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Diego Conesa: "When things do not go well, as has happened in Portman with the PP, we must find solutions to face the problems"

Thursday, April 25th, 2019

The general secretary of the PSRM and candidate for the Presidency of the Community assures that the secretary of the State of Environment, Hugo Morán, will visit the area in the coming days and listen to the demands and doubts of the neighbors

The general secretary of the PSRM-PSOE and candidate for the Presidency of the Community, Diego Conesa, has stated that in the coming days the Secretary of State for Environment, Hugo Morán, will visit Portman Bay to meet with the Monitoring Committee and give the appropriate explanations about the state of the regeneration project in the area.

"When things are not done right from the beginning, as has happened with the PP project, problems arise and you have to face them telling the truth and listening and giving the right explanations to your neighbors, as I did at the time delegate of the Government and as now the Government of Spain will do ".

Diego Conesa stressed that for the PSOE the regeneration of Portman Bay has always been an absolute priority.

"It was the PSOE that promoted the project during the government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, and now the next government of Pedro Sánchez will continue to do so if it wins the elections on Sunday."

He also recalled that the Ministry has been forced to paralyze this project by court order, but once the deficiencies detected are resolved it will be resumed and will be done with full security and guarantee.

The candidate for the Presidency of the Community has also committed "to try to include the local requests that are viable in the modified project for the regeneration of the bay that will be carried out in the coming months".

For its part, the mayor of La Union, Pedro Lopez Milan, thanked the commitment of Diego Conesa and the PSOE with this project and the municipality of La Union.

"The PSOE has gone head-on and is facing the neighbors, listening to their demands and explaining that it has been a court ruling that has forced to paralyze the works and will soon resume the project safely" .


Cayo Lara: That the right win 28A would be a disaster for this country

Thursday, April 25th, 2019

The coordinator of IU-Greens, José Luis Álvarez-Castellanos, affirms that abstaining "is giving a vote to the right that has perpetuated precarization policies of the social majority "

The former IU federal coordinator, Cayo Lara, has shown today in Murcia confident that next Sunday a left-leaning government will go out of the polls that allows progress and respond to the needs of the social majority, because if they win "the right ", in reference to PP, Cs and VOX," would be a disaster for this country and an involution to times that we do not want to remember ".

Lara, who yesterday offered a conference on pensions in Archena and this afternoon will be in the presentation of the candidacy of IU in Cieza, has encouraged "the whole world" to vote to United We can, to ensure that the policies that apply the next legislature "turn to the positions of the left" and ensure the continuity of social measures away from those raised by the right, which are "contrary to the interests of the majority and very regressive." He has expressed confidence that "the mobilization of voters that we see at this moment "serve to take" sleep "people who think to abstain on Sunday and avoid a scenario similar to that of Andalusia, where some" fell asleep "and" now pay the consequences with measures that, by the way , here (in the Region of Murcia), without having yet VOX, they are already being applied. "" If the rights add up to 28A, there will be a government of PP, Ciudadanos and VOX, and that would be a disaster for this country and a involved

n at times that some who are older and have gray hair, we do not want to remember the damage they did to us, "he argued.

The ex-leader of IU has referred to the General State Budget (PGE) as "the most important instrument of economic policies in our country" and, in this sense, has warned that the triumph of the right would knock down the accounts -the elaborated for 2019 that PP and Cs rejected in Congress- "more social of the last 10 years".

For Lara, not having the approval of those budgets "means that resources can not be allocated" for matters directly related to people's lives, such as scholarships, dependency law, transfers to the autonomous communities or the infrastructures.

To this, has added the fact that there will also be less income, especially those that come from "large groups of economic power" through the imposition of fees such as the rate known as Google or those applied to financial transactions, nor will it increase tax progressivity so that those who earn the most pay more taxes.

"That is what is on the table today: whether the left govern or the right does, means that we have a social budget or that we regress and have an involutionary budget".

