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ANPIER and FECOAM organize the conference "The opportunities of the new energy scenario: photoelectric generation and agricultural production"

Monday, March 25th, 2019

ANPIER, the National Association of Photovoltaic Energy Producers, organizes with FECOAM, the Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Murcia, the day "The opportunities of the new energy scenario: photovoltaic generation and agricultural production", in which Cajamar and Campos Solares collaborate.

The inauguration will be made by the President of the Region of Murcia, Fernando López Miras, along with the President of FECOAM, Santiago Martínez Gabaldón;

the President of ANPIER, Miguel Ángel Martínez-Aroca;

and Bartolomé Viúdez, Member of the Board of Directors of Cajamar.

The closing will be in charge of the Minister of Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Region of Murcia, Miguel Ángel del Amor Saavedra, and the Employment, University, Business and Environment Advisor of the Region of Murcia, Javier Celdrán Lorente.

The professor of Economic Structure, Dr. Ramón Tamames, will also participate.

Murcia is one of the regions in the world with the best conditions for the production of photovoltaic solar energy.

With 3,000 hours of sunshine per year and an adequate orography, our land is able to provide the necessary supply to meet the energy needs of our agri-food sector.

The photovoltaic technology has reached its full maturity and is the source of generation of cheaper energy that is known, capable of delivering energy at € 32 / MW;

In addition, the regulatory obstacles to the introduction of self-consumption have begun to fade.

This is the time to take advantage of the abundant sunshine of the region and the capabilities of our photovoltaic engineering to lower the costs of supply and boost our competitiveness, without emitting harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Murcia's agri-food sector contributes 22% of the GDP of our Region and 28% of employed people, considering the entire value chain and the auxiliary activity that it requires.

The agrarian activity is the base of our economy and the true vertebradora of our balanced territorial structure.

Our farmers and ranchers, our industrial dynamics and the export capacities that we have demonstrated in this Region, have allowed us to be at the international forefront of agri-food.

The efficient use of resources, in particular of water, has been an essential factor in this development.

Innovation has also been key for the advance to be sustained.

Now, we have another great opportunity to boost the progress of the agri-food sector and our Region: photovoltaic solar energy.

Source: Agencias

Open call for another 61 places of the offer for stabilization of employment

Monday, March 25th, 2019

Applications can be submitted up to April 25 in person or through the website

The Official Bulletin of the Region of Murcia (BORM) today published a new call for the stabilization of temporary work in the regional administration, with another 61 places of public employment, which are part of the 1,044 places that will go calling progressively until the month of May.

The deadline for submitting applications to participate in the selective tests begins tomorrow, Tuesday and ends on April 25.

Instances can be delivered in person at the single windows or telematically, through the public employment website (, where the instructions to complete them are also posted.

This new call includes 41 administrative assistant positions, seven for occupational risk prevention, four for psychology, four for consumer inspection, three for nursing subinspection and two for sociology.

With these are already 159 places called for stabilization in the field of Administration and Services.

Once all of them have been called, the calls for open access places will begin during the month of June.

The tests of the stabilization tests will be held from October and those of the free offer later, so that they do not coincide and allow the candidates to appear in any of them.

Source: CARM

C-FEM and Astrade collaborate in a film session adapted to people diagnosed with ASD

Monday, March 25th, 2019

ASTRADE will collaborate for the third consecutive year with the European Fantastic Film Festival of Murcia C-FEM in its adapted film session on Wednesday 27 March with the screening of Coco (Unkrich, 2017) at 12 noon at the Regional Film Library with free admission.

ASTRADE is an association of parents that was born in 1996 with the main objective of improving the quality of life of people diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and their families.

In this constant search for the improvement of the quality of life of our users, they work for the development of several dimensions related to this concept such as communication, self-determination, social skills, community use, sports, work, leisure and free time, etc.

The association thanks the organizers of the C-FEM, especially Ana Belén Baeza, for the sensitivity they have shown in returning to ASTRADE.

This adapted film session facilitates the development of several of the dimensions named above.

Some of the dimensions of the quality of life most directly related to this activity would be:

– Use of the community: that our users know the resources that society provides them and be able to access them.

– Leisure and free time: A primordial aspect of a full life is to have free quality time and cinema, often inaccessible to the profile of our children, is a very important resource in this regard.

Finally, we note that another key aspect that encourages this type of activity is to give visibility to our collective and to promote inclusion, because although we have improved a lot in recent years, they remain fundamental objectives of the ASTRADE association. .

