The PSOE requires the regional government to respond to the absence of a federation for athletes with physical disabilities

The Secretary of Culture and Sports PSRM, Juan Antonio Lopez, considers unacceptable that this group is defenseless and does not have a representative body in the Region

The Secretary of Culture and Sports of PSRM-PSOE, Juan Antonio López, considers it unacceptable that the Region lacks a federation for athletes with physical disabilities, that protects this group and guarantees sports practice safely.

"One of the greatest challenges of sport is inclusiveness, which is why we are calling on the General Directorate of Sports to take the necessary measures so that this group is no longer defenseless and has that representative body that looks after its interests, as other autonomous communities".

Juan Antonio Lopez has indicated that the PSOE "believes and fights for the sport to be fully accessible to all, without constant cuts by the regional administration as has happened in recent years."

Lopez added that for the PSOE "sport is an element of social dynamism, transmission of values ​​and peaceful coexistence."



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