Regarding pensions, Lara has indicated that the public system is also a key piece in these elections because "with the rights is in danger", especially by the "emergent force VOX, which has stated directly that this system can not be maintained" .

In Spain, "there are 13 million people, including pensioners and their spouses, who depend directly on a pension, almost a third of the Spanish population." "To abstain is to give a vote to the right"

For his part, the coordinator of IU-Greens and candidate for the presidency of the Autonomous Community for Changing the Region of Murcia, José Luis Álvarez-Castellanos, has defended the importance of exercising the right to vote on Sunday because "to abstain is to give a vote to the right that has perpetuated precarious policies of the social majority of this country and this region. "Álvarez-Castellanos has asked for the vote for United Podemos because it is" doubly useful ", on the one hand the left" is capable of curb to the right from the ideological coherence "and, on the other," makes the counterweight necessary for there to be a coalition government that actually makes left-wing policies ", as has happened with the rise in the interprofessional minimum wage.

"There have been changes because there were 71 deputies from Unidos Podemos, and if we are able to increase that political weight, we will be able to advance a lot in the social agenda."

Source: IURM

The XII Meeting of Sardinillas brings the Spring Festival to the minors protected by the Community

Thursday, April 25th, 2019

The Community and the Sardinera Association celebrated the XII Meeting of Sardines to bring the Spring Festival to the little ones, especially the children that the Community has under their tutelage.

As is tradition, the sardine groups made a recreation of the Burial of the Sardine parade and distributed toys to the children.

The Minister of Family and Equal Opportunities, Violante Tomás, recalled that the Community has under its custody and guardianship 1,205 children.

Regarding the meeting of sardinillas, said that "this activity was launched in 2007 so that children who are in the protection centers of the Community knew and could also enjoy this party."

Almost 100 children under guardians participated in the Meeting of Sardines, not only those who reside in centers, but also those who are in foster care through the programs 'Kangaroo' and 'Acofamt', who were accompanied by their host families.

Source: CARM

Cajamar is committed to the productive, sustainable and socially responsible economy

Thursday, April 25th, 2019

The president of Cajamar, Eduardo Baamonde, before the Ordinary General Assembly of Delegates held this morning, has exposed as the main differentiating element of the entity its agro-food specialization, highlighting Cajamar's commitment to the productive and sustainable economy, based on knowledge, innovation and socially responsible.

In the course of his speech, the president of Cajamar assessed the most relevant aspects of the economic activity and social performance of the entity, as well as the forecasts and main plans foreseen for the current year.

"We must continue to grow at our own pace, taking advantage of our strengths and the uniqueness and differentiation that gives us being the only Spanish cooperative bank in the group of significant entities under the supervision of the MUS," he said.

In this sense, Eduardo Baamonde has indicated that the evolution of the entity is very positive in its strengthening and expansion, despite the economic-financial situation conditioned by the maintenance of low interest rates, the existence of global political uncertainties and the The start of an economic slowdown that began to show itself as of the second semester of 2018. "We have managed to improve our solvency, diminished our irregular assets, increased our healthy credit investment, as well as the resources managed, and we have built a solid and sustainable, thanks to a responsible and specialized business model, which not only meets the financing, savings and investment needs of our customers, but also generates the necessary resources to continue fulfilling its mission as a benchmark cooperative bank in Spain, which evidence our ability to adapt to a complex environment and a

extremely competitive market, at the same time that we respond to the demanding requirements of the regulator, "he summarized.

Regarding the expansion and territorial rebalancing of the branch network, the president of Cajamar has announced the upcoming opening of 7 new offices in Galicia, Asturias and Extremadura, after the 4 offices opened in 2018 in Barbastro (Huesca), Ejea de los Caballeros (Zaragoza), Carmona (Seville) and Mutxamel (Alicante).

It also announced the entry into operation, at the beginning of May, of two new itinerant offices, in addition to the four existing vehicles currently in the Valencian Community and eastern Andalusia, to serve 38 small towns of 170 and over. 1,500 inhabitants, thus helping to avoid financial exclusion to the inhabitants of these sparsely populated rural areas.

