Change the Region of Murcia calls on the State to intervene for the abandonment of functions of the regional government in the protection of Cope-Calnegre

The candidate of Change the Region of Murcia to the presidency of the Autonomous Community and coordinator of IU-Greens, José Luis Álvarez-Castellanos, today urged the State to take action before the "abandonment of functions" of the Murcian Government in the protection of the natural park of Cabo Cope and Puntas de Calnegre, located between the municipalities of Lorca and Águilas.

The leader of IU-Greens has made these demonstrations in a press conference with the councilors of the formation in Águilas, Isabel María Torrente, and Lorca, Gloria Martín, and the spokesman of IU-Greens in that municipality, Pedro Sosa.

Álvarez-Castellanos has urged this intervention for the "serious situation" in which the park is located, as a result of the "continuous sabotage, break-downs and aggressions" that suffer its environmental values, while denouncing that these facts remain "unpunished" for the "inaction" of the Executive of Fernando López Miras.

"The policy of protection of natural areas by the regional government borders on prevarication in the face of the obvious lack of functions implied by the fact that there are 27 years of delay in the approval of some natural resource management plans (PORN). as is the case of Cope-Calnegre, "he stressed.

In this regard, explained that the state basic legislation provides that the approval of the PORN must be prior to the declaration of natural areas and "only exceptionally contemplated subsequent approval, which prevents the Law, should occur in the non-extendible term of one year".

In the case of the coastal park "almost thirty years have already passed", in addition to five court rulings against "the regional government's pretensions to unprotect this natural space" and "the accumulation of unanswered aggressions" for the state of this space.

The head of list Change the Region of Murcia has also insisted on the need for the City of Lorca modify "as soon as possible" its General Plan and adapt it to the judgments of the courts around the natural area to "discard at once the urbanization of a natural treasure ".

Likewise, it has demanded that the demands of environmental groups be implemented in the sense of extending to the whole park the figures of Place of Community Interest (LIC) and Special Protection Area for Birds (ZEPA), and the protection regime of the European directive Habitat.

For her part, Isabel María Torrente has detailed the circumstances that have surrounded the latest aggression against the regional park in the vicinity of the tower of Cope, which alerted a group of neighbors to be aware of the plowing with heavy machinery and that is destroying protected flora and on lands that reproduce a large number of black turtles, which is a species declared "vulnerable" in the regulations of Murcia.

Before the call, the IU councilor went toSEPRONA and, due to the lack of personnel of that Civil Guard service, called the Local Police of Águilas that finally paralyzed an action in which 2,500 meters of land full of endemic of flora and fauna.

Torrente has abounded in the lack of protection suffered by the regional park and the fact that "the PP does not want to manage its powers in terms of protection of natural spaces because it tolerates and normalizes all attacks and attacks on this coastal space."

Finally, the councilor of IU-Greens in Lorca, Gloria Martin, added that this is the end of "a new lost legislature" for the ordination of the territory, especially in what has to do with the natural park Cabo-Cope Calnegre .

"One more, because we have been waiting for 27 years, suffering a legal regulatory vacuum, of which the Popular Party is fully aware and responsible, and from which some take advantage to practice the law of the Wild West." Illegal rots, acts of sabotage to prevent the access control for motor vehicles in areas of high ecological value, destruction of the elements that protect the threatened flora, "said Martín.

The mayor has argued that "he has not even renounced his speculative greed that could forever deprive us of a virgin landscape, its botanical rarities and its vulnerable fauna, now unprotected." The threat persists, because the Consortium has not even been dissolved. de Marina de Cope, which has among its objectives the promotion, development, management and execution of the Cope Marine Regional Performance, despite the fact that this is annulled by a final court ruling ".

"Nor has the City of Lorca has canceled the adaptation of its General Plan for urban planning to accommodate a project knocked down by the Justice." On the autonomous governments of the PP also weighs the shame of the European Commission has initiated an infringement procedure on the Spanish State for the delay in the approval of the management plans of the Natura 2000 Network, including those of Cabo Cope-Calnegre ".

This, he added, can lead to economic sanctions and the reduction of aid by European funds for the Region.

"The Popular Party can not continue assuming one more minute the competences in matters of legislative development and execution on protected natural spaces and protection of the Environment that is attributed to it by article 11 of the Statute of Autonomy of the Region of Murcia, within the framework of the basic legislation of the State ".

And he has maintained: "As we have been desperate for 27 years for the regional government to approve the figure of the natural resource management plans, which is part of that basic legislation of the State, we believe that the time has come to request the intervention of the State" .

"There are not too many ways to do it," said Martín, "One of them is article 155 of the Spanish Constitution, which says that if an autonomous community does not comply with the obligations that the Magna Carta or other laws impose on it, the Government, prior requirement to the President of the Autonomous Community and, in the case of not being served, with the approval by an absolute majority of the Senate, may adopt the necessary measures to force the former to comply with those obligations or for the protection of said general interest " , it is finished.

Source: IURM


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