest of the world and one of every five euros that are generated in the Region comes from the field and the agri-food industry.

The president affirmed that "we must talk about water as a State policy", and stressed that "a coherent, responsible and creating government in Spain must find solutions so that all Spaniards have the water they need".

In this sense, he appealed to the need for a National Water Pact and the construction of the necessary infrastructures in those territories that do not have them but do have water.

40th anniversary of the Tajo-Segura

On January 16, the Governing Council approved the dissemination of the logo commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Tajo-Segura transfer and its implementation throughout the regional Administration, after signing an agreement with the Central Union of Irrigators of the Tajo-Segura Aqueduct (SCRATS) ) for the joint celebration of this important event.

The SCRATS groups 80 communities of irrigators and the resources of the transfer are destined to more than 147,000 hectares of crops, of which 70 percent of its production is destined for export, which supposes a strategic economic contribution to the GDP of Spain .

The agreement with the SCRATS contemplates the transfer of the logo designed by the union for its use in institutional advertising campaigns, web pages, social networks and other supports, as well as in all the documents of the regional Administration and its public sector destined to citizens. or to public or private entities.

With the action carried out today in the Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, the goal of the regional government is to defend the importance of the Tajo-Segura since its inauguration in 1979 to help ensure the economic and social progress of the region and the provinces of Alicante and Almeria, areas in which the transfer directly supplies more than 2.5 million inhabitants and guarantees 250,000 jobs.

Source: CARM

CRUZ ROJA Española pays homage to its members, enjoying the screening of a film thanks to CENTRO COMERCIAL THADER and NEOCINE THADER

February 22nd, 2019

The act of recognition was held on Thursday, February 21 at 6pm, in the offices of Neocine Thader in the Thader Shopping Center

The members of the Spanish Red Cross attending the event, enjoyed the screening of the film 'Chief by Accident' by Peter Segal.

The Spanish Red Cross has more than 28,000 members and 1,000 entities in the Region of Murcia, which, with their generous contribution, is the fundamental economic pillar of the humanitarian institution in order to serve the more than 120,000 people who need it.

Last Thursday, February 21st, at 6:00 p.m., the act of recognition of the Spanish Red Cross took place for 10 people and entities associated with the humanitarian institution in the Region of Murcia.

After the tribute, the members of the Spanish Red Cross assistants could enjoy for free, the screening of the film 'Chief by Accident' with Jennifer Lopez as main protagonist and actresses like Vanessa Hudgens completing the cast.

All this was possible, in the words of Faustino Herrero, regional president of the Spanish Red Cross in the Region of Murcia, "thanks to Thader Shopping Center and Neocine Thader" who pay their particular tribute to the humanitarian work carried out by the Spanish Red Cross in the Region of Murcia, thanks to the invaluable support provided by the economic contribution of more than 28,000 members and more than 1,000 entities, an authentic economic pillar so that we can meet the needs of more than 120,000 people in the Region ".

Source: Agencias

The Symphony of the Region and the dancers of the Víctor Ullate School present'Peter Pan' in the regional Auditorium

February 22nd, 2019

Nearly 5,000 students of the Region have enjoyed this week the show within the 'School Concert' series, and this Sunday arrives at the 'Conciertos en Familia' with all sold out locations

The Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia (OSRM), with the support of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, continues this week with its series of 'School Concerts' and 'Family Concerts', which are held at the Víctor Villegas Regional Auditorium and with those that promote the approach of the smallest to symphonic music and other artistic disciplines.

On this occasion, 5,000 5th and 6th grade Primary School students of the Region attended this Thursday and Friday the performance of 'Peter Pan Ballet', a choreography performed by the dancers of the Víctor Ullate School and created by its pedagogical director , Jacob Hernández, with the collaboration of the Association of Friends of Dance of Murcia.

The show features music by Carmon Deleone and Stephen Warbeck who plays the Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia, under the baton of its owner, Virginia Martinez.

