The next course the Region will have 231 'Digital Centers'

April 20th, 2019

63 schools will be added in which will be the third year of the program, which supposes an increase of participation of 27 percent with respect to this course

This program encourages the use of new technologies in the classroom, which foster the participatory and collaborative work of students

The next course 2019/2020 the Region of Murcia will have a total of 231 'Digital Centers' of education, representing an increase of 27 percent with respect to this year.

Specifically, to the existing 168 centers will be added another 63. This program promotes the use of new technologies in the classroom, which encourage participatory and collaborative work of students.

During the first year of the program, 116 centers were added, while in the second, 52 more were added and another 63 will be added next year. Thus, more than 32,000 students, of which 3,412 will be new, will study in digital centers next course.

The objectives that are sought with the implementation of this program are several.

One is to promote the widespread incorporation of digital media (MMDD) and digital educational resources in the development of the teaching activity, together with the progressive replacement of the traditional textbook by electronic means, supported by the technological endowment available to the center .

Likewise, it aims to increase the digital competence of the students who participate in the program.

It is about taking advantage of the educational resources available in the network and the possibilities offered by the technological evolution of the didactic materials to help the development of the competences of autonomy, critical spirit and teamwork.

Active and participatory methodologies are also encouraged thanks to the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

The general secretary of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Esperanza Moreno, said another of the aims of the program is "to provide teachers with sufficient and adequate training that allows them to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for the use and curricular implementation of digital media in the classroom. "

Among the support measures for teachers and students that take place in the digital centers, investments in ICT stand out and the implementation of Connected Schools is prioritized.

To this end, the centers are equipped with interactive monitors, their libraries are digitized, digital reading clubs are established and the 'TokApp School' messaging system is implemented.

Likewise, the Ministry is expanding the resources it offers to teachers in all the centers of the Region, whether or not they belong to the digital centers program.

This increases the offer of training for teachers in digital competence, according to the Common Framework of the Teaching Digital Competence (INTEF), provides a Moodle Platform to teachers or opens Google and Office 365 accounts for all teachers.

Regarding the students, Moodle platforms are available for distance learning and for compulsory education, as well as Google and Office 365 accounts for all students and Office at local for students and teachers of specific cycles.

Of the 231 centers that the next course will be attached to the program, 28 are arranged, 142 are for Children and Primary and 64 are for Secondary Education.

In addition, of the total, 35 of them have taken advantage of the advanced modality, which guarantees that students use new technologies in most of their subjects, which will allow them to quickly acquire better digital competence.

Source: CARM

The Community calls for aid for associations of consumers and users in the Region

April 20th, 2019

The Ministry of Employment, Universities, Business and Environment allocates 60,000 euros to the promotion of consumer protection policies

The Ministry of Employment, University, Business and Environment has just published in the Official Gazette of the Region of Murcia the aid for the development of programs of activities in the field of consumer protection by consumer organizations and users, to which 60,000 euros are destined

The grants, whose maximum amount per project can reach 30,000 euros, should be used in various types of actions such as actions to promote extrajudicial dispute resolution mechanisms, information dissemination and training campaigns, actions to promote the consumer education in educational centers or courses and seminars.

Likewise, consumer organizations can also propose to conduct studies or modernize the software in computer programs that improve consumer access to information, as well as carry out actions aimed at promoting consumer associations among the general public.

The deadline for submitting applications extends until May 8 and the aid may reach up to 75 percent of the total budget of the program of activities presented, without exceeding 30 percent of the total amount approved in the budgets of the organization of each exercise.

The general director of Commerce, Consumption and Administrative Simplification, Francisco Abril, emphasized that with these aids "we continue working to promote the protection of consumers and users of the Region of Murcia".

He also said that "the defense of consumer rights can not be understood without the associations of consumers and users, so we have launched this call for aid, which undoubtedly is a support in the task of protecting all "

Source: CARM

The Emergency Coordination Center 1-1-2 manages 181 incidents due to heavy rains in the Region of Murcia

April 20th, 2019

The Emergency Coordination Center 1-1-2 has received from 00:00 hours until 08:00 hours today, day 20, 182 calls to attend 181 issues related to the rainy season.

Most of the incidents have been water drains, road obstacles that made it difficult to travel in different municipalities and, of these, 12 have been to help people who had been blocked with their vehicles on roads by bagging water.

All these incidents have been resolved satisfactorily by the various emergency services, not having until the moment of serious personal injury.

The locations in which there have been more calls have been Murcia, with 52 cases, Cartagena, with 31 cases and Mazarrón, with 19 cases.

