Miralles: "Albert Rivera goes on tiptoe through Murcia without explaining if he will agree with the PSOE in the Region because they already have it agreed"

The general secretary of the PP affirms that "he who shuts, gives";

confirms once again that it is the "weather vane party and that they can not be trusted" |

He warns that "the Region plays a lot because if PSOE governs in the hand of Citizens we risk that the Transfer or a fair system of regional financing is put into play"

Ask the orange training "what difference is there in the Region with Madrid or Valencia? In these communities have already said they will not agree with the PSOE de Sánchez"

He defends that "Murcia deserve to vote informed and know where their vote is going to stop" and regrets that "they will not be pronounced until after the elections, that is to deceive them"

"Albert Rivera has gone on tiptoe through the region without giving any explanation and without pronouncing if he will agree with the PSOE after the regional and municipal elections of May 26," said the secretary general of the PP, Miguel Ángel Miralles who has insured , in a press conference on Wednesday, that "they already have it more than agreed".

According to Miralles, who has used the Spanish proverb, "who is silent, gives," so it is confirmed, once again, that "oranges are not to be trusted".

In this regard has warned that "in the upcoming elections Spain and the Region of Murcia play a lot" because, he added, "if the PSOE of Sanchez in Spain and Diego Conesa governs in the Region of Murcia and does so with connivance and at the hands of Citizens we risk that the Transfer is put into play, a fair system of autonomic financing that equates us with the rest and something, has said that it is common when the PSOE governs, the increase in unemployment and the lack of opportunities, something that directly harms people. "

At this point, Miralles has compared the attitude of the leaders of Citizens in other autonomous communities such as Madrid or Valencia where, both Agudo and Toni Cantó, have said "loud and clear" that they will not agree with Sanchez's PSOE "is that in the Region of Murcia are different? ", asked the leader of the regional PP.

According to Miguel Ángel Miralles "Albert Rivera yesterday lost a great opportunity to tell the people of Murcia where his vote will go if they trust Citizens", so he warned that "do not deceive all those who vote, will be supporting a socialist government that will also have the extreme left represented by Podemos ".

"Murcia must vote informed and not cheated, they must know where to go to stop their vote," said Miralles, who has lamented that "we are very afraid that Citizens will not speak until after the elections even though they have more than closed that government agreement with the PSOE ".

On the contrary, Miralles has stated that the PP if it says it clearly "we will not agree with the PSOE or with the extreme left", and added that that is why "the PP is a safe value, a value of trust".

Source: PP Región de Murcia


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