Source: Agencias

The PSOE requests the resignation of Díez de Revenga "for lying, for hiding information and for not abstaining in decisions in which their companies participated"

Monday, March 25th, 2019

The deputy Emilio Ivars asks for explanations to President López Miras for defending the actions of the CEO of Transport, Ports and Coasts and Lacking the Truth

The Deputy of the Socialist Parliamentary Group Emilio Ivars has demanded the resignation of the Director General of Transport, Coasts and Ports, José Ramón Díez de Revenga, for lying and hiding information in his declaration of assets, in addition to not abstaining in any of the three administrative procedures in which their companies under investigation participated, and for still maintaining the administration of another company.

In the opinion of Emilio Ivars the conclusions of this appearance are very clear: "we have attended a false appearance, without concrete answers and with a flagrant concealment of information".

José Ramón Díez de Revenga has appeared this morning at the Special Investigation Commission on the revision of Contracts, Guarantees and Public Grants, at the request of the Socialist Parliamentary Group, and which is chaired by the socialist deputy Rafael González Tovar.

For the PSOE the general director of Transport, Ports and Coasts "has lied in parliamentary headquarters because it is not true that abstained in the three procedures from minute zero".

Ivars showed that there are up to nine documents – eight signed by Díez de Revenga and one in which he is mentioned – that deny it.

On the other hand, "the CEO has hidden information in his declaration of assets and interests, information of the participation he has in the companies, who are the managers of these, and has obviated his participation in a company based in Hong Kong" .

The socialist deputy has indicated that "we do not know whether voluntarily or not, but he is aware that he has knowingly hidden that information, because he has not wanted to respond to it in this commission."

Ivars has also demanded President Fernando Lopez Miras to give explanations about the assertions he made recently in Yecla, in which he claimed that 'Díez de Revenga had never participated in any of the projects at any time'.

Emilio Ivars has stated that this is "flatly false, since there is evidence in those nine documents that he did and omitted his duty of abstention in the proceedings."

The Socialist deputy has added that "the Region we want does not deserve to have in its government people who lie, who hide information and who participate in the decisions that are going to be adopted on their companies, when their obligation is the opposite".


López Pagán: "The PP of López Miras only has to lie and continue to use water for electoral purposes" The deputy secretary general of the PSRM, Joaquín López Pagán, indicated that while the PSOE complies with the law and seeks solutions, th

Monday, March 25th, 2019

The deputy secretary general of the PSRM and spokesman of the Socialist Parliamentary Group, Joaquín López Pagán, said about the intention of the president of the regional government to meet with their counterparts from Andalusia and Valencia to discuss the future of the Tajo-Segura pipeline, which " to the Partido Popular of President López Miras "only the lie remains and continue to use water for electoral purposes".

López Pagán underlined that the reality is that with the socialist government of Pedro Sánchez there has been no lack of water in the Region of Murcia and the Law of the Tajo-Segura Transfer with punctual transfers has been fulfilled.

The socialist leader has proposed to López Miras that instead of seeking confrontation seek dialogue and consensus and join the manifesto that was signed at the time by the general secretary of the PSRM and candidate for the Presidency of the Community, Diego Conesa, with the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig.

"The only certainty is that while the PSOE seeks solutions to the serious problem of water in the region, the PP continues with the confrontation and the water policy for a few votes, which is the greatest irresponsibility that the Popular Party has committed during the last 20 years, "he concluded.


A jewel drawing contest for Mother's Day will make the designs of the participating students come true

Monday, March 25th, 2019

The winning works of each of the four categories will become a real jewel made by the professionals of the Jewelers, Silversmiths and Watchmakers of the Region of Murcia

Schoolchildren must submit their drawings before April 6th, either directly to their teacher or in any of the more than eighty associated jewelries

A jewelry drawing contest to mark Mother's Day will make the winning designs of the participating students come true in four different categories.

The first one is for children from three to four years old, while the other three correspond to the stretches of five to seven years, from eight to ten years, and finally from eleven to twelve years.

The pieces will be the gift of the awarded children to the person they choose.

The contest, called 'Design a jewel!', Will have a jury of experts who will be responsible for selecting the winners of each of the four categories, for the subsequent delivery of the actual pieces in an act to be held on 4 of May.

Those interested should download the template enabled for the drawing on the website of the contest.

Schoolchildren who participate must deliver the drawing before April 6 directly to their teacher or deposit it in one of the more than eighty associated jewelers of the Guild.

The jury will select forty finalists among all received designs, ten for each category.

