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Martínez Baños: "The socialist government has done the homework from the first moment so that the burial can be carried out"

Monday, March 25th, 2019

The Secretary of Municipal Policy of the PSRM asks for collaboration to the regional government and the City of Murcia and offers the possibility of making the legislative changes that are necessary in the next Plenary of the Regional Assembly to sign the agreement

The Secretary of Municipal Policy and Deputy Speaker of the Socialist Parliamentary Group, Alfonso Martínez Baños, said "that the Socialist Government of Spain has done the duties of burial from the start, and has changed a law and brought two agreements to the Council of Ministers for that purpose. "

Therefore, has demanded that the Government of the Region and Murcia City Council put the means to sign the agreement for the burial, as planned, next Thursday after the meeting of the Murcia High Speed ​​Society.

"From the PSOE we are at the disposal of the regional government to make legislative changes that are necessary in the next Plenary of the Regional Assembly, to enable the signing of this agreement."

Martínez Baños recalled that "the socialist government of Pedro Sánchez and the government delegate, Diego Conesa, have shown their firm will that the AVE arrive in the Region and the city of Murcia in the best possible conditions, fulfilling their commitments and listening to neighbors. "

For this, "they are working with the intention of allocating the burial in the shortest possible time".

Alfonso Martínez has called on the regional government and the City of Murcia to fulfill their part and contribute to that the burial works can be carried out within the established deadlines.


The PP approves the regional candidacies to the Congress of Deputies and the Senate for the next general election of 28A

Monday, March 25th, 2019

Teodoro García and Violante Tomás, number one to the Congress and the Senate respectively

The businesswoman Marian Vicente completes the candidacy of the Popular Party of the Region of Murcia to the Senate

The Electoral Committee of the PP of the Region of Murcia has unanimously approved the proposal of candidatures to the Congress of Deputies and the Senate for the next general election on April 28 that has ratified the National People's Party.

The Regional Deputy Secretary of Social Action and Counselor of Family and Equality of Opportunities, Violante Tomás, has been designated number one to the Senate, during the meeting of the Regional Electoral Committee held this Monday, at the headquarters of the regional PP.

It is a candidate that combines experience and renewal, which includes independent professionals, and with which the Region of Murcia gains importance at the national level.


1.-Teodoro García Egea

2.-Isabel Borrego Cortés

3.-Francisco Jódar Alonso

4.-Concepción Ruiz Caballero

5. Francisco Javier Ruano García

6.-Esperanza Nieto Martínez

7.-Nuria Guijarro Carrillo

8.-José Santiago Villa Plaza

9.-Fulgencio Perona Cloths

10.-Antonio Landáburu Clares


1.-Sonia Carrillo Mármol

2.-José Ignacio Medina Bernal

3.-María Josefa Bedia Navarro

4. Gabriel Gabriel Raja Ruiz

5.-Patricia Martínez Copete


1.-Violante Tomás Olivares

Substitute 1: Clemente García Martínez

Substitute 2: Rosario Navarro Guillén

2.-Domingo José Segado Martínez

Substitute 1: Mónica Azorín Marco

Substitute 2: Juan Pérez Salmerón

3.-Marian Vicente Sandoval

Substitute 1: Catalina Pérez Jiménez

Substitute 2: Francisco Javier Martínez Pérez

Source: PP Región de Murcia

"Care for lipodystrophies" is the motto of the World Day of these pathologies campaign, which is celebrated on March 31

Monday, March 25th, 2019

"Care for lipodystrophies" is the slogan of the World Lipodystrophy Day campaign, which is celebrated on March 31st, and which the International Association of Relatives and People Affected by Lipodystrophies (AELIP) promotes to give visibility to the reality of the people who live with these pathologies.

The president of the International Association of Relatives and Affected of Lipodistrofias (AELIP), Naca Eulalia Perez de Tudela, and the Minister of Health of Murcia, Manuel Villegas, presented the campaign last week.

At the ceremony were also present the vice president of AELIP Juan Carrión Tudela;

the social worker of this entity, José Jérez;

the general secretary of the Ministry of Health, Miguel Ángel Miralles González-Conde;

and the general director of Public Health and Addictions, José Carlos Vicente López.

The lipodystrophies belong to the group of syndromes of extreme insulin resistance and are characterized by the disappearance of adipose tissue, causing the loss of fat throughout the body that usually occurs throughout the first two years of life.

