Isabel Franco: "That the PSOE use Zapatero in this campaign is a provocation of bad taste"

The candidate of Citizens believes that the former president "ninguneó and strangled the development of the Region with its management and the repeal of the transfer of the Ebro "

The candidate for the presidency of the Autonomous Community for Citizens, Isabel Franco, has described as "provocation of bad taste" the visit in pre-election key that today has turned the president Rodríguez Zapatero to Murcia.

"We think that the PSOE must be very desperate and lacking in talent to use Zapatero in the Murcia Region as a campaign key", added Isabel Franco, who believes that ZP "has not strangled the development of the Region, not only through its disastrous management of issues such as regional financing, but also with the repeal of the transfer of the Ebro.

The PSRM-PSOE should reflect before boasting of having in its campaign with an ex-president that the only thing he did was to put a concrete slab to the development of our Region. "

Source: Ciudadanos Región de Murcia


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