Cajamar closed the year 2018 with 3.4 million customers, of which more than 1.5 million have a high level of linkage, of which 47% were digital customers, 11% more than the previous year, an increase of 61%. % in mobile banking users.

With regard to social performance, which is channeled through the resources of the Education and Promotion Fund, the activity of Cajamar has focused once again on research and knowledge transfer aimed especially at the agri-food sector.

A work that is carried out from the experimental centers of the Cajamar Foundation in Las Palmerillas (Almería) and Paiporta (Valencia), which in 2018 received 3,249 visitors and through which 103 activities were organized throughout Spain in which 9,164 people participated , fundamentally oriented to the improvement of the management and governance of companies.

Also, the president of Cajamar has referred to the specialized publications made this year, and the various agreements signed with universities and technology centers to meet the needs and demands of companies, dedicating a special mention to the incubator of high-tech companies in the use and sustainable water management, promoted by the entity and that has begun its journey this year.

"This initiative highlights our contribution to one of the most limiting factors for the future of the Spanish agri-food sector, and is aimed at the promotion and execution of innovative projects related to obtaining and using water efficiently, in response to one of the main concerns of our agri-food customers, which shows our commitment and strong will to contribute to the sustainable development of this sector, "he explained.

Before finishing his speech before the General Assembly of Cajamar, Eduardo Baamonde also recalled that this year marks the tenth anniversary of the constitution of the Cajamar Cooperative Group and its first associated institutional protection system, a consolidated group that constitutes an integration structure singular and pioneering in the European cooperative banking, to which later more boxes have been adhering until reaching their current configuration.

"Ten years later, we are not only among the entities that have been able to overcome an unprecedented economic and financial crisis, but now we are bigger as a result of our own organic growth and have led during these years the greatest concentration process made in terms of number of entities (26), which has made us the reference financial group of cooperative banking in our country and has led us to be among the 12 significant financial institutions under the supervision of the MUS; this without having received public aid, only with our own resources and our effort, "he concluded.

Business and income statement

For his part, the CEO, Francisco Gonzalez has presented the magnitudes of the business and the income statement obtained in 2018, underlining that all the proposed objectives have been fulfilled in terms of raising funds, cleaning up the balance sheet, management of irregular assets , improvement of operational efficiency and promotion of multichannel.

The individual profit and loss account of Cajamar, thanks to the boost of the business, raises all the margins with respect to the previous year, with a net profit growth of 29.9%, thanks to the increase in recurring revenues, the optimization of operating expenses and the improvement of efficiency.

Net interest income starts a new year-on-year growth path to 465.6 million, up 3.6%, driven by the increase in gross lending and savings in financial costs.

On the other hand, the combination of the increase in gross income with the exhaustive control of the expense derived from the implementation of new cost optimization systems, has facilitated the gross margin to contribute 654.6 million euros to the income statement, being to highlight the decline in operating expenses of 7.1% which contributes to an efficiency improvement of 7.4 points.

After provisions and taxes, the net result of the individual year of Cajamar amounts to 65.5 million euros, 15 million more than the previous year, which strengthens the equity of the entity, guarantees the compensation to members and increases the contribution to the Cooperative Training and Promotion Fund.

In relation to the share capital, in 2018, 6,074 new members have joined the credit cooperative, with which Cajamar has the support and trust of 1,331,255 members, whose social capital contributed amounts to 2,639 million euros, after a increase of 6.5% in 2018.

And regarding the evolution of the network of offices and employees, at the end of the year Cajamar has a workforce of 4,295 professionals and 949 offices, and added the windows, financial agents and roving offices make a total of 1,067 points of attention and advice to clients, of which 351 (32.9%) are in localities with less than 5,000 inhabitants, 126 (11.8%) between 5,000 and 10,000 inhabitants, 103 (9.7%) between 10,000 and 20,000 inhabitants, and 487 (45.6%) in cities with more than 20,000 inhabitants.

