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Nothing tarnishes the woman's party

Sunday, March 31st, 2019

Almudena García wins the 4th Women's Race in Murcia, with a time of 17:45 and thousands of participants enjoying this great sporting event again

For the fourth year, the streets of Murcia welcomed thousands of women enjoying the 4th Women's Race, over a distance of approximately 5km.

that counted mainly with an eminently participative character, allowing to cover the route running or walking.

Despite the rain, the appointment organized by the General Directorate of Women of the Region of Murcia, the Department of Sports and Social Rights of the Hon.

City of Murcia, the newspaper La Opinion of Murcia and the FAMU, was a new party with which the woman could claim their role in sport.

The absolute podium would be commanded by Almudena García, from Fondistas de Alcantarilla, who crossed the finish line at 6:19 pm.

After her, the athlete of CA Murcia Tovarsport Sara Sánchez, at 18:42, being 3rd in goal Soraya Lumbreras, of H-Project, who stopped the clock at 18:43.

Source: FAMU

Arturo Lucas and Marta Belmonte, Regional Mid Distance Duathlon Champions.

Sunday, March 31st, 2019

This morning the Regional Middle Distance Duathlon Championship was held at the I Duatlón MD in Lorca, which is organized by the Lorca Triathlon Club together with the Department of Sports of the municipality.

Despite the inclement weather, with rain, wind and cold, the participants have imposed the storm being held a test that has left Arturo Lucas and Marta Belmonte, both belonging to Bitec Tri Impulse, as Middle Distance Duathlon Regional Champions being the first Murcia to cross the finish line.

The men's regional podium was completed by Salvador Escarabajal and Andrés Méndez, both from the Primaflor Águilas Triathlon Club, while the female one was integrated by Mercedes Martínez, from the CT Arabí Yecla Catlike, and Ana Belén Lentijo, from the Bitec Tri Impulso.

With all eyes on the sky of Lorca, was the output of this first edition, although it has been tarnished by the inclemency of time, from the organization have been "very satisfied and happy with the course of the test and we appreciate to judges, volunteers, organizations involved and above all to the participants, having made this Duathlon a reality ".

The technical delegation of the test with the organizers, have decided to shorten the section of the cycling sector to pass near ramblas that could endanger the integrity of the participants being finally at 30 kilometers instead of the initial 62 for the average distance , and 15 for short distance competition.

The race on foot has maintained the initial distances where duathletes have had to travel 14 kilometers in the first sector of the medium distance and 7 in the third sector.

The lorquina test has won the Russian Timofei Merkulov, of the 208 Triathlon Club, repeating the victory achieved last week in the VI Duathlon City of Murcia.

In the women's category, her compatriot and teammate, Diana Isakova, has lifted the winning ribbon.

In addition to the long distance, a short distance duathlon has been played in which the participants have.

Tour 7 kilometers of running, 15 of bike and 3.5 running again.

The male winner was Antonio Luis Alcaraz, from Bitec Tri Impulso, and the female winner Susana Ocaña, from the Murcia Unidata Triathlon Club.

Next Sunday the Duathlon Regional League ends in the XVI Duathlon La Matanza de Orihuela

Source: Ayuntamiento de Blanca

The reinforcement work on the road that connects Murcia with San Javier, through Cabezo de la Plata, is progressing

Sunday, March 31st, 2019

The Ministry of Development and Infrastructure continues the execution of the reinforcement works of the road in a stretch of two kilometers on the regional highway RM-F56, which runs through the town of Cabezo de la Plata and connects with the road of San Javier (RM -301), and which in turn connects with the RM-1 motorway, Zeneta-San Javier.

The action allows to increase the platform of the regional highway to nine meters, arranged in two lanes of 3.5 meters with 1 meter of shoulder on each side

The Director General of Roads, Francisco González Manzanera, made this week an inspection visit to the work that is part of the conservation program of the regional road network that aims to strengthen the safety of users of the road that supports a traffic of 1,054 vehicles a day.

This route is included in the marked cycling itineraries that already add up to a length of more than 300 kilometers that correspond to 27 roads of the regional network.

