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Fundación Diagrama delivers more than 3 tons of food and essential products in Murcia

Friday, January 18th, 2019

Between November of last year and the present month of January, Diagrama Foundation has organized for the fifth consecutive year a solidarity collection among all its professionals, volunteers and collaborators to help families in difficult situations in the places where they work.

During this period, the team has made its donations and, once the collection has been completed and the total count has been made, the Foundation has matched the total value of the proceeds to double the resources obtained in the campaign and acquire more first class products. need.

In Murcia, this solidarity initiative has managed to gather more than 3 tons of food and clothing, hygiene products and child care, toys and a large amount of school and educational materials.

In this way, the entity and its human team have wanted to help not only the people for whom they work every day, but also many others who also need it.

The distribution of the collection, thanks to which several families of Murcia will have a help to alleviate their situation, began on December 21 and will end the last week of January.

Among those receiving these donations are mainly families with children whose parents or guardians are unemployed or have minimal income, as well as solidarity associations and families with scarce resources in which some of their members are in a situation of dependency.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, its president, Francisco Legaz Cervantes, thanked the Diagrama team "who have collaborated for another year in this initiative with enthusiasm, generosity, warmth and enthusiasm, demonstrating once again their commitment to the people in social difficulty ".

In addition, he underlined his "desire and willingness to continue implementing actions such as this collection of solidarity, always thinking of improving the lives of the most vulnerable groups."

Regarding the total figures of this fifth edition of the solidarity collection, Fundación Diagrama has managed to collect more than 30 tons of food and over 16 tons of clothing, toys, school supplies and basic necessities, which are being donated to hundreds of families without resources of the different Spanish autonomous communities.

Source: Agencias

The Community provides transport services to 4,200 people with disabilities from Famdif

Friday, January 18th, 2019

The Regional Mobile Park will carry out 139 transfers to facilitate social and cultural integration among the users of this association

The Community will once again provide an adapted transport service for the 4,200 users of the 18 organizations that make up the Federation of Murcia Associations of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities (Famdif), with the aim of promoting full integration and participation in the social and cultural life of people with physical disabilities.

Specifically, the buses of the Regional Mobile Park will carry out 139 transfers on weekends and holidays to facilitate the movement of users to their extracurricular activities, sports, cultural visits and leisure, such as the visit to the monumental city of Cartagena, the routes of the wine of Jumilla, the flowering of Cieza or the Holy Week of Lorca, which the federation is scheduled for this year.

The Minister of Finance, Fernando de la Cierva, today signed the renewal of the agreement with the president of Famdif, Carmen Gil, and noted that "we maintain collaboration with this association and 27 years, with the aim of reducing obstacles that may hinder the We believe that by facilitating their integration, we encourage the free development of their personality and favor their dignity. "

The ten vehicles that will provide this service are adapted to be used by people with organic, physical or psychic disabilities, as well as the volunteer staff that accompanies them, equipped with spaces for wheelchairs, hydraulic platform for ascent and descent, as well as lanes for anchors and approved safety belts.

The buses will be used for trips to sports, visits to nature, cultural, as well as to make trips to different municipalities, leisure activities and free time, personal autonomy, among others.

"Thanks to initiatives like this one, which is the only one of its kind that is currently carried out in Spain, users of these associations can share leisure and free time activities with other people on equal terms, whether they have disability or not," added De the Cierva.

During 2018, the Regional Mobile Park has made 6,326 transport services for people with physical or intellectual disabilities, between fixed and discretionary services.

The agreement with Famdif to facilitate the transfers of its users began with the provision of 26 services and has been increasing annually, to cover their transport needs.

Famdif currently includes 18 associations for people with disabilities and chronic diseases.

It was born with the aim of joining forces and thus advance the integration of its users, to ensure that they can participate in society in a standardized manner and under conditions of equality with the rest of the people.

Source: CARM

Presented the II Popular Race "Virgin of the Sea"

Friday, January 18th, 2019

The Association of Women "Virgin of the Sea" organizes its II Popular Race in collaboration with the Department of Sports of the Excmo.

City of Cartagena, San Javier and the Athletics Federation of the Region of Murcia |

The calendar brings us this weekend a new premiere for the Running Challenge 2018/19.

The circuit of popular carrerras of the Region of Murcia goes to the Mar Menor, on the occasion of the II Popular Race "Virgen del Mar", to celebrate this Sunday, January 20 from 10: 00h., With exit and finish in the Hotel Entremares de La Manga, as well as a route of 7.19km.

Following the absolute test will start races for minors.

