The Office of the Prosecutor files the complaints against the COIIRM elections

The Office of the Public Prosecutor of the Autonomous Community of Murcia (CARM) has filed criminal investigation proceedings regarding alleged irregularities in the last elections held by the Association of Industrial Engineers of the Region of Murcia (COIIRM), for the decisions taken by the Board of Government of the mandate 2014-2018, as well as for the inauguration of the new Government Board.

In a decree signed by the Superior Court of Justice of Murcia on March 1, the investigative proceedings are archived on the grounds that the facts denounced "lack a criminal status."

This file of proceedings – related to the three complaints filed, one of them by one of the three candidates, Luis Manuel Pan, former technical secretary of COIIRM;

another for which he was initially appointed as president of the Electoral Board, Patricio Orenes;

and the last one by the ex-Dean Luis Manuel Tomás–, discards in this way that there have been facts constituting a criminal offense in the aforementioned elections, as well as in the inauguration of the Governing Board whose mandate began on December 27, 2018

Sources of the Official College of Industrial Engineers stressed that the file by the Office of the Prosecutor confirms the legitimacy of the current COIIRM Governing Board and clears any doubt cast on the collegiate Corporation during the electoral process, and that, with the legal reports relevant, the Governing Board 2014-2018 made the appropriate decisions to guarantee the suffrage established by law.

The current leaders want to forget this unpleasant episode experienced at the end of last year, to look forward and face with force the challenge that the future holds for Industrial Engineers and Engineers, emphasizing the importance of unity as a show of strength to respond to the defense at all costs of the profession of Industrial Engineer, promote a universal membership, and promote the imbrication in society of our collective.

Source: Agencias


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