Adicae Murcia celebrates a meeting with representatives of the main political parties of the Region to discuss consumer issues

ADICAE, a consumer and user organization of reference in Spain and Europe, which has already added more than 200,000 members and is present in the main consultative bodies (CCU, CNMV, DGSFP, ESMA, EIOPAA), has held a meeting with the political parties that currently have representation in our Regional Assembly.

The meeting, held at the Faculty of Communication and Documentation of the University of Murcia on Monday, aimed to move our proposals on consumer policy and consumer rights to different political groups and make an exchange and debate on them.

Thus, we have the presence of Emilio Ivars, candidate for the Regional Assembly and Secretary of the Socialist Parliamentary Group.

The candidate recognized, before one of the expositions of the association on the fraud of Forum, Afinsa and Art and Nature, that still had not been made in the Region all that could be done to arrive at a reasonable solution of this problem that affects about 15,000 families in the Region of Murcia.

Ivars said he is not in favor of the general directorates dedicated to consumer issues are individualized only in consumption, says that a general direction of consumption has to be efficient in all areas that collect more than the name it bears.

We also have the presence in this debate of Francisco Abril, General Director of Consumption, Trade and Administrative Simplification of the Regional Government that represented the Popular Party of the Region of Murcia.

April advanced the proposal by the popular party to create a unique consumer phone in the Region of Murcia to be able to lighten the process when putting a claim.

Regarding the subsidies received by consumer associations in the Autonomous Community, he acknowledged that it is a poor amount to maintain up to 10 associations that exist in this area at present in the Region and that receive a subsidy from the Regional Government.

The representative of the popular party expresses that the intention is to improve the budget allocated for this purpose.

For the part of the political party of Citizens, we were with Francisco Álvarez, candidate for the Regional Assembly and Secretary of Institutional Action of the party in the Region of Murcia.

The representative of Ciudadanos announced the intention of his party to implement an Autonomic Circular Economy Law based on the principles of reduction, reuse and recycling.

In addition, the training says that it wants to stop the contamination by plastics, fulfilling the objective that marks the European Union.

In this sense, Cs said that it will also encourage self-consumption of renewable energy by promoting an energy model based on renewable energies with the horizon of 2050. Álvarez also expressed the intention of the party to enhance the work of the offices of attention to consumers.

Finally, we also have the presence of Rafa Esteban, number four to the Regional Assembly and Secretary of Economy of Podemos Región de Murcia.

The candidate spoke about regulating the electricity sector and lowering the price of the electricity bill for consumers, but pointed out that this could hardly be done if the top managers of the electric companies are also politicians.

The representative of the purple formation supports the possibility of relocating those persons who are in a situation of eviction without an occupational alternative.

The candidate said he was taking home the proposal of the association to create a specific general direction of consumption to avoid the slowness of many claims, especially when they are collective, in this matter.

Source: Adicae Murcia


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