The event has experienced its presentation on Thursday at the City of Cartagena, with the presence among others of the Councilor for Sports, Manuel Mora, as well as the general secretary of Education, Youth and Sports of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia , María Esperanza Moreno;

the Sports Coordinator of the City of San Javier, Manuel Bermúdez;

Isabel Belmonte, president of the "Virgen del Mar" Women's Association and Stay On Sports career director, Norberto Martín.

The numbers can be collected this Friday 18 from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

and Saturday 19 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

and from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

in Stay On Sports (C / Jiménez de la Espada, 11. Cartagena), being able to benefit from a discount in store of 20% who withdraw the number there.

They can also be picked up on Sunday 20 until half an hour before the start of the competition.

The obligation to show the ID or identity document for collection is remembered.

Source: FAMU

The PSOE affirms that the payment of expropriations of Corvera with burial money is the testament of the PP in the Region

Friday, January 18th, 2019

Joaquín López points out that this is the mark of López Miras and the PP, "the shame of using public money for interests partisan and not for the general interest "

The spokesman of the Socialist Parliamentary Group and deputy secretary general of PSRM-PSOE, Joaquín López, criticized that the regional government has paid expropriations of Corvera airport with money from the burial of the AVE, and states that this is the testament of the Popular Party in the Region of Murcia.

"This is the way to make politics of the PP: the ruin and the shame of using the public money of all and all citizens of the Region of Murcia to, in this case, pay expropriated people who have been waiting for years to be satisfy their rights for the expropriations of Corvera before the airport was inaugurated, "he said.

According to Lopez, this shows that the regional government and the PP of the Region handle the money in a despicable way, detray it from an investment as important as the burial of the AVE as it passes through the municipality of Murcia.

"This is the mark of López Miras and the PP, the legacy left after 24 years, the ruin and shame of using public money as if it were private and not defending the general interests, being only aware of the photos and partisan interests, "he concluded.


Columbares and Estrella de Levante share solidarity

Friday, January 18th, 2019

Our Association receives a donation of 2000 euros corresponding to the collection of the "Cerveza de Navidad" of Estrella de Levante

This morning the Columbares Association has received a donation of 2000 euros from Estrella de Levante that will go to the Integral Attention to People in Situation of High Vulnerability of our Association.

The amount of this check corresponds to the sale of the special edition "Christmas beer" of Estrella de Levante in the Christmas market of the City of Murcia, which for three weeks has been installed in the Roundabout.

Yayo Delgado, responsible for Communication and External Relations of Estrella de Levante, has delivered the check for 2,000 euros for the collection of the sale of the Christmas Beer 2018 from Estrella de Levante to the president of our Association. , José Nicolás.

A total of 1,000 solidarity canes have been served at the Estrella de Levante stand at the Christmas market in Murcia.

The Murcians and visitors of Murcia have tasted the original Christmas beer of 2018 and at the same time they have collaborated with Columbares.

This contribution will serve to sponsor our social inclusion projects.

This action is the first of the future collaborations between the Murcian brewery and Columbares, thanks to the signing of a collaboration agreement that we have signed both entities.

Columbares Association has been working for 40 years to improve the lives of people in our Region, especially those who are in a situation of social, economic, educational or cultural vulnerability, to contribute to a more just, supportive and respectful society. environment.

All this with a transversal, multidisciplinary and close approach, using art and culture as tools of social intervention and with a gender perspective.

We channel the solidarity of society to empower people, providing them with the tools and capabilities necessary to be active members of their community.

Each year we help more than 17,000 people through the more than 60 aid programs we have in place with projects in education, employment, health, housing, childhood, integration, environment and culture.

Source: Agencias

Contigo Somos Democracia Región de Murcia, about the municipalities as the administration closest to the citizen

Friday, January 18th, 2019

From Contigo We are Democracy Region of Murcia, we defend that municipalities as administration closest to the citizen, should have sufficient capacity to respond to the needs of the local community without overlapping based on the principle of subsidiaries.

The reform of the local regime orchestrated at the end of 2013 is based on the need to modernize the management of local entities and avoid duplication with the powers of other public administrations, but what it has really meant is a reduction in local autonomy and a reorientation centralist in the policies of the State, not getting clear the jurisdictional map, nor has it supposed any improvement in the efficiency for the provision of services for the citizenship.

Considering that competences such as Road Safety Education, the collaboration of the Citizen Security and the investigation of crimes of proximity, are any overlap and that such investigations are not considered improper for the municipality.

Government cooperation and police coordination remains a pending issue of our Public Safety System, since Royal Decree 1087/2010 of September 3, which regulates the Local Safety Boards, has not brought about any change to improve cooperation between the State and the respective municipalities, as well as between Local and State Police.

To these ambiguities in the writing of some of its contents, the corporatism of many police officers from different areas is added.

Contigo Somos Democracia Región de Murcia believes that the decrease in police force, followed by the aging of the same should be given an immediate solution.

