The Civil Guard detained the alleged perpetrators of an illegal detention and physical and sexual assault on a person

Occurred in Puerto Lumbreras and Águilas |

Two people have been arrested for holding and assaulting the victim

One of them was arrested shortly after committing the events

The other has been located and arrested when he tried to leave the country, after having remained hidden for almost two months

The Civil Guard of the Region of Murcia has developed the operation 'PAULNET', an investigation established to clarify the alleged crimes of illegal detention and sexual assault committed against a person in Puerto Lumbreras and Águilas, which has been settled with identification, location, arrest and subsequent bringing to justice of the two alleged perpetrators of the events.

The operation began last February, when members of the Benemérita located in Águilas a person who reported having been detained against their will, as well as having been physically and sexually assaulted.

The events took place during the early hours of February 16 between the towns of Puerto Lumbreras and Águilas.

According to the first inquiries, the victim met the alleged attackers in a leisure area of ​​Puerto Lumbreras, where after a brief conversation they pushed her and forced her into a vehicle in which they moved to the municipality. aquiline.

Once in Águilas they allegedly introduced the victim to an abandoned house and attempted to assault her sexually but, failing to achieve their purpose, they moved her back to a house in a nearby urbanization.

Upon arrival at the property, the victim was sexually assaulted.

Finally, the victim hit one of the authors, which allowed him to flee from the two people who held her against her will.

A Citizen Security Prevention patrol of the Civil Guard located the victim wandering through an urbanization of Águilas that, once she told what had happened, they moved her to the Rafael Méndez de Lorca Hospital to receive health care.

Cash from Benemérita, specialized in Judicial Police, took charge of the investigation and gathered all the necessary information to develop the operation, aimed at clarifying the facts and identifying their authors.

Shortly after starting the operation, the Civil Guards managed to identify the alleged perpetrators and initiated a search mechanism that allowed locating and detaining one of the suspects a week later.

The investigators detected that the supposed main author was escaped, reason why it was continued with the device of search, as well as other researches, until last Saturday the Civil Guard located it and stopped in the bus station of Lorca.

The investigation shows that the last of the arrested tried to leave Spain to go to Italy.

Both are accused of alleged responsibility for the crimes of illegal detention and sexual assault.

The Moroccan detainees, aged 21 and 26, and residents of Puerto Lumbreras and the proceedings ordered have been placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction of Lorca (Murcia).

Source: Ministerio del Interior


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