The Counselor of Presence, Pedro Rivera, said that "to ensure the safety of the citizens of the Region of Murcia and to respond quickly to any incidents that might arise, the Emergency Coordination Center activated the Inunmur Plan from the first hour of yesterday and made available to the emergency services the necessary resources and means, in addition to communicating with the municipalities and affected entities ".

Rivera insisted on the precautionary measures, "since we are in orange warning until 3:00 pm on Saturday Saturday due to rain in the Guadalentín Valley, Lorca, Águilas, Campo de Cartagena, Mazarrón and Vega del Segura, so We recommend avoiding dangerous situations and be cautious if you have to take the vehicle and do it in the affected areas only if necessary. "

In addition, he reminded citizens to inform themselves through official channels such as the 1-1-2 Region of Murcia.

Rainfall has been intense in some municipalities of the Region, with 121 liters in Cartagena in the last 24 hours;

88 in Santomera;

82.7 in Murcia;

and 77 in Molina de Segura.

Source: 112RM

The Community is working on the return to normality of 14 regional roads affected by the rains

April 20th, 2019

The brigades of the Road Conservation Service are solving the incidents of the regional network

The Community is working on the return to normal of 14 roads affected by the rains that affect the Region of Murcia since last night.

Currently the roads RM-F19 (La Tercia-Sucina) are cut;

RM-F20 (Balsicas-Avileses);

RM-F26 (Balsicas-Los Alcázares);

and RM-F33 (El Mojón, in San Pedro del Pinatar).

In addition, there is a lane cut off towards Murcia on the San Javier dual carriageway, RM-19.

In nine other regional roads, circulation is difficult due to water accumulations or trawls, but it is possible to travel through them with caution.

It is the RM-35 (San Javier-Cartagena);

RM-33 (The Albujón-La Aljorra);

RM-F28 (San Javier-Torre Pacheco);

RM-512 (Abarán-Cieza);

RM-513 (Abarán);

RM-514, (Abarán-Blanca);

RM-520 (Archena-Blanca);

RM-B17 (Ulea Park);

and RM-B19 (Cieza-Calasparra).

The brigades of the Road Conservation Service of the Region of Murcia are working simultaneously on these roads to correct the possible incidents caused by the rains and ensure the safety of the regional road network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Community reminds drivers to travel on the roads during adverse weather events that must adapt the driving to these special circumstances, redouble attention to the wheel and avoid travel, as far as possible.

Source: CARM

Diego Conesa: "The triumph of the Jimbee demonstrates the importance of inclusive and equal sport and is the fruit of effort and passion"

April 19th, 2019

The general secretary of PSRM and the head of the list to the Congress of Deputies, Pedro Saura, congratulate the Jimbee and his players, and they affirm that if the PSOE rules in Spain and in the Region it will promote the feminine sport

The general secretary of the PSRM-PSOE and candidate for the Presidency of the Community, Diego Conesa, stressed "the importance of sport in the socialist project of the country and for the Region of Murcia, as an inclusive, egalitarian factor and to forge values".

Diego Conesa attended this afternoon with the head of the list to the Congress of Deputies, Pedro Saura, and the mayoral candidate of Torre Pacheco, Carlos Lopez, to the final of the European Cup of women's indoor soccer between Jimbee Roldán, current champion of First female of soccer room, and the Italian Kick Off, celebrated in the pavilion Prince Felipe of San Javier.

"We congratulate the Jimbee and the neighbors of Roldan, Torre Pacheco and the Region for their victory and for being a clear example of passion, enthusiasm and living proof that dreams can be reality with determination and effort".

The socialist candidate has affirmed that "when things are done with passion and planning and, of course, with the support of all the institutions in a coordinated way, they are synonymous with success".

Diego Conesa added that the sports bet in Spain and the Region of Murcia if the PSOE governs will be "a bet of equality and inclusion and we will promote women's sport, unlike what they propose and what other political formations think".

For his part, the head of the list to the Congress of Deputies, Pedro Saura, has celebrated the triumph of the Jimbee and has congratulated his players, while he stressed "that today is an important day for the sport of Torre Pacheco, Roldan and the Region, because we are talking about the importance of sport in general, and women's sport in particular. "

Saura underlined that "in addition to emotion, sports are values" and has transferred the PSOE's support to futsal and, as in this case, to women's indoor soccer.

"In a very short time, women's sport has taken the lead, showing that it is up to the task and that it gives a show." Congratulations ".


Unidas Podemos proposes measures for the rural world and criticizes the "indifference" with which the state governments have always treated their demands

April 19th, 2019

The coalition is committed to promoting a new CAP focused on active and sustainable agriculture;

guarantee access to basic services and improve connections, and support the complaints of the residents of Benizar, in Moratalla, about the abandonment suffered by public administrations

The candidate number 2 of United We Can to the Congress for the Region of Murcia, Esther Herguedas, today lamented the "indifference" with which the different state governments of PP and PSOE have treated the demands of the people residing in rural territories, Although these occupy 90 percent of the country's land.