The cuts made by the State to respond to the situation of economic crisis, has negatively affected the services provided by our police.

This training advocates an integral approach where the competences of the Local Police can respond effectively to the needs of citizens.

In fact, Local Police should focus on the magnificent work in areas as essential as the proximity police or community and road safety, recovering in turn that closeness to the citizenship that has been lost.

Finally With You We Are Democracy Region of Murcia wants to mention, while supporting all those Local Police Auxiliaries who, with the entry into force of Royal Decree 1449/2018 of December 14, have been discriminated against and are not has taken into account and the situation of these career officials, will not let them qualify for early retirement

Contigo Somos Democracia Región de Murcia.

Source: Contigo Somos Democracia

An average of 48 people participated every day in the visits and activities organized in the Regional Park El Valle during 2018

Friday, January 18th, 2019

The Visitor Service last year attended 14,719 visitors, mostly from Murcia and nearby towns to the park as La Alberca or Santo Ángel

The general director of Medio Natural accompanies some thirty students of the CEIP Francisco Martínez Bernal of Molina de Segura during a visit focused on education and environmental awareness

The Service of Attention to the Visitor of the Regional Park The Valley and Carrascoy attended throughout the year to 14,719 people, which supposes an average of 48 visitors every day.

Most of these visitors came from Murcia and from towns near the Regional Park such as La Alberca or Santo Ángel.

In addition, there were a total of 1,692 visitors from other municipalities in the Region, 293 who came to these facilities from other autonomous communities and another 219 that came from other countries.

Regarding the service of guided visits, during the past year there were 95 in which 3,948 people participated through both the service of 'open lists', visits that take place on Saturday or Sunday to the Environmental Education Area of ​​the Recovery Center of Wildlife and destined for the public in general, like those destined to groups, associations or educative centers.

The General Director of Medio Medio, Consuelo Rosauro, participated today precisely in one of these visits in which thirty schoolchildren participated in the 4th year of Primary Education of the CEIP Francisco Martínez Bernal de Molina de Segura.

During the visit, the general director of Medio Natural said that the objective of these visits is to disseminate the natural and cultural values ​​of the regional park "in a pleasant and participatory way and that visitors become aware of environmental problems and incorporate their day to day attitudes that favor the conservation of nature ".

During the day, schoolchildren were able to learn about the work being carried out at the Wildlife Recovery Center, "a visit that aims to promote knowledge about wild animals in the Region, their problems, how they recover and what we can do do to help them, "explained Consuelo Rosauro.

El Valle Regional Park offers up to seven different guided tours that groups can choose depending on their particularities and interests, as well as the conditions of the park at all times.

Two of these visits take place in the Environmental Education Area of ​​the center and are usually combined with other short visits such as the botanical garden 'Arboretum El Valle' or the 'Explorers to investigate' itinerary.

The natural spaces that have a guided tour service are the El Valle and Carrascoy Regional Park, the Arenales and Salinas Regional Park of San Pedro del Pinatar, the Sierra Espuña Regional Park and the Calblanque Regional Park, Monte de las Cenizas and Peña del Águila .

To know more about this service, those interested can consult the website of the Directorate General of Natural Environment

Regarding the consultations, the Visitor Service received a total of 4,300, of which 61 percent were made directly at the Information Point and the remaining 39 percent through telematic means such as the telephone or the email.

Most of the consultations carried out at the Information Point are related to visits to the Wildlife Recovery Center and to the collection of wild animals.

The information requested by telephone or via email, meanwhile, focuses mainly on the procedure of booking guided tours of this service.

Source: CARM

'Fash Food' full of gastronomic passion and red color their most sensory experience

Friday, January 18th, 2019

30 diners dressed in full red to celebrate the fourth Fash Food dinner, held in the new photographic studio of La Cámara Roja, in the Vistabella district , under the concept 'CUE'

The menu was created and cooked by chef Freddy Salmerón, from the Hotel Occidental Murcia Siete Coronas, and his kitchen and dining room

The dinner focused on the concept 'CUE', and was indicated by red signs through details, such as lighting, decoration, clothing, minutes and much of the chromatic dishes presented by the chef

Products of the land offered by Makro, Fornet kitchen machinery and food pairing by Estrella de Levante and Jumilla PDO wines prepared by sommelier Esperanza Pérez de La Gracia.

Murcia, 1

Illuminated by a break dance dancer dressed in red LED lights, that was the first sign that the lucky guests received that won a place for the fourth Fash Food experience in Murcia.

At the rhythm of their steps and the red light, the 30 guests were guided to the place where they would dine an exclusive menu of first level gastronomy, from chef Freddy Salmerón and his team at the Hotel Occidental Murcia Siete Coronas.

