"Against precarity, move for your rights"

In recent years, society is suffering a direct attack on rights achieved with a lot of effort and decades of struggle, normalizing a system where the private predominates, where rights are merchandise and those who need a basic right have to pay for it.

This situation has caused precariousness to be a constant in the life of the social majority of the population, a systemic precariousness in the social and legal state in which we thought we lived, although we could say that it is already a private state, where The rights have been sold and the citizens protected in favor of private companies.

We live at a crucial moment in the defense of the rights of the whole society.

It is time to decide the model of state and society, a social and feminist State or a State privatized and capitalized by private companies, where rights have a price.

We are aware that only from the mobilization we will generate awareness of the real situation that people live and we will create the necessary unity so that our proposals are taken into account.

For all of this, from the Marches of Dignity and Walking, we move for our rights in the face of precariousness and we demand that the rights that have been and are pillar of an advanced and democratic society be respected.

Starting with the right to work and decent food, to be able to have a plate of food on the table and not have to beg or depend on charity, a system of comprehensive protection and quality public services.

Therefore, we call the Murcian society, the working social majority, the trade union and social organizations to take to the streets again on March 23, at 6:00 pm, at the demonstration that will be held at the Glorieta de Murcia. MOBILIZE US FOR OUR RIGHTS AND FUTURE GENERATIONS.

Source: marchadignidad22m RM


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