AELIP collects the opinions of those affected and relatives in preparation for the program of the VII Symposium of Lipodystrophies

It will be held in Burgos next October

The International Association of Relatives and People Affected by Lipodystrophies has carried out a survey among affected people and families to know their preferences and suggestions for the VII Symposium of Lipodystrophies, which this year will be held from October 3 to 6.

The survey has been answered by fifteen people and their answers will serve AELIP to know the topics that most interest in the preparation of the program of this forum, which this year will be held for the first time in Burgos, after the first six editions in Murcia.

93% of the respondents would like that in the VII Symposium of Lipodistrofias various workshops / talks on self-care, personal image and aesthetic treatments are given and the same percentage would like to be taught about the defense of patients' rights.

Also 93% of the respondents would like to give workshops or talks on diet, nutrition and lipodystrophies, while 66% bet on the dissemination of information on alternative medicines or the risks associated with them.

For 80% of the respondents it would be interesting to have workshops or talks about the European Lipodystrophy Registry and the advantages of networking and 86% would be interested in others about self-help groups.

Likewise, 86% of the people who have answered the survey, consider it interesting to offer talks or workshops on physiotherapy and care adapted to lipodystrophies.

In addition, as other alternative topics that could be addressed in the Symposium, respondents propose to treat the convenience of Liposuction and operations to remove fat clusters or circulatory problems in the legs in syndromes with accumulation of fat in the lower part of the body.

Also, they point to other topics such as psychological care, how to accept the syndrome in your life or how to accept yourself.

The support at school;

the role of the caregiver, its importance and tools to face his difficult mission;

or the pain and how to improve it, are other topics that they propose that can be treated in the conference;

as well as knowing the latest advances in research in the different types of lipodystrophies, training in diabetes and chronic diseases related to lipodystrophies.

Also, they are interested in talking about types of aid to those affected and psychological therapies to face living with a lipodystrophy.

Source: AELIP


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