The visibility campaign for this rare disease, which this year has the motto "Care for lipodystrophies", includes different initiatives with the aim of raising awareness about the reality of people living with lipodystrophies.

So, the campaign has already started on social networks, where users are encouraged to upload photographs using the index finger and thumb the letter L, with the hashtag # care4lipodystrophy2019 and # AELIP2019.

Among the programmed activities will be the reading of the Manifesto for the World Day of Lipodistrofias in different municipalities such as Totana, Murcia, Mula, Cartagena, Mahón, Vigo or Huelva, and the lighting of public spaces in turquoise color on March 31 .

In addition, solidarity events have also been planned such as a fashion show in Mula (April 6) or the Tournament Deitana Urbs in Totana (April 27), as well as visibility actions in sporting events.

Also, until March 31 each day an article of the Manifesto of the World Day of Lipodistrofias is uploaded, a decalogue that includes the main demands and needs of the people who live with these pathologies.

The World Lipodystrophy Day 2019 campaign has the support of different international organizations working in the field of rare diseases, such as the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases, the Spanish Society of Lipodystrophies (SEL), the Iberoamerican ER Alliance ( ALIBER), EURORDIS, Rare Diseases International, and the European Lipodystrophy Consortium (ECLIP).

In addition, it will be replicated by Lypodistrophies United (USA), Lipodistrophies UK (United Kingdom), AFLIP (France) and AILIP (Italy).

Source: AELIP

C-FEM and Astrade collaborate in a film session adapted to people diagnosed with ASD

Monday, March 25th, 2019

ASTRADE will collaborate for the third consecutive year with the European Fantastic Film Festival of Murcia C-FEM in its adapted film session on Wednesday 27 March with the screening of Coco (Unkrich, 2017) at 12 noon at the Regional Film Library with free admission.

ASTRADE is an association of parents that was born in 1996 with the main objective of improving the quality of life of people diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and their families.

In this constant search for the improvement of the quality of life of our users, they work for the development of several dimensions related to this concept such as communication, self-determination, social skills, community use, sports, work, leisure and free time, etc.

The association thanks the organizers of the C-FEM, especially Ana Belén Baeza, for the sensitivity they have shown in returning to ASTRADE.

This adapted film session facilitates the development of several of the dimensions named above.

Some of the dimensions of the quality of life most directly related to this activity would be:

– Use of the community: that our users know the resources that society provides them and be able to access them.

– Leisure and free time: A primordial aspect of a full life is to have free quality time and cinema, often inaccessible to the profile of our children, is a very important resource in this regard.

Finally, we note that another key aspect that encourages this type of activity is to give visibility to our collective and to promote inclusion, because although we have improved a lot in recent years, they remain fundamental objectives of the ASTRADE association. .

Source: Agencias

Carmen Botella assumes the presidency of OMEP and Sheila Templado is the new director of the Observatory for Equality

Monday, March 25th, 2019

The board of directors accepts the resignation of Manoli Marín and announces the start of the call for elections

The businesswoman Carmen Botella is since last week the new acting president of the Murcian Organization of Women Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Directors (OMEP) to replace Manoli Marin, who has held that position since 2010 and is now part of the candidacy of a political party to the Congress of Deputies for the Region of Murcia.

Botella, which belongs to OMEP for 20 years, has been first vice president with Angelita Ruiz and later with Manoli Marín.

Dedicated to the organization of congresses, this 60-year-old entrepreneur has extensive experience in the board of directors in which she has contributed great knowledge thanks to her professional and personal value.

The appointment of Carmen Botella is provisional as long as the corresponding elections are held, according to the OMEP statutes.

Therefore, the board of directors has announced that, after accepting the resignation of Manoli Marín, the electoral process will begin shortly.

"I assume this position with the responsibility of continuing to develop the project that the entire board of directors has for the Organization, and also with enthusiasm for the importance it has for me to represent the female business fabric, professional women and managers of this region" Carmen Bottle.

Sheila Templado, new director of the Observatory for equality

On the other hand, the board of directors has agreed that the audiologist Sheila Templado will become the new director of the Observatory for Equal Opportunities between Women and Men of OMEP.

Tempered, which was the entrepreneurial award of 2015, is part of OMEP's board of directors since then, and has served as delegate of the Organization in Mazarrón and responsible for entrepreneurship.