For Herguedas, the "lack of interest" to enhance the rural world through decent budgets, placing its population as "second class citizens with fewer rights", together with demographic problems derived from aging and falling birth rates , "has put at risk the survival of our peoples."

Thus, he recalled that of the 8,124 municipalities that exist in Spain, almost 5,000 have less than 1,000 inhabitants.

In the case of the Region of Murcia, there are 14 localities threatened by the phenomenon of depopulation, according to a report by the Economic and Social Council (CES) in which highlights the greater risk of exclusion and poverty of these territories and calls for greater State involvement.

The candidate has considered "fundamental" to ensure the economic and productive development of the people to create "a rural live, dynamic and autonomous", and for this purpose has proposed the revision of agricultural policy of the Common Agricultural Policy ( PAC), "focused on favoring macroproduction, in the hands of a few."

In this sense, it has opted for a new CAP focused on the management of an active, productive and sustainable agriculture, which supports small farmers and promotes generational change and the incorporation of women into the sector.

It has also raised the need to open the rural world to other economic alternatives in the tourism sector, with concrete plans of support, but at the same time conserving and putting in value the natural and historical heritage and promoting gastronomic tourism and agrotourism hand in hand of local producers.

"Along with this, we can not forget the role of the Administration guaranteeing basic services such as education and health and has declared that they will work to guarantee healthcare by adjusting the portfolio of regional hospital services and foreseeing the need for urgent means of transport to health specially isolated areas, "Herguedas assured.

Regarding the improvement of connections, it has expressed the need to connect and unite the territory in a real and sufficient way by means of public transport, either through the commuter network or through collective road transport, time that has insisted on the need to act in the field of telecommunications, because in many towns there is still no possibility of connecting to the Internet or telephone.

The candidate of Podemos Podemos has also expressed support for the mobilizations that are taking place from the rural world, such as the residents of Benizar, hamlet of Moratalla, who have expressed their outrage at not having even a decent road to travel.

Source: Agencias

The Community activates the special civil protection plan for the risk of floods due to the forecast of heavy rains

April 19th, 2019

The Community has placed preventively, in anticipation of heavy rains for this afternoon in various parts of the Region, the Special Plan for Civil Protection against flood risk in the Region of Murcia (INUNMUR) in the pre-emergency phase.

This situation responds to the orange warning established by the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) for the Guadalentín Valley, Lorca and Águilas;

Field of Cartagena and Mazarrón and Vega del Segura;

between 18 today and 15 tomorrow.

The Minister of the Presidency said that "the current situation is normal and no significant incidents have been recorded so far.

Even so, and in order to strengthen the technical and human resources of the emergency services to deal quickly and effectively with any incident that could be generated, we have pre-emptively activated the Plan in case of flood risk, in phase of preemergence ".

Pedro Rivera recommended being prudent in driving and be informed through official channels such as the 1-1-2 Region of Murcia.

The purpose of the Inunmur Plan is to establish the organization and procedures for the action of public resources and services that intervene in the face of an emergency due to the risk of flooding in the Region, so that in case a rapid action is necessary, it can have a the most efficient response possible, minimize damage and guarantee protection to the population.

Source: 112RM

Diego Conesa: "Culture is a transversal element in any political proposal" The candidate for the presidency of the Autonomous Community and the candidate for the Senate, Joaquín López, defend the importance of culture, plurality and traditi

April 19th, 2019

The general secretary of the PSRM-PSOE and candidate for the presidency of the Autonomous Community, Diego Conesa, has ensured that culture is a transversal element in any political proposal, and has recognized the work of people who work throughout the year to follow keeping the traditions.

"We must continue to promote culture and offer this artistic majority to the entire Region and to all of Spain, Holy Week is a very important cultural and heritage part in all the municipalities of the Region that we deserve," he said.

"Those of us who have responsibilities and want to assume them, we must value, support and respect all the cultural work that many people do in all parts of the Region," he added.

According to Diego Conesa, culture improves the quality of life of people and the relationships between generations, families, neighbors, "and it is also a contribution to a tourist project in a very important region, in addition to the sun and the beach."

On the other hand, the Socialist candidate to the Senate Joaquín López has affirmed that in the Upper Chamber he will defend the interests of the Region of Murcia, the main strategic projects and also the culture, "so that our traditions can be highlighted nationally and internationally".

"Culture makes people more free and from the PSOE we also have a project in these elections that defends culture, plurality and traditions, whatever their sign, because culture is not anyone's heritage, as they are doing to us believe from the most conservative sectors, "he explained.