Francisco González, has finished his presentation of the management report noting that the results obtained meet, and even exceed, the forecasts contemplated in the Strategic Plan 2018-2020: "We continue to build an entity every day better and stronger, reaffirmed in the values ​​of cooperative banking and advanced technological innovation, quality service and customer experience, an entity that is implementing a new model of advice and commercial attention, both in the network of offices and through digital channels, which has a competent professional team, in continuous training and updating, and that is being globally recognized for our social responsibility and actions in favor of sustainability and equality, and reporting and transparency practices. "

Once the evolution of the exercise is known, the General Assembly of Cajamar has given its approval to the management report and individual annual accounts, as well as to the distribution of available surpluses and the basic lines on destination and application of the Education and Promotion Fund.

Likewise, the 250 delegates who have attended on behalf of the 1.4 million members of the entity, have approved the other proposals submitted for consideration by the Governing Council, including the modification of the Cooperativa Cajamar Cooperativa Regulatory Agreement and the Social Statutes of the entity for its adaptation to the new European resolution framework and adaptation to supervisory requirements.

Source: Agencias

López Miras: "The PP is the only one that includes the transfers in the electoral program with pride and without complexes"

Thursday, April 25th, 2019

Today, in a visit to a company in the Campo de Cartagena

The regional president of the PP alert of the "real threat" that supposes the PSOE for the survival of the Tajo-Segura

It affirms that "the electoral program of the PSOE collects, without tapujos, its progressive elimination" and assures that "if they were able to derogate the transfer of the Ebro, the Tajo-Segura has the counted days if they win"

The regional president of the PP, Fernando Lopez Miras, said today that "we are the only party that includes the transfers in our electoral program, and we do it with pride and without complexes".

López Miras has made these statements in the field of Cartagena during a visit to the company 'Soltir', dedicated to the marketing and distribution of horticultural products, and which has been accompanied by the candidate for the Senate by the Region of Murcia, Domingo Segado .

"We defend more than ever the transfers," said the president who has put in value that "we have the number 2 PP nationally to a Murcia, Teodoro Garcia, and President Pablo Casado's commitment to water."

On this point, he insisted that "the electoral program of our formation includes the most ambitious commitments that had never been collected before by any other political formation because the transfers are necessary".

For López Miras, "we must continue to maintain them because they are essential to stop desertification and climate change, for supply, to maintain agriculture and the economic sector of territories such as the Region of Murcia."

For this reason, he has defended the need to "reach a National Water Pact where the transfers are regulated, with objective rules so that nobody can close a transfer as the PSOE did with the excuse of a breakdown last November."

"We come to launch a powerful message of water and without complexes: we are the only party that presents itself to the elections on Sunday with a message of unanimous defense of water for all Spaniards, of common solidarity, of sharing all the resource that is of all through also the transfers, "Lopez Miras has emphasized to criticize that" Pedro Sanchez has not dared to come throughout the campaign to the Region. "

"The party that gives the face for the farmers is the PP and today Pablo Casado will be giving the face, a sure value with his policies in matter of water and transfers", has emphasized.

In line with these statements, Lopez Miras recalled that "it was the PSOE who repealed the Ebro Transfer, precisely the candidate of Torre Pacheco to the lower house for this training, Pedro Saura, was in charge of pressing the derogation button" .

For this reason, he assured that "if they did it once, when they have the opportunity to repeal the Tajo-Segura, they will repeat it again".

This, according to López Miras, is "because the Socialists do not believe in the transfers, their electoral program includes their reduction and progressive elimination".

Opposite, he remarked, "the PP is there, we believe in agriculture and in the water that this land needs more than ever, and that is why we are not afraid to pronounce the word trasvase because it is synonymous with wealth, employment, solidarity, generosity and progress. "


The regional president with his visit to this company in the field of Cartagena has wanted to support and recognize the work of the regional agricultural producer and distributor sector and has put in value to the company Soltir "an organization referring to international level, which has more than 220 partners, and excellent products such as the variety of peppers California ".

