United We can bet on a plan to strengthen the commuter and medium distance network

The head of the list of Podemos Podemos to the Congress for the Region of Murcia, Javier Sanchez Serna, has defended today the need to promote the network of commuter and medium distance that unites the territories and covers the demand of all the municipalities of more than 20,000 inhabitants before 2030

The candidates and candidates of United We can have visited this morning Murcia neighborhoods of Santiago el Mayor and Carmen to check the state in which the area is now after the neighborhood victory for the burial of the AVE.

In a press conference held at the level crossing of Santiago el Mayor, Sánchez Serna explained that the commitment of PP and PSOE for high speed has generated a large public expenditure.

"Spain is the country that proportionally has more kilometers of AVE and, however, we have the most underutilized high speed in Europe," he added.

For the candidate, it is essential to "redirect the investment of the AVE towards a more used system, the commuter train and medium distance, electrify all the lines and improve the frequency of the service to adapt it to the needs of the citizenry".

In addition, Sánchez Serna has opted for the creation of a single free urban and metropolitan transport card for those under 26 years of age, which "guarantees intermodality in the territories" and "fosters sustainable mobility in cities".

It has also made a defense of the taxi as a "strategic and fundamental public sector" and, in this sense, has advocated compliance with the state law that guarantees a ratio of 1/30 between taxis and VTC licenses.

With regard to the Mediterranean Corridor, the head of the list of Podemos Podemos has indicated that before it is necessary to solve the "bottlenecks that are generated in Murcia and Alcantarilla, facilitating the integration of the roads as it passes through both municipalities and thus responding to the neighborhood demands ".

For its part, the number 2 of United We Can to Congress, Esther Herguedas, has congratulated the neighborhood movement in its fight for the burial and has demanded the Government delegation greater transparency in the information to the neighbors about the deadlines of the works .

Herguedas has described as bleeding that the Region of Murcia has, along with Extremadura the oldest and most expensive trains in the country, and that there is not a single kilometer of electrified track while PP and PSOE have allocated 4,500 million euros to rescue highways of payment and more than 55,000 to the AVE.

The candidate has stressed the urgency of promoting a plan to connect the autonomous community between the different regions and also with Andalusia, as well as promoting a moratorium on the AVE to dedicate efforts to cohesion through the commuter and medium-distance network.

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