"Without urbanism there is no tourism or business development"

The president of the promoters pleads for an integral plan of urbanism that prioritizes sustainability and respect for the environment

More than fifty specialists from the real estate sector participate in a conference on the keys of the Law of Business Acceleration

The president of the Association of Real Estate Developers of the Region of Murcia (APIRM), José Hernández, has warned that "the region of Murcia needs a comprehensive plan of urbanism that orders and encourages all business sectors and where sustainability and sustainability prevail. maximum respect for the environment. "

Hernandez expressed himself this way at noon, at the closing of the day on 'The Keys to the Law of Acceleration' organized by APIRM, and that took place at the Agalia Hotel in Murcia with the participation of sixty specialists from the sector.

The activity, which was opened at 9.30 am by the Minister of Development and Infrastructure;

Patricio Valverde, has had presentations by Luis Pérez Almansa, head of the Legal-Administrative Service of the General Directorate of Territorial Planning, Architecture and Housing;

Juan Luna, director of the consultancy specialized in environment and processing of authorizations and licenses Forum 21 Soluciones de Ingenería, and Pedro Javier Bastida, expert lawyer in urban law and general secretary of APIRM.

Law 10/2018, of November 9, on the Acceleration of the Transformation of the Regional Economic Model for the Generation of Stable Quality Employment, as it is exactly called the initiative object of the day organized by the promoters, seeks to adapt the legislation to the business needs to contribute to the economic and social development of the Region of Murcia.

It regulates, among other aspects, industrial and tourist infrastructures, energy supply and sustainability, urban and environmental intervention, cooperativism, trade, protection of consumers and users and public spectacles.

In his closing speech of the day, José Hernández insisted that "without urbanism there is no tourism or business development".

At this point, the president of the promoters coincides with the objectives of the so-called Urban Agenda, a document designed by the UN in 2016 and ratified by the EU and the Ministry of Development in 2018, which aims to create "a model of city and more sustainable economic-social development ".

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