Source: CARM

García Egea: "We are proud to be able to blow the candles of the 40th anniversary of the Tajo-Segura, although others would like to throw the cake"

Sunday, March 31st, 2019

Today, in an act of the PP of the Region of Murcia with farmers on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Tajo-Segura transfer

López Miras: "Who intends to end the transfer, aims to end the consensus and solidarity that has made Spain the country it is, and in questioning the concept of Spain and the transfer, the PSOE is a specialist"

Adolfo Suárez: "President Pablo Casado maintains the same water discourse for all of Spain, something we are very proud of"

The secretary general of the PP and head of list for the Region of Murcia to the Congress of Deputies, Theodore Garcia, said that "today we are proud to blow the anniversary candles of the most important water infrastructure in Spain that has generated wealth in the Region of Murcia, in Castilla la Mancha and throughout the national territory, while others would like to throw the cake ".

Thus, he said "pretend that, today, pass quickly because they are uncomfortable talking about water, as is the case of the PSOE."

In an act, held with farmers at the Pedro Cano Foundation in the municipality of Blanca to mark the 40th anniversary of the Tajo-Segura transfer, and which also involved the regional president of the PP, Fernando López Miras, and number 2 a the Lower House for the Community of Madrid, Adolfo Suárez, the national leader of the PP has said that "only the PP can celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Safe Tagus because it is the only party that has endowed with objective rules for water transfers do not depend on the will of García Page, Pedro Sánchez, Albert Rivera or Pablo Iglesias, but on objective parameters so that farmers can be calm and know when they have that water resource, regardless of political will. "

"Today we are pleased with the National Water Pact that we want to bring to the Cortes Generales, once and for all, when Sánchez leaves the Moncloa, and we are proud, too, the living history of our party, which represents Adolfo Suárez, and the 40 years that so much wealth and employment have offered to our Region ".

At this point, Garcia Egea recalled that "the PP can celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Tajo-Segura transfer today because 40 years ago, a president such as Adolfo Suárez gave the order to make that first shipment of water to the Levante, and that's why today we celebrate with the number 2 of the candidacy for Madrid, a reference, Adolfo Suárez, who accompanies in the list who will be the next president of the government of Spain ".

The secretary general of the PP has defined the candidate for Madrid as "a good friend of the Levante, a good person who has decided to leave his civil life to join the project of Pablo Casado to step forward in Spain and the Region of Murcia "

In this regard, has detailed that Spain is in a dilemma, "on April 28 we have to make a decision, who will receive President Lopez Miras in Moncloa, or Pedro Sanchez who devotes 37 minutes to Cartagena, an hour and a half to the Region and zero minutes to the Vega del Segura to discuss issues of water and agriculture, or Pablo Casado, committed and knowledgeable about the topics of the Spanish Levante ".

García Egea has emphasized the total support of the PP with the agricultural sector and has highlighted the proposed measures to achieve the National Water Pact, has cited his support for President López Miras for his work with farmers in his responsibility as President of the Executive regional.


For his part, the regional president of the PP, Fernando López Miras, said that "who intends to end the Tajo-Segura transfer, aims to end the consensus and solidarity that has made Spain the country it is."

In this sense, he explained that "in questioning the very concept of Spain and questioning the transfer, the PSOE is a specialist."

Lopez Miras has warned of the importance of Saturday's meeting with the agricultural sector and stressed that "farmers and irrigators are the architects of fruits such as peach is present in markets throughout Europe," and has put in value that "with less water they produce more and better fruits and vegetables".

Therefore, he continued, "from the PP we open our doors, our programs and our offices to listen and translate their proposals into our commitments," adding that "we are in a moment of maximum importance."

At this point, he regretted that there are people who are scandalized "when I tell the president of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, the truths in his face, when I tell him that the Tajo-Segura transfer is unquestionable and is not touched".

For this reason, he stressed that "if Pedro Sánchez is unable to commit himself here to irrigators and businessmen to keep the Transfer, I am going to say it, bother who bothers him".

López Miras thanked the presence of Adolfo Suárez at the event because "it was President Suárez who inaugurated the Tajo Segura Transfer" and an honor, he continued, that "the Secretary General, Teodoro García, is among us, committing himself to guarantee us the water to all the Spaniards, once again the Region of Murcia weighs in Madrid ".