Her extensive experience has also led her to receive the Mazarron woman award of the year 2018, as well as to be decorated for her professional career by the Association of Cochlear Implantations of Spain together with the Mexican Association for the Prevention of Deafness "Dr. Pedro Barruecos ".

Do not forget that Templado has been a pioneer in the Region of Murcia, setting up a highly specialized audiology clinic unique in the Autonomous Community and of the few in Spain, with diagnostic services and very sophisticated clinical tests for the treatment audiological

Source: Agencias

Vulnerable unemployed receive their certificates after finishing their training in gardening and cleaning

Monday, March 25th, 2019

The general director of the SEF, Severa González, and the mayor of La Union, Pedro López, today delivered the certificates of use to the participants in two training actions of this association: 'Auxiliary activities in nurseries, gardens and garden centers' and' Cleaning surfaces and furniture in buildings and premises.

The majority of the participants in these projects were people who were registered as unemployed in the SEF and belong to vulnerable groups with special difficulties in accessing employment.

In addition, González has held a meeting with the seven young people hired for six months by the Sierra Minera Foundation thanks to the Community grants to promote youth employment in non-profit organizations.

These young people are now participating in a six-month paid project to develop the Sierra Minera.

Thus, they exercise different tasks according to their profiles, such as social and labor activities for the benefit of vulnerable groups, social dynamization, forest tasks or tourist information.

Source: CARM

Aquae Foundation and National Geographic launch PhotoAquae to award the best photographs on water

Monday, March 25th, 2019

The objective of the foundation of Hidrogea and NG is to spread the word about water care

National Geographic Partners Spain and Fundación Aquae, the foundation of Hidrogea, present the PhotoAquae photographic prize with the aim of disclosing water care in a participatory manner.

The deadline to participate in this contest ends on April 23.

Participation is open to anyone from any corner of Spain, who can send up to three different photographs related to water through the Instagram accounts of National Geographic (@natgeoespana) and Aquae Foundation (@fundacionaquae), which must continue to participate in this contest.

The contest hashtag is # PhotoAquae19.

The photograph selected by the PhotoAquae jury, composed of photographers and members of the Fundación Aquae and National Geographic teams, will receive a prize of 1,000 euros.

This contest only accepts original photographs that have not been previously awarded in other photography contests.

In 2018, more than 1,200 photographs were received.

"For the 5th edition of PhotoAquae we are proud to have the support of National Geographic, a benchmark in the world of sustainability, exploration and protection of the environment, and an emblem in the history of photography, applied on many occasions to themes environmental and natural conservation, not surprisingly, they have become the most important visual narrators with the greatest followers in the world, "explains David Calle, promoter of the educational platform Unicoos, member of the Aquae Foundation Strategy Board and member of the jury of PhotoAquae.

For his part, Javier Pascual, Commercial Director of National Geographic Partners Spain, comments that "the collaboration with Aquae Foundation offers National Geographic the opportunity to continue with the dissemination of the values ​​promoted by the National Geographic Society in terms of sustainability, exploration and natural conservation, through a basic asset such as water, guarantor of life on the planet, essential for National Geographic and in line with the agreements we subscribe with brands and actions linked to the preservation of the environment.

National Geographic has more than 102 million followers on Instagram worldwide.

In 2018 alone, @NatGeo published more than 3,000 images of 140 photographers from around the world, which totaled more than 1,000 million likes and had more than 42,000 million impressions.

For its part, the official Instagram account of National Geographic Spain has 135,000 followers.

"With this contest we want to highlight the importance of taking care of and managing water well, a finite but irreplaceable resource, if currently more than 7.7 billion people live on our planet, of which 2.100 million (3 out of 10) lack access to potable water and available in the home, by 2050, the world population will be around 9,400-10,200 million people, of which 5,700 million will be affected by water scarcity, according to the latest United Nations World Development Report. Water Resources coordinated by Unesco (2018) ", concludes Calle.

Source: Agencias

The regional government joins the UMU in health awareness

Monday, March 25th, 2019

The Ministry of Health joins the University of Murcia to raise awareness in health through the inauguration today of the project 'Sustainable Development Goals 3: Health and Wellbeing', which today had the head of the Department of Health, Manuel Villegas ;

the rector of the UMU, José Luján;

and the dean of the medical school, Carmen Robles.