"The PP is also agriculture, talking about the PP is talking about a firm commitment to agriculture," said Lopez Miras to refer to the water needs of the region "to the threat to which we have submitted the other political parties especially the PSOE ".

Source: PP Región de Murcia

The Center for People with Disabilities of Churra celebrates the Fiesta de la Sardina

Thursday, April 25th, 2019

The Center for People with Disabilities of Churra, which depends on the Murcian Institute of Social Action (IMAS), celebrated one more year its Fiesta de la Sardina on the occasion of the Spring Festival of the city of Murcia, which was attended by the counselor of Family and Equality of Opportunities, Violante Tomás.

In the celebration, which has been held for 25 years, the sardinero group 'Eros' paraded along with the Big Fish and the Queen of the Huerta chosen among the users of the center to recreate the Burial of the Sardine and the Spring Festival.

The counselor stressed that with this initiative "the Spring Festival is approaching people with disabilities who because of their circumstances can not enjoy them on the street".

In the celebration was also celebrated the burning of the Sardine.

Source: CARM

The international congress "Roman painting in Hispania" begins

Thursday, April 25th, 2019

The General Director of Cultural Assets, Juan Antonio Lorca, intervened today at the opening of the international congress 'Roman Painting in Hispania'.

The objective of this meeting, in which specialists from all over the world participate, is the updating of the research carried out in the new pictorial groups and workshops to which they belong.

The director pointed out the importance of this seminar "to advance the production processes of the paintings, as well as their conservation and value as integral elements of the heritage".

The congress is structured in sessions on different aspects in order to offer a global vision of each of the disciplines.

The blocks in which it is divided are novelties around Roman mural painting, from literary sources to archeometry, technologies applied to the registration, dissemination and study of Roman painting and the enhancement of Roman mural painting.

Source: CARM

The Community and the Telephone of Hope unite in the promotion of emotional health

Thursday, April 25th, 2019

The Mental Health Network of the Region attended last year to around 67,000 people, about 25,000 for depression and anxiety pictures

The Ministry of Health and the Telephone of Hope will work together in the promotion of emotional health and the prevention of suicidal behavior and mental disorders.

The Minister of Health, Manuel Villegas, and the president of the Telephone Association of Hope of Murcia, Maria Joaquina Guerrero, signed this morning a collaboration agreement aimed at the care of people who are in a situation of psychological or emotional vulnerability, with preferential attention to those who have suffered suicidal ideation or attempt.

The purpose of this agreement "is to offer these people support tools that help them overcome this situation, without this implying access to personal data of a clinical nature, and also to their family members," explained Villegas.

Through this agreement, telephone assistance is provided every day of the year and at any time of the day as well as attendance at workshops and individual interventions of people who require it.

Suicide "is a complex problem that is the main cause of unnatural death in Spain and prevention activities require the coordination and collaboration of multiple factors of society," said Villegas.

For this reason, it is important to have the participation of entities such as the Telephone of Hope, which offers uninterrupted 24-hour telephone service to people in complex life situations such as grief, chronic illness or breakup of a couple.

The signing of this agreement does not entail an economic cost for the Murcian Health Service and will be valid for two years, and may be extended for up to four more years.

The regional holder of Health wanted to highlight "the implication of Primary Care in the diagnosis and treatment of this type of disorder, taking into account that around forty percent of all consultations made by family medicine are related to mental health and are resolved in the health centers themselves, without having to be remitted to specific resources, which are derived between five and ten percent of cases.

67,000 people served

Around 67,000 people were treated last year by SMS in the Mental Health Network.

24,600 of the cases received attention for depression and anxiety (3,935 for the first time), for which they required more than 130,000 consultations in the year, out of a total of 500,000 mental health consultations per year.

The regional administration has a significant number of specific health care resources for mental health, including 18 Mental Health Centers, centers for the attention to drug addicts and a day hospital for children in the Mental Health Center of San Andrés.