The winning works will become a real jewel captured by professionals of the Jewelers, Silversmiths and Watchmakers Guild of the Region of Murcia.

This group organizes the event, which has the collaboration and funding of the Ministry of Employment, Universities, Business and Environment.

The general director of Commerce, Consumption and Administrative Simplification, Francisco Abril, today presented the event next to the monument in homage to the mother of the gardens of Vistabella (Murcia) and stressed that "it is a contest that stimulates the creativity of our schoolchildren at the same time that it carries out an excellent work of diffusion of a fundamental guild within the local commerce ".

When designating the winners, the jury will assess the author's creativity, their ability to represent the piece in the design, the originality of the design and the feasibility for its subsequent execution, always according to the age of the participant.

The Jewelers, Silversmiths and Watchmakers Guild represents the great majority of jewelers in the Region.

Among its tasks is to inform partners of grants, subsidies or changes in legislation, alert of criminal acts to prevent them, make agreements with banks, organize training courses, and represent the sector before the Public Administrations.

Source: CARM

"Care for lipodystrophies" is the motto of the World Day of these pathologies campaign, which is celebrated on March 31

Monday, March 25th, 2019

"Care for lipodystrophies" is the slogan of the World Lipodystrophy Day campaign, which is celebrated on March 31st, and which the International Association of Relatives and People Affected by Lipodystrophies (AELIP) promotes to give visibility to the reality of the people who live with these pathologies.

The president of the International Association of Relatives and Affected of Lipodistrofias (AELIP), Naca Eulalia Perez de Tudela, and the Minister of Health of Murcia, Manuel Villegas, presented the campaign last week.

At the ceremony were also present the vice president of AELIP Juan Carrión Tudela;

the social worker of this entity, José Jérez;

the general secretary of the Ministry of Health, Miguel Ángel Miralles González-Conde;

and the general director of Public Health and Addictions, José Carlos Vicente López.

The lipodystrophies belong to the group of syndromes of extreme insulin resistance and are characterized by the disappearance of adipose tissue, causing the loss of fat throughout the body that usually occurs throughout the first two years of life.

The visibility campaign for this rare disease, which this year has the motto "Care for lipodystrophies", includes different initiatives with the aim of raising awareness about the reality of people living with lipodystrophies.

So, the campaign has already started on social networks, where users are encouraged to upload photographs using the index finger and thumb the letter L, with the hashtag # care4lipodystrophy2019 and # AELIP2019.

Among the programmed activities will be the reading of the Manifesto for the World Day of Lipodistrofias in different municipalities such as Totana, Murcia, Mula, Cartagena, Mahón, Vigo or Huelva, and the lighting of public spaces in turquoise color on March 31 .

In addition, solidarity events have also been planned such as a fashion show in Mula (April 6) or the Tournament Deitana Urbs in Totana (April 27), as well as visibility actions in sporting events.

Also, until March 31 each day an article of the Manifesto of the World Day of Lipodistrofias is uploaded, a decalogue that includes the main demands and needs of the people who live with these pathologies.

The World Lipodystrophy Day 2019 campaign has the support of different international organizations working in the field of rare diseases, such as the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases, the Spanish Society of Lipodystrophies (SEL), the Iberoamerican ER Alliance ( ALIBER), EURORDIS, Rare Diseases International, and the European Lipodystrophy Consortium (ECLIP).

In addition, it will be replicated by Lypodistrophies United (USA), Lipodistrophies UK (United Kingdom), AFLIP (France) and AILIP (Italy).

Source: AELIP

Javier Iniesta: "The tripartite has undertaken a witch hunt against Díez de Revenga because it has uncovered the lies of the underground" The PP regional deputy has indicated after the appearance of the general director of Puerto in the Ass

Monday, March 25th, 2019

"Chase of witches without mercy", this way has defined the regional deputy of the Pp, Javier Iniesta the campaign of political persecution on the part of "the tripartite", towards the general director of Transport, Coasts and Ports, José Manuel Díez de Revenga, that this morning has appeared before the commission of investigation regarding contracts, endorsements and subsidies of the Regional Assembly2E Iniesta does not consider "casual" that this harassment occurs towards "who has put black on white the contradictions, the errors and the lies of the burial "

For the 'popular' autonomic deputy, PSOE, Podemos and Ciudadanos "have not been able to prove that Díez de Revenga has influenced or has taken steps before officials to guide any administrative file because you can not show what does not exist," he said.