In this scenario, a series of lectures begins today under the title 'Learning from teachers: life, body and mind', in which lectures on transplants will be given, with Pablo Ramírez, professor at UMU, regional coordinator of Transplants and director of the Murcian Institute of Biomedical Research (IMIB);

and chronobiology, with the professor in Physiology, Marta Garaulet, among others.

Awareness and social impact activities will also be carried out in collaboration with experts, NGOs, companies and public institutions such as workshops, solidarity fairs, concerts and sports activities in the different university centers.

This initiative is part of the 'ODSesiones' project to disseminate and raise awareness of the 17 sustainable development goals that the United Nations set with the year 2030 as the horizon.

Until April 2021 this institution will dedicate one month to each of these objectives to sensitize the university community and the whole society about these purposes.

Source: CARM

The Women's Race 2019 is consolidated in record time

Monday, March 25th, 2019

The test that will gather almost four thousand women in Murcia on Sunday presents the Plaza del Cardenal Belluga

The delivery of numbers will be held on Friday afternoon and Saturday throughout the day at the Thader Shopping Center

The fourth edition of the Women's Race, which will be played next Sunday March 31 through the streets of Murcia on a 5-kilometer course that can be done both walking and running, has been presented in the Plaza del Cardenal Belluga after exhaust dorsals a week ago.

The response of all the running fans of the Region has been massive and there will be almost four thousand women who will participate in a great recreational-sports party that has been consolidated in record time.

The General Directorate of Women of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia, the Department of Sports and Social Rights of the municipality of Murcia, the Athletics Federation of the Region of Murcia and LA OPINIÓN are the organizers of this sports event that will return to beat record of participation.

José Felipe Coello, Councilor for Sports of the Murcia City Council, has expressed that "the role of women in sports is becoming more evident every day. In fact, last weekend we lived in the Valle Trail race the silver medal of the regional trail running team in the Spanish Championship Every weekend we feel in the streets of Murcia that the most important role of women in the races is evident, having one as the Women's Race, just for them, is to take a step forward to make both popular and elite sports visible. "

Conchita Ruiz, Councilor for Social Services of the City Council, for her part, highlighted the "consolidation of the race that reflects the rise of women in sports, with this test a month will be closed where we have launched the message of continuing to advance on the occasion of March 8. In addition, the shirts will carry the slogan of the State Pact of zero tolerance against gender violence. "

Pruden Guerrero, vice president of the Athletics Federation of the Region of Murcia, has highlighted that "from the Federation we are committed to promoting healthy sports habits and organizing tests both elite and amateur. Famu is not only me as vice president, but also the technical director is a woman, "he said, to also encourage" everyone on Sunday to applaud those women who will perform the test. "

Alicia Barquero, general director of Women of the Autonomous Community, said that "it seems incredible that four years ago, when the woman was born, we thought that the streets of Murcia would be filled to make the Murcian woman visible in the sports field", highlighting also that "many times we see competitions where men are much more than women, but every day we find more women walking and running along the Malecon, so we have to go out and take Sunday with our shoes on".

The last intervention of the presentation was made by José Alberto Pardo, director of La Opinion, who stressed that "for our newspaper it is a pride to bet on this test that was born to perpetuate itself." In our newspaper we have two values, which are the bet for equality and women's sports, as we did this Sunday dedicating the cover of our newspaper to the Murcia team that was runner-up in Spain of trail running ".

There will be trophies for the first three classified of the general, existing also special prizes for the most veteran woman, the sport center or association more numerous, the most numerous company and the most numerous educational center (students, teachers and maintenance personnel).

There will also be numerous gifts from the sponsors for all the participants.

The Women's Race party will begin to be held this Friday with the delivery of numbers, which will be held at the Fashion Plaza Thader Shopping Center.

At that point and with a broad schedule will be delivered the chip and the bag of the broker that will contain both the commemorative shirt and various gifts from the sponsors.

On Friday, March 29, from 5:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., they may be removed, and it is essential to present a DNI or photocopy of the same.

On Saturday, March 30, at ten o'clock in the morning, the delivery of numbers will continue until nine o'clock at night.

All participants who can not attend personally, may do so through another person who carries a copy of their National Identity Document.

On the same day of the race, on Sunday, March 31, no numbers will be delivered.