The Telephone of Hope received 8,022 calls last year, 481 more than in 2017. A total of 775 people were attended by the center's professionals and 2,612 therapeutic and counseling interviews were conducted.

In addition, more than 600 people attended the emotional health workshops held in the association.

The Telephone of Hope is an international volunteer entity pioneer in the psycho-social support of people in situations of individual and family crisis within the Spanish-Portuguese speaking world.

Source: CARM

More than 430 students have participated in the 'Samsung Smart School' program that encourages the use of new technologies

Thursday, April 25th, 2019

The project, which was launched in the 2014/15 academic year, makes available to fifth and sixth grade students of Primary computer equipment to digitally access content

In this program participate the schools Purísima Concepción of Puerto Lumbreras and Our Lady of Los Remedios de Molina de Segura

More than 430 primary school students, including those in the Arrixaca hospital classroom, have already benefited from the 'Samsung Smart School' educational program, which encourages the use of new technologies in student learning.

It is a five-year program, of which four have already been carried out at full capacity.

There are two schools in the region that are included in the program, the CEIP Our Lady of Los Remedios de la Torrealta de Molina de Segura and the Purísima Concepción del Esparragal, in Puerto Lumbreras.

The project is intended for educational centers that are located in remote rural areas, areas with high school dropout rates and a high unemployment rate, or in centers with special education students.

Elena Díaz, Director of the Department of Diversity and Educational Quality, visited the Purísima Concepción School, along with the head of Corporate Citizenship of Samsung, Elena Díaz, and stressed that it is a "necessary and exciting" program.

He also thanked Samsung Ibérica for the opportunity to develop the project in the Region.

"The center has taken advantage of digital devices to create a classroom of the future, where students find spaces for dialogue and sharing, reading, searching for information and the use of new technologies," added the general director.

The Samsung company offers computer equipment to 5th and 6th grade students of Primary Education in order to digitally access the contents taught by the teaching staff.

It also includes the software necessary to apply new technologies to teaching.

In particular, each student has a next-generation tablet and classroom management software.

For its part, the National Institute of Educational Technologies and Teacher Training (INTEF) of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training forms the teaching team involved in the project.

Likewise, the students participating in this project collaborate annually with other centers in the country, which enriches the experience that technology brings in the classrooms by sharing what they have learned with other students.

The project 'Samsung Smart School' began in the 2014/15 academic year as a result of a collaboration agreement between the technology company and the Ministry of Education, to which the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports adhered.

There are two adhered centers in each autonomous community.

Thus, that of Molina de Segura began in the 2014/15 academic year and that of Puerto Lumbreras one year later.

The project works to improve education through the integration of technology as a tool that helps to sustain the methodological change and adapts the education and capacities of the students to the society of the 21st century.

Source: CARM

United We can propose to limit the number and time of betting houses and remove them from advertising

Thursday, April 25th, 2019

Number 2 to the lower house reminds that in the Region there are more than 340 of these places and that 35% of the students of Secondary has ever bet

The candidate number 2 of United We can to the Congress by the Region of Murcia, Esther Herguedas, has defended today the creation of an integral law of the game that, among other measures, limits the number and the time of the betting houses and prohibits its installation near educational centers, hospitals and parks.

Herguedas has indicated in statements to the media that this rule should include a strategy to prevent gambling with actions focused especially on youth and a protocol for the treatment of this disease from the field of public health.

It has also proposed that bookmakers can only open after 22 hours to avoid being frequented by teenagers – some 35 percent of Murcia Region says they have bet at some time, according to studies – and remove them from the advertising, as was done with tobacco and high-alcohol alcoholic beverages.

In this sense, the candidate recalled that in the last year the brands dedicated to betting allocated 82 million euros to advertise in the media, "often with the endorsement of known public figures, elite athletes and sports teams" .

For Herguedas, the situation is "very worrying", especially for its impact on the young population, and that is why it has demanded a "real commitment" from public administrations through regulations that put an end to online and local games. bets

Source: IURM