The newly inaugurated new space of the Red Chamber (led by photographers David Flores and Silvia Marte) was the place chosen by the organization of the movement Fash Food (the communication agencies and events BAR Taberna de ideas and Lalumier) to turn it into a restaurant ephemeral overnight for 30 diners.

The first contact was in the form of an exclusive cocktail, by the hand of Campoluz and his barman Rafa, the premiere of Bonante, an aperitif with a wine base, red in color.

The photographic studio, the development laboratory and the classroom of his photography school were converted into a gastronomic space (living room and kitchen), where the 'Cue' atmosphere was breathed by all the senses.

Set with red lights and photographic elements, industrial centerpieces with red liquids, diners' wardrobe, a 3-D design (deciphered through 3D glasses), including a musical playlist inspired by the color red, They turned the ephemeral experience into a waste of energy that was breathed among the diners throughout the night.

To start the night, Freddy Salmerón thought of several chromatic snacks to open his mouth: a pass in brown, green apple, foie gras and rum;

another in green: roasted chicken toast with avocado and herbaceous touches;

and in orange: crunchy carrot, cardamom, orange and salty bacon.

All of them served in exclusive ceramic and glass ware from Procerámico, and accompanied by a Punta Este beer from Estrella de Levante, paired by Esperanza Pérez, sommelier from La Gracia.

From there, the parade of dishes, flavor, aromas and color was raising the tone of the dinner, in dishes such as beetroot panacotta, grilled strawberries, truffle, red tuna tartar with currants, spinach and egg poché, a hake with cockles or the roast beef of acidic Iberian prey, which took them around the world to diners, paired with different Jumilla PDO wines, such as the Perla Real rosé and the red Ribera del Juá, Torrecastillo Barrica or High Bank of the World.

During the dinner, the photographers of the Red Chamber were responsible for making a portrait with an analog camera to each pair of guests, to have an indelible memory of the unique moment they shared during the dinner, full of emotions, surprises, conversations and toasts for many plus.

The last bite of the dinner were two desserts: bacon of vegetable heaven with passion fruit and petit fours of chocolate, paired with the sweet wine Amarus, Jumilla DOP gold medal.

In this way, the diners of Fash Food 4 met to make a final toast and dismiss this ephemeral experience with a group photo that immortalized this meeting with good taste forever, until the next dinner that will be totally different from the ones lived Until now.

To the movement Fash Food have joined the City of Murcia, the Department of Commerce, '1001 Flavors of the Region of Murcia' of the Center for Tourism Qualification, as well as major companies in the field of drinks and food, as Estrella de Levante, Wines DOP Jumilla, Makro, Fornet, Procerámico tableware design company, Campoluz, Twin Freaks Studio, Vic Soriano Photography and La Gracia, led by sommelier Esperanza Pérez.

Source: Agencias

Representatives of the Association ELA Region of Murcia visit the Multidisciplinary Center "Pilar Bernal Giménez"

Friday, January 18th, 2019

Members of the board of the Association ELA Region of Murcia recently visited the Multidisciplinary Center of Comprehensive Care for People and Families with Fragile X Syndrome and other rare diseases "Pilar Bernal Giménez" of Murcia.

The delegate of D'Genes in Murcia, Encarnación Bañón, has accompanied the president of the Association ELA Murcia Region, Damián Guerao López, and the vice president of this entity, during the visit.

The person in charge of D'Genes has shown them the facilities and explained to them the services that are provided to improve the quality of life of people who live with uncommon pathologies.

Precisely, the Association of Rare Diseases D'Genes and the Association ELA Region of Murcia recently signed a collaboration agreement, whose purpose is to establish collaboration mechanisms to promote health, psychological, educational and social support to people affected by pathologies frequent and their families.

Source: D´Genes

Lucas: "It seems that the one who is determined to close the Tajo Segura transfer is the PP of the Region" The PSRM-PSOE spokesperson reminds that the infrastructure works normally and that the water supply is guaranteed, thanks to the good

Friday, January 18th, 2019

The deputy secretary general and PSRM-PSOE spokesperson, Francisco Lucas, has assured that the PP is the only one that seems to be committed to closing the Tajo-Segura transfer, "because they are always with the same message, again and again, as if they did not have problems to attend in the Region ".

He pointed out that "as much as the PP insists and as much as it interests you electorally to continue with this story, generating uncertainty", the transfer continues to function normally and the water supply is guaranteed in the Region of Murcia, thanks to good management of the Government of Spain and the delegate of the Government, Diego Conesa.

"The PP should start to worry about the real problems that citizens of the Region of Murcia have, problems that have not been solved in the last 24 years and that, however, the PSOE Government is solving nationally, and Diego Conesa it will do it from May when it is president of the Community ", has concluded.