The performances of 'Peter Pan Ballet' will end this Sunday, February 24, within the cycle of 'Concerts in Family'.

About 1,800 people will once again enjoy this show in the Auditorium, premiered last June in Madrid but "this time, has for the first time live music, by the OSRM, which will occupy the pit of the Sala Narciso Yepes ".

This was explained today by the Minister of Tourism and Culture, Miriam Guardiola, who was accompanied by Víctor Ullate, founder of the School of Dance and Performing Arts that bears his name;

Jacob Hernández, pedagogical director and choreographer of 'Peter Pan Ballet';

Margarita Muñoz Zielinski and Carlos Grávalos, of the Association of Friends of Dance of Murcia, and Virginia Martínez, titular director of the Symphony.

"With this show, which we have programmed for both 'School Concerts' and for the family audience, the children will approach the world of symphonic music and classical dance through the beautiful story that Jacob Hernández has conceived around the well-known story of Peter Pan, written in 1904 by James Matthew Barrie and popularized years later by Walt Disney, "said the counselor.

In'Peter Pan Ballet ', Jacob Hernández gives life to a story full of adventures with pirates, mermaids, Indians and a sea of ​​lost children, through an attractive staging for all ages in which the fantasy will guide Wendy , Juan and Miguel on a trip to the country of Neverland.

"Besides having the privilege of having the dancers of the Víctor Ullate School, the cast is expanded for this occasion with several dance students from the Region, thanks to the Association of Friends of Dance of Murcia," said Guardiola.

This collaboration "is for them a unique opportunity to work with some of the best choreographers and teachers in the country, such as Jacob Hernandez or Mirlen Rodriguez, who have been traveling to Murcia for four months to prepare with them this show," he added.

Peter Pan Ballet is a production of the Víctor Ullate School of Dance and Performing Arts, founded by maestro Víctor Ullate in 1983 and through which internationally renowned dancers of the likes of Tamara Rojo, Ángel Corella, Joaquín de Luz and Lucía have performed. Lacarra

The School, the only one with a Professional Dance Company, the Víctor Ullate Ballet, has some students who are included in the scholarship program awarded by the Víctor Ullate Foundation and which offers training aids for young people without resources and with great aptitudes for Dance. .

The new session of 'Concerts in Family' of this Sunday will begin at 12:00 hours, and at 11:15 hours, the families that wish it can access the 'Pequencuentro', with the principal conductor of the orchestra, Virginia Martínez, and some of the protagonists of 'Peter Pan Ballet', who will tell their experiences about the preparation of the show, exchange impressions and answer the children's questions.

The tickets are sold out.

Source: CARM

The PSOE affirms that the PP that is not entitled to criticize the management of the Government of Spain and Diego Conesa to modernize the railway infrastructures of the Region

February 22nd, 2019

The Secretary of Municipal Policy of the PSRM-PSOE, Alfonso Martínez Baños, defends that both the Government of Spain and Diego Conesa are working to bring order and solve all the problems arising from the lack of investment and railway planning of the governments of the PP

The Secretary of Municipal Policy of PSRM-PSOE and Deputy Speaker of the Socialist Parliamentary Group, Alfonso Martínez Baños, said that the Popular Party "is not entitled to criticize the management of the Government of Spain and the government delegate, Diego Conesa, in matters of railway infrastructures and much less to request rigor, with the antecedents that mark the governments of the PP in this matter ".

Martínez Baños criticized the improvisation and lack of planning for years of the PP in terms of railway infrastructure in the region, "which has caused us to have obsolete trains, apart, he reproached the lies told to the public with false announcements about the projects for the arrival of High Speed ​​to the Region, many promises that did not materialize as if it is happening now. "

"The Socialist Party, both in the Government of Spain and the Government Delegation, with Diego Conesa at the helm, are working to bring order and resolve all problems arising from the lack of investment by the Popular Party governments."

