The Portman NPP rejects the temporary halting of works in the bay and demands its resumption under "safe" technical conditions

The Portman Yacht Club today expressed its rejection of the temporary halting of the works of the bay, by decision of the General Directorate of Sustainability of the Coast and the Sea, under the Ministry for the Ecological Transition, while demanding its resumption " in safe technical conditions. "

The ministerial order comes after a ruling by the National Court that nullifies the process of contracting the works for defects found in the project and, although it does not speak of paralyzing the works, the Miteco suspended the tasks provisionally, prioritizing safety for people and the environment.

Apparently, the budgetary mismatch of the work, with an expenditure higher than expected, has highlighted the need for greater investment, which would require the approval of another award project to resume work.

From the Portman Yacht Club, which has more than 300 associates, they recalled that the reasons for the temporary suspension "were already publicly known by all the agents involved in the project before awarding the work in 2016", as well as during the progress of the work done.

"Now, after 2 years of work, it is considered necessary to reconsider in depth always prioritizing safety for people and the environment," claiming "a principle of prudence and technical problems," they added.

In this sense, they highlighted that the Club Náutico "promotes the sustainable environment already regenerated, through the processing of the marina project and regeneration of the old Portman dock".

It is, they continued, a project "of interest and engine for the economy of the people, which is totally suspended for reasons beyond the Club and directly attributable to an incorrect management of the State Administration and, in particular, the Directorate General of the Sustainability of the Coast and the Sea ".

For this reason, the CN Portman demands the resumption of the works "in safe technical conditions that allow the regeneration of the bay in the foreseen circumstances, as well as the obligatory administrative, technical and financial review of the project in its current situation.

In addition, they urge regional and local governments to join this request, "in order to support the interests of the people of Portman, the municipality and the Region of Murcia."

Source: Agencias


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