"The right, an endemic evil for the working society"

Opinion article by José Antonio Carbonell Buzzian

One of the main workhorses of our country is the economy that, currently does not go through its best moments and even more, if we consent to be governed again, by right-wing political parties.

This distribution of wealth that the Welfare State currently offers us will cease to exist with the measures that they intend to take in covered, these formations.

Among the measures that the political party Citizens intends to incorporate, is that of helping with bonuses to companies that hire and not fire.

But the question would be: What kind of contracts?

And with what salaries?

The Popular Party: reduction of tax burdens on companies (nothing new, on the other hand).

The Vox Party: with severance pay for 20 days, a maximum of 12 months.

That is, the worker loses more than he has already lost.

It is very significant to see that only entrepreneurs are concerned.

Regarding the worker, it is very clear that his policies hurt a lot.

Benefit the strongest and seeing this scenario, I am entitled to ask the following questions: if all the benefits are directed to those who have more, who will maintain pensions?

With what income?

Currently our country has a large public debt and very little income, so I think that all these measures, is not going to help our economy, but quite the opposite, the one that will continue to have a lot and the poor will be poorer.

Because it is of little use to generate employment if the contracts are garbage and the workers' wages are stagnant.

In this way, the state coffers still do not generate the much-needed income to sustain pensions.

These right-wing parties intend with their brilliant ideas that a worker with a miserable salary will have to pay for a private pension plan and health insurance.

Something very important is that all and all citizens of voting age, exercise that right that has cost so much.

Let us go to the polls to express our thoughts.

There are many Spaniards who have fought hard struggles so that the distribution of wealth is effective and so, those differences between rich and poor will disappear.

If Spain is European, it must be noted, a fact that does not happen today.


José Antonio Carbonell Buzzian

Source: Agencias


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