The socialist leader put in value the planning that from the socialist Government of Pedro Sánchez is being carried out in the whole Region for the modernization of the railway.

In this regard, he explained that the cuts experienced by some railway lines, as is currently the case of Lorca, Águilas and Totana, are essential to achieve infrastructures of the 21st century.

"In just seven months, the Government of Spain has put out to tender a contract of 3,000 million euros to modernize commuter trains, a good part of these investments will come to the Region to change all the machines and wagons."

He also added that Adif is working to electrify the entire rail network and provide it with the maximum security measures.

For this reason, he has asked for patience from the travelers of these lines, while he reminded that when there is work, it is inevitable that there will be inconveniences.

"It is not about punishing anyone, rather the opposite, it is about ensuring that the jobs are going to be done well and that soon the service will be working with all the guarantees," he concluded.


The ICT barometer shows the high level of employment among professionals in the sector

February 22nd, 2019

58 percent of IT professionals in the Region of Murcia find their first job before finishing their studies

The first barometer on information and communication technologies (Barotic) shows the high employability and the low level of unemployment registered by the professions related to ICT in the Region of Murcia, as well as the high level of income in general of the professionals in this sector.

This analysis includes a survey carried out among the collegiate professionals of the sector, which shows that 58 percent of computer scientists found their first job before they even finished their studies and 33 percent of them during the subsequent six months.

Currently, one in three computerized collegiate in the Region of Murcia enters more than 35,000 euros per year.

The data is derived from a study presented today by the general director of Information Technology, Heritage and Telecommunications, Juan José Almela, and developed by the professional colleges of the Region to "take the pulse of the sector, see what strengths and aspects that can be improved with the support of the regional Administration, "he said.

The document compiles the current training offer in what is called 'STEM', an English acronym for teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The general director added that "the best tool to encourage the productivity of the sector is training, which are the foundations on which the digital society of tomorrow is based".

The report also notes that three percent of the regional gross domestic product comes from the technology sector, which currently employs more than 2,500 skilled workers and brings together about 500 companies, mostly SMEs.

Source: CARM

68 business projects have already benefited from the InfoFinancia program

February 22nd, 2019

They have requested 15.29 million from the preferential financing lines for SMEs set up by the regional government to generate more employment

The company 'Embargos to the beast' has received 700,000 euros that will allow the company to consolidate its workforce of 135 workers and generate 115 more jobs

A total of 68 business projects in the Region of Murcia have benefited from the InfoFinancia program launched by the regional government in the summer to provide SMEs with preferential financing to continue expanding their activity and generate employment.

Specifically, of the 25 million euros in financial conditions to which only large companies have access, a total of 15.29 million euros have already been requested, according to the Minister of Employment, Universities, Business and the Environment. Environment, Javier Celdrán, in the visit to the headquarters of the company 'Embargos to the beast', which has requested 700,000 euros for an investment that exceeds one million euros.

"Among the many actions we carry out in support of our business sector is the InfoFinanciación program, which allows our SMEs to access loans to develop their projects under very advantageous conditions, better than those that any financial entity can offer them in terms of interest or lack.They are financing lines adapted to the needs of employers to continue generating quality employment, "said Celdrán.

In particular, this initiative led by the Institute for Development and which is still open, makes available to regional SMEs 25 million euros in three different lines, depending on the project or features, and has the support of European Bank of Investments.

Thus, the 'Emprendia Line' grants participative loans for the creation and development of innovative companies or with innovative products.

The only guarantee that is required from the entrepreneur is the viability of his project and the financing conditions are adapted to the economic evolution of the company.

They are loans of between 25,000 and 300,000 euros, with a term of up to six years and two deficiency.

The second is the 'Línea Expansión', which provides capital to companies for digitization, modernization and competitive improvement operations, with the only guarantee of the viability of the business project.

