The Agricultural Demonstration Centers of three municipalities may be used by companies in the sector for training and transfer programs

The results obtained in the actions carried out will be public and will be delivered to the Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries for their publication and disclosure

The Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries has published the bases of the call to authorize the free use of the Agrarian Demonstration Centers of Purias (Lorca), El Mirador (San Javier) and La Pilica (Águilas), by agrarian entities with regional implantation and non-profit making, for purposes of public utility.

Applications can be submitted electronically, through the web portal of the Autonomous Community (

The Autonomous Community has attached several farms that were ceded by the municipalities of the aforementioned municipalities with the sole purpose of conducting agricultural experimentation.

In these farms, called Agrarian Demonstration Centers, they have been developing, in collaboration with the agricultural sector, training and technology transfer programs, which have proved to be an effective instrument for the training of farmers and for the technical and scientific dissemination of results obtained in the projects carried out and innovative cultivation techniques that are more sustainable and respectful of the environment.

Any institution legally constituted and registered in the public registry whose purpose is related to agronomy may request the authorization to use these centers.

The period of use will be four years.

The Ministry will consider criteria for granting authorization to use such as the number of farmers or ranchers associated with the applicant entity, experience in carrying out actions related to technology transfer in the last ten years, the number of projects to be carried out, the investment of the entity's own funds, the gratuity and the inclusive nature of the activities to be developed and the hiring of personnel with presence in the facilities.

Obligations of the awardees

The authorized entities must assume the expenses for consumption of water, electricity or any other supply or service required, as well as the labor responsibility of the personnel that develops their activity in the authorized spaces.

The results obtained in the actions carried out will be public and will be delivered to the Ministry for publication and dissemination.

A coordination and monitoring committee will be created to resolve issues related to the interpretation and compliance with the granted use authorizations.

The Ministry can carry out all the inspections it deems necessary to guarantee that the authorized spaces are destined for the intended purposes.

Source: CARM


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