The Civil Guard detained two young men for stealing more than a dozen homes in La Manga

Up to now, the alleged authorship of 14 robbery crimes is attributed to them

Their objective was holiday homes

Researchers have recovered most of the stolen effects

The Civil Guard of the Region of Murcia has developed the operation 'Mattew', an investigation aimed at clarifying several robberies in houses of La Manga del Mar Menor, which has been settled with the identification, location, detention and subsequent judicial disposal of two young people as alleged perpetrators of criminal activity.

After the operation, which is framed in the 'Plan against theft in homes', the Meritorious has clarified 14 crimes and has recovered much of the effects stolen.

The proceedings began at the end of last year, when the Civil Guard initiated an investigation aimed at clarifying several robberies committed in homes in La Manga del Mar Menor.

The technical-ocular inspections, as well as other investigations, allowed the civil guards to verify that they were several robberies committed in holiday homes or second residences, uninhabited therefore at the time of the criminal act.

The researchers found out that there was a common pattern in the modus operandi used to access the buildings, as well as geographical proximity between the homes assaulted, since the robberies took place in the area of ​​La Manga del Mar Menor between kilometers one and three .

Parallel to the investigation, the Civil Guard established a series of surveillance devices in the affected area that allowed the identification of two young people, who according to their own indications were temporarily residing in one of their homes, on which the line of investigation as suspects of finding themselves behind the authorship of the events.

The agents verified that the property where the suspects resided temporarily was located within the area where the robberies investigated were being committed, reason why the line of investigation was gaining weight.

Its objective was theft in houses that were temporarily uninhabited: those used as seasonal housing, second homes or holiday homes.

After conducting a study to determine this circumstance, the authors entered the same forcing different accesses, such as windows or doors, and once inside they stole items of easy transportation and quick sale, such as televisions and other appliances, as well as other objects and equipment.

Given the suspicion that these people may be behind the authorship of the investigated robberies, the Civil Guard reinforced the security in the area to prevent the commission of more criminal acts and obtain evidence to clarify them.

In one of the devices, the civil guards surprised the suspects wearing tools and latex latex gloves, although at that time they could not be linked to any forced property that involved them.

However, during the next morning, two television sets and several small appliances were found piled up on the balcony of a nearby low floor ready for transport.

During the following days several complaints were filed for robberies in housing in neighboring urbanizations, recognizing those harmed as the objects intervened.

As a result of the investigations carried out and after obtaining all the necessary evidence, during the last few days the Civil Guard has carried out the phase of exploitation of the call that has been settled with the location, detention and subsequent judicial disposal of the two suspects. as alleged perpetrators of robbery with force in homes.

The analysis of the information obtained during the investigation has made it possible to clarify, up to now, 14 crimes, although the implication of those now arrested in more criminal acts is not ruled out.

The Spanish detainees, aged 22 and 23, residents of Cartagena and one of them with police records, the effects recovered and the proceedings ordered have been made available to the Court of Instruction of Cartagena (Murcia).

Source: Ministerio del Interior


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