For López, culture belongs to all citizens, and the PSOE is with all the traditions that represent the identity of our country and the Region of Murcia.


Isabel Borrego: "We support the automotive industry with tax subsidies while the PSOE punishes it with new taxes"

April 19th, 2019

At a meeting at FREMM with companies in the automotive sector

The candidate of the PP to the Congress qualifies the rise of taxes to the diesel proposed by the socialist candidate Pedro Saura like "unsupportive, unnecessary, a risk that ballasts to autonomous, citizens that can not assume the costs of changing of vehicle, agriculturists and to the sector of the automobile whose sales have fallen "

The PP proposes to modify the taxation of vehicles "to favor efficiency and a total recharging plan to promote the vehicle without emissions"

Defends a transition to clean energy "progressive and agreed with the industry" and says that "the PP will not prohibit diesel"

The candidate of the PP to the Congress of Deputies for the Region of Murcia, Isabel Borrego, has met with companies in the automotive industry in the Regional Federation of Metal Entrepreneurs (FREMM) to transfer "the clear and seamless support of the PP to the sector with tax subsidies while the PSOE punishes them with new taxes ".

"One of the sectors in which Spain is the leader in exports is the automobile, an industry that requires a secure regulatory environment and that the obstacles that are being imposed are eliminated because," he stressed, "it hinders its competitiveness above all by increasing of taxes foreseen by the PSOE for the use of diesel "

In relation to the proposal of the socialist candidate for the Region of Murcia to Congress, Pedro Saura to increase the taxation of the tax on this fuel, Isabel Borrego has replied that "they tell the farmers, the millions of citizens who have a car Diesel and now can not afford the cost of changing vehicles or large automobile factories that are already seeing how sales fall. "

Therefore, has described this decision as "unsupportive and unnecessary" and has said that "would drag our economy."

Therefore, has announced that the Popular Party "will eliminate indiscriminate restrictions on diesel vehicles and develop regional and local plans for the renewal of the most polluting vehicles" against "the uncertainty that has generated the PSOE with its voracious collection, punishing Spaniards betting on a tax increase to diesel up to 30 percent during his Government.

"A measure that will mean that drivers have to pay 6 euros more to fill the deposit of their vehicles."

According to Isabel Borrego, "the uncertainty generated by the PSOE has led to a sharp drop in national demand that affects the production of vehicles chaining 4 consecutive months of decline."

Isabel Borrego is committed to the automotive sector in the Region to reform the taxation of vehicles, reducing the weight of taxation in the purchase and facilitating the acquisition of more efficient vehicles. "Thus, has advanced that" we will start up a Total Replenishment Plan to achieve the effective development of non-polluting energy replacement infrastructures ".

"We will develop an energy policy that does not forget any of the three fundamental pillars: security of supply, lower possible environmental impact and lower possible price for both companies and individuals," said the candidate for the Lower House, who has put value the defense that President Pablo Casado has made on the transition to clean energy "must be progressive and agreed with the industry."

Thus, he stressed that "it is necessary that companies have a cheap, sustainable and safe energy and advance in the production of renewables and decarbonization, a field that Spain is called to be at the forefront."

The PP is not going to ban diesel, said the popular candidate who added that "we are a guarantee for the automotive industry because it is the engine of the economy, needs security and certainty and the PSOE in this matter is the champion of insecurity ";

In the face of its continuous occurrences, contradictions and prohibitions, the PP maintains stability for a sector of our economy.

Source: PP Región de Murcia

Citizens will stop the desertification by planting 500 million trees during the next term

April 18th, 2019

José Luis Martínez criticizes in Portman the neglect of PP and PSOE for 30 years, "that has ended the failure and the new delay in the recovery of the bay"

Citizens will face desertification by planting around 500 million trees throughout Spain during the next term.

This was announced in a visit to Portman by the candidate for the Senate, Francisco Caparrós, who added that "in the first hundred days of Albert Rivera as president of the Government, we will prohibit single-use plastics as part of our circular economy strategy for adapt to European regulations. "

Caparrós has put the accent in the fight against desertification in "a region like ours that has one third of its surface affected by this problem and another third in serious risk of suffering it."

For his part, the deputy and also candidate for Congress José Luis Martínez, has highlighted "the failure of PP and PSOE in solving the aggressions suffered by our natural heritage and environment, exemplified in this bay of Portman which has already amounted to 30 years and coming, of local, regional and state governments of all colors, but whose regeneration today we see first-hand that it remains embarrassed ".

Martinez has announced that Citizens wants the right to the environment "be incorporated into our Constitution in the next reform of the Magna Carta" and also that the training "will not stop fighting because Portman regains its bay and the Mar Menor does not suffer more aggressions ".

Source: Ciudadanos Región de Murcia

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