The departure will be at ten o'clock in the morning at the Plaza de la Cruz Roja.

The race will take Ronda Ronda de Garay, to cross the river by the bridge in front of the Reina Sofia Hospital.

The participants will continue along Avenida Infante Juan Manuel to the intersection with Ronda Sur, where they will make a turn to return in the opposite direction to Plaza de los Voluntarios and Avenida Río Segura.

Again cross the river, in this case by the footbridge Martínez Caballero, to take the left by the Glorieta de España, follow Martínez Tornel and enter Gran Vía. The participants will arrive at the Plaza Fuensanta, where they will turn and continue until Martínez Tornel, Glorieta de España, Lieutenant Flomesta and Plaza de la Cruz Roja, where the finish line will be.

In this way, at no time will the first runners and the last runners find themselves in the march.

Source: Agencias

The Gadea Foundation for Science calls for cooperation to transfer projects to industry

Monday, March 25th, 2019

During its presentation at the San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia, the scientific lobby has emphasized the importance of helping to close the circle of I + D + i

In Murcia, the eighth autonomy that invests most in R & D, the private sector contributed 127 million euros, which represents about 45.5% of the total of this item

Javier García Martínez: "the generators of knowledge that they decide to undertake will be the great transformers of the 21st century, it will not be the State, but the committed people"

The Gadea Foundation for Science, the largest lobby for scientists in Europe, has defended the importance of equalizing the efforts of companies, universities and Public Administrations to advance R & D during the balance of the situation of Science in Spain and Murcia has done this morning before 130 people at the Catholic University San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM).

During the meeting, the Minister of Employment, Universities, Business and Environment, Javier Celdrán, stressed "the need to continue promoting public-private cooperation in R & D & I and joint search for opportunities to promote the creation of talent and wealth Although there is still a long way to go, universities and companies in the Region of Murcia are strengthening their collaboration and already compete globally. "

Although the Government planned to increase public investment in Murcia by 10%, to 374.32 million euros, most of the weight of R & D lies with the private sector, which contributes 5 out of 10 euros to this departure.

According to the latest data from the National Institute of Statistics, this investment accounts for 0.92% of GDP, so that in 2017, 280.1 million euros were allocated and the sector experienced an annual growth of 4.1%.

However, while the private business sector invested 45.5% of the total, that is, 127 million euros, the annual rate of universities represents 5%.

For José Antonio Gutiérrez Fuentes, director of the Gadea Foundation, "we have a remarkable national science infrastructure, with more than 600 research centers and 80 universities, but we do not get enough of it because we are not being able to transfer these projects to the industry".

In addition, he stressed that "all countries in our environment have increased investment in R & D + i except us, and although we are the country that grows most in general terms, we have not recovered this game."

For his part, Manuel Antón Vidal, Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Murcia, has influenced the generational problem of the scientific community.

"Scientists have failed to involve society in the progress made and we need more flexible programs that favor the hiring of younger people."

For Carmen Herrero Blanco "we have a structural problem very important in universities because young people are not open doors," said the professor of Fundamentals of Economic Analysis of the University of Alicante.

In this line, the professor of Chemistry of the UMU, Carlos García Izquierdo, has pointed out that "researchers can do more than we do, but sometimes it weighs more fear that they can overcome our scientific career and thus never advance."

In addition, he added, "politicians do not consider science a matter of state and are not aware that without science there is no future."

For Javier García Martínez, "Science in Spain does not matter, even a third of Spaniards say they do not care about this field, so neither do politicians, but the generators of knowledge they choose to undertake will be the great transformers of the S .XXI: It is not going to be the State, but the committed people. "

The meeting was inaugurated by Javier Celdrán, Employment, Universities, Business and Environment Advisor, Estrella Núñez, vice-rector of the San Antonio de Murcia Catholic University (UCAM);

and José Antonio Gutiérrez Fuentes, director of the Gadea Foundation.

After the presentation, a debate was held in which Manuel Antón Vidal, Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Murcia, participated;

Carlos García Izquierdo, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Murcia, specialized in Soil Biochemistry, Organic Waste and Bioremediation Processes;

Javier García Martínez, professor of Inorganic Chemistry and director of the Molecular Nanotechnology Laboratory of the University of Alicante;

and Carmen Herrero Blanco, professor of Fundamentals of Economic Analysis at the University of Alicante.

Source: Agencias