Known Supreme Court sentence that mutilates the Tajo Hydrological Plan GARRE: "PINTAN BASTOS!

The president of Somos Región, Alberto Garre welcomes the news with" enormous concern "

"The inaction of some and the lukewarmness of others, puts in serious danger the survival of thousands of families who live on agriculture in our Region."

This new situation shows that we can not afford to continue relying on national parties "that have repeatedly shown us that the needs of the Region of Murcia are not theirs".

The president of Somos Region, Alberto Garre has indicated, after knowing the sentence of the Supreme Court that mutilates the Hydrological Plan of the Tagus, that is a terrible news for the interests of the Region of Murcia, and "very especially for the thousands of families that live on Agriculture in our Region.

They paint coarse!

The sentence gives wings to the anti-rascalists and exposes the lukewarmness of others. "

"García-Page and the PSOE Government throwing the bells on the fly.

Abascal writing press releases in Madrid to disprove what in Toledo and in his presence, he heard clearly from their representatives in Castilla la Mancha on "the useless transfers."

Albert Rivera, like the little White of Snow that does not open the peak knowing that the solution is in the Ebro and that Catalonia, its main fishing ground of votes, would oppose.

And the PP of Pablo Casado, who enjoyed an absolute majority between 2011 and 2015 to make a PHN that they did not undertake and that allows himself the luxury of coming to Murcia in December to promise that in a week he would present a motion to initiate a PHN and which of course, has not complied either.

Neither with one nor with others has our bad remedy. "

For Garre, "the transfers are technically viable and socially beneficial.

In the Region of Murcia we have the best farmers in the world, capable of turning every drop of water into wealth.

Agriculture is also one of the most effective means of curbing desertification affecting the south of the peninsula, but it is clear that we can not afford to continue trusting national parties, which have repeatedly shown us that the needs of the Region of Murcia, they are not yours.

Only this way it is explained that after decades claiming water, we continue in this situation of uncertainty that slows down our growth ".

From Somos Region, before this new setback, we want to show our support to the agricultural sector and our firm commitment to the transfers as a solution to take water from where it is needed to where it is needed.

Source: Somos Región


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