They are loans from 50,000 to 300.00 euros, with a term of four years and up to two deficiency.

Finally, 'Línea Invierte' is designed for investment projects and competitive improvement.

According to financing conditions, employers have a repayment term of ten years and three deficiency periods.

The interests to be paid are lower than those required by the banks for these loans and you only have to provide between 10 and 30 percent of the amount requested as collateral.

The loans range from 50,000 euros to one million euros.

'Embargos to the beast'

With the support of the InfoFinanciación program, 'Embargos a lo bestia' will make an investment of one million euros that will create 115 new jobs and maintain the 135 you have today.

The company has had a very important commercial development, after opening six stores in 2017, tripling the revenues year after year since its creation in 2014. The firm currently has fourteen stores, five of them in the Region: Murcia (2), Alhama of Murcia, Caravaca de la Cruz and Lorca.

'Embargos a lo Bestia' offers a new store concept with a very different approach to the traditional sale, as it is aimed at finding products from liquidations and surplus stock, to which the final public does not arrive directly.

Source: CARM

The flu declines for the third consecutive week

February 22nd, 2019

Since the beginning of the campaign, 17,800 cases have been registered and 87 patients remain hospitalized

The flu continues its decline for the third consecutive week with 903 cases compared to 1,367 the previous week, which means 30 percent fewer diagnoses.

Therefore, the flu activity in the Region is characterized this week by an epidemic spread of low intensity and decreasing evolution.

During the current flu campaign, which began on October 1, 17,797 cases have been registered.

Currently, 83 patients are admitted to hospitals of the Murcian Health Service with a confirmed diagnosis of influenza, four of them in intensive care units.

To date, 49 deaths have been recorded due to complications aggravated by the virus, three of them during the last week.

The SMS has reinforced hospitals and health centers in response to increased demand for assistance due to influenza and respiratory diseases with the recruitment of more than 150 professionals.

It has also enabled more than 130 additional beds in hospitals.

To date, it has not been necessary to postpone any surgical intervention.

Source: CARM

We can claim funding for measures to combat the gender pay gap

February 22nd, 2019

The general secretary and parliamentary spokesman, Óscar Urralburu, and the regional deputy, María Ángeles García Navarro have received a large delegation of UGT and CCOO that on the occasion of the European day of equal pay have delivered a battery of measures that Podemos assumes and has committed to include in the electoral program.

Among the proposals, many of which have already been worked by Podemos in the Assembly to integrate the gender perspective in labor relations.

Explicitly, the approval of a regulatory framework of mandatory compliance in terms of equality in collective bargaining, salary transparency of companies, the generalization of conciliation and co-responsibility policies, the rationalization of schedules and creation of public and free places for children from 0 to 3 years old, while the Observatory of Equality in Collective Bargaining is promoted and the Institute for Women is recovered.

García Navarro pointed out that Podemos has taken to the Regional Assembly many initiatives aimed at ensuring that the conditions of access to work and salary are equal for women and men.

The goal that we have tried to achieve since 2015 is, according to the deputy from Podemos, that "no woman has to give up working to take care of her sons and daughters and that there is real reconciliation between men and women. education and that the employment of women is not marked by temporality and precariousness ".

Also, María Ángeles García Navarro recalled that the regional government presented a plan to fight against the wage gap, a plan "that is on a page and that will not happen there because there is no budget, there is no money to carry them out This has been the tone of the PP, annulling everything we have done in the Assembly to achieve real equality between men and women. "

For his part, the secretary general and parliamentary spokesman, Óscar Urralburu, thanked the role played by women trade unionists who have been "fighting for equal opportunities for decades, their insistence has been fundamental for the advancement of our society in conciliation and co-responsibility" .

From Podemos, he has

incidered Urralburu, "we have to institutionalize equality, apply equality policies in all public bodies, the gender perspective must go through our government, councils, councils, municipalities, etc.".

Source: Podemos Región de Murcia

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