Domingo Segado: "The PSOE hides Pedro Saura in the electoral campaign, comes less to the Region than a tourist" The candidate for the PP Senate affirms that "it is difficult to remove a candidate who repealed the Ebro transfer and has

The PSOE has hidden its number candidate for the Region of Murcia that comes less to the region than many tourists, "said the candidate for the Senate of the PP, Domingo Segado for whom" Pedro Saura only appears in national newspapers to announce things that hurt to the Region and to the Spaniards how to apply a tax to the diesel and to put back the tax of Successions and Donations that we have eliminated here ", he affirmed.

Segado believes that it is a new contempt for the Socialists in the Region of Murcia, "like the one of Pedro Sánchez who dedicated 37 minutes to Cartagena."

"Here who seems to be presented to the general election seems to be Mr. Diego Conesa," he added.

The candidate of the PP to the Senate estimates that "it is difficult to remove in campaign to Pedro Saura because the Murcia can not forget that with his 'finger' repealed the transfer of the Ebro, and being Secretary of State of Infrastructures has paralyzed the arrival of the AVE and the regeneration of the Bay of Portmán ".

And he recalled that also the socialist candidate said "that we had won the lottery with the system of regional funding approved by Zapatero and we are the worst funded region in Spain."

"I understand that they want to hide their number one candidate but Murcia must know that they vote for Pablo Casado or Pedro Saura, who has not made a good decision for the Region of Murcia."

Source: PP Región de Murcia


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