"The relevant thing is that from minute one, the director general goes to a notary to renounce his position as sole administrator in society, does not participate in decisions on any file and there is no misuse of public money," he said. Iniesta after listening to the explanations of José Manuel Díez de Revenga, to add that in the processing of the files of the extension of the concessions to the ports of Lo Pagán and San Pedro "it has become clear that the procedures started long before he was director general, that made the declaration of assets and that was inhibited from the beginning ".

Regarding the documentation shown in the commission by the PSOE, the regional deputy of the PP that "we speak of mere notifications, never of any resolution".

Source: PP Región de Murcia

April 8, International Day of the Gypsy People

Monday, March 25th, 2019

Statement from FAGA Murcia:

"Every year, the day of April 8, the International Day of the Gypsy People, which dares to Celebrate many City Councils of the Region, but sometimes without counting the Gypsy Entities.

The Day 8 of April is a Date to Revindicate and commemorate, the year 1971 in a Congress of London met several Gypsy Activists and claimed that the Gypsy People had to be recognized as such, and it was there when the Gypsy Flag was made and its Hymn, the Gelem Gelem … The Gypsies and Gypsies are the main protagonists of this day, not to be manipulated or politicized the act of celebration.

The manifestos that are read in places and places should be read and made by Gypsies or Gypsies, not allow any Non-Gypsy to do your work.

Take the Gypsy Flag to your windows and balconies this day and fly it up and show it as the biggest banner that represents the Gypsy People at a Universal level.

This year should be our Petition to eradicate the ANTIGITANISM that we suffer every day for the mere fact of being Gypsies that sometimes becomes a full-fledged racist and xenophobic act. We are on a date quite prone to the political party and parties politicians remember that we are here, this is usually done every four years, because we are almost already in the election campaign and some will want to take advantage of the April 8th reef to approach us with the intention of taking votes for their ballot boxes.

My Council as a Gypsy activist for all Gypsy organizations and ordinary gypsies, is that we are aware that this day, only belongs to the gypsies and gypsies and we must be the main protagonists of the acts to be organized and secondly It is also that on April 8, it is day 8 and it should not be changed by living together, because every December 25 is Christmas and nobody changes this date because it falls Monday or Sunday, because the same is the International Day of the Gypsy People It is April 8 and not another.

Among all of us we have the commitment to know our culture and promote the understanding of the people and work to eradicate stereotypes and how not to be aware that today Antigitanism is a clear reality and a blot on the Gypsy People and we all have to work so that this does not continue happening. "

Source: FAGA Murcia

The exports of the companies of the Region to China in January multiplied by three

Monday, March 25th, 2019

The Info launches a commercial mission to China and Vietnam with entrepreneurs of agricultural technology and the horticultural sector, to take advantage of the opportunities presented in these markets

The exports of the companies of the Region of Murcia to China last January multiplied by three, increasing by 222 percent, with respect to the same period of the previous year.

According to Foreign Trade data from the National Institute of Statistics, Murcia export firms sold in that month for 47.4 million euros, compared to 14.7 million euros in January 2018.

In terms of total sales last year, 211 companies in the region exported to this country amounting to 334.43 million euros, representing an increase of 68 percent over the previous year 2017.

With the aim of consolidating this trend of growth in sales and take advantage of the opening of the Chinese market, the regional government is developing a trade mission to China and Vietnam with entrepreneurs of agricultural technology and the fruit and vegetable sector, led by the director of the Institute of Development. , Joaquín Gómez.

"China is one of the priorities for the Region of Murcia and the means are being put in place to take advantage of the opportunities that arise with the progressive opening of this market." Plan Asia, promoted by the Development Institute, is contributing to more Murcia companies sell their products in China, Vietnam and other Asian countries, diversifying their markets and with great potential for growth, "said Gomez.

The institutional and commercial mission has a representation of entrepreneurs from the agricultural technology platform Agritech Murcia, among which are Ritec, Novagric, J. Huete, Azud and Probelte.

On the trip's agenda, institutional meetings have been held with the vice-president of the Chinese province of Shandong, Guoan Yu;

the Minister of Agriculture, Xixin Li;

and the Minister of Commerce, Zhaowan Yan, among others, to establish relations and facilitate the entry of Murcian companies into the complex Chinese market.

The director of the Info explained that "the objective is to be able to turn the Region of Murcia into a technological partner for the Chinese province of Shandong, thanks to the experience accumulated in our Region and by our companies, both in water management and modernization of irrigation, and, in general, by advanced agricultural technology ".

Source: CARM