Adolfo Suárez, meanwhile, has conveyed the honor of accompanying President López Miras and the secretary general of the PP, Teodoro García, in the act of commemoration of the transfer, "a work that we can feel proud all Spaniards" .

As he explained, "in addition to celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Tajo-Segura, we celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the implementation of concord."

For this reason, he said that "Spaniards have learned to solve conflicts with the law in the hand based on dialogue and understanding and subject to the principles of solidarity and economic prosperity for all."

Thus, he has defended that "these principles are the ones that should govern our relations on water issues, just as the PP does" and he recalled Pablo Casado's speech on water "equal for all of Spain, something that we are very proud "

Source: PP Región de Murcia

First concert of the Symphony Orchestra at the International Airport

Sunday, March 31st, 2019

The Minister of Tourism and Culture, Miriam Guardiola, attended the concert yesterday that the Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia (OSRM) offered at the Regional Airport of Murcia.

It is the first of a series of four concerts that the Airport will host in its facilities until the month of December, featuring musicians from the Youth Orchestra of the Region.

These concerts are the result of an agreement recently signed between the Symphony Orchestra Foundation of the Region of Murcia (FOSRM) and Aena, with the aim of highlighting the talent of Murcian musicians and bringing culture to the whole society.

Source: CARM

Citizens will expand the Network of Smart Tourist Destinations in the Region

Sunday, March 31st, 2019

The training wants to implement a National Cultural Tourism Card and use the IMSERSO as a reinforcement of the Network, which only counts Murcia as an associate

Citizens want tourism to be one of the economic locomotives and job creation both nationally and regionally.

The sector, which brings together 11% of regional GDP and 13 out of every hundred jobs, "needs a decided boost and Citizens are willing to give it," highlighted the deputy aquiline Jose Luis Martinez in a visit to Caravaca de la Cruz.

"It is necessary to modernize our tourist offer, especially in mature destinations such as the Region, and enhance it as much as possible.

In that sense, we want to create a National Cultural Tourism Card that serves as an element of promotion and dissemination, "said Martinez, who has specified that" this card will integrate all cultural, heritage and tourism, and would add the technologies of the 'Big Data 'to the promotion and dissemination. "

Citizens will also promote an intermodal ticket for young people, so that "they can better know their own country, as a kind of internal Interrail".

In addition, Ciudadanos wants to use the IMSERSO as a reinforcement of the demand of the Intelligent Tourist Destinations (DTI), which was launched in 2012 "and remains stagnant – Murcia only belongs to the network – in the face of the negligence of the local governments of PP and PSOE ".

The DTIs invest to revalue the destinations in five main areas: governance, technology, innovation, accessibility and sustainability, "promoting an inclusive vision of the destination including all its areas," said Martínez, who added that Ciudadanos "will promote the implementation of this network in the Region, with Caravaca de la Cruz as the first option in order to take advantage of its full potential, especially in religious tourism ".

In the Plaza del Arco of one of the five holy cities of Christianity, the deputy, accompanied by Miguel Garaulet (number one to Congress) and Francisco José Caparrós (Senate), lamented that "the neglect and mismanagement of the regional government have already wasted twice the enormous opportunity that the Jubilee Year represents ".

In his opinion, "these are lost opportunities to take advantage of religious tourism that moves more than 300 million people a year and a Jubilee Year that can be a shock to a city, as we have seen in the case of Santiago de Compostela."

In this sense, Martinez has highlighted the various initiatives carried out by Citizens to promote both the celebrations of the Horses of Wine and the Jubilee Year in the Regional Assembly and Congress.

"Even our president Albert Rivera wanted to know firsthand the potential of Caravaca de la Cruz and paid a visit to the city, demonstrating our commitment to its promotion as a tourist destination," added the orange parliamentarian.

Source: Ciudadanos Región de Murcia

The proportion of long-term unemployed lowers 40 percent for the first time in almost seven years

Sunday, March 31st, 2019

Today they represent 39.71 percent of the total number of registered unemployed in the Region of Murcia, the lowest figure since May 2012

The proportion of long-term unemployed over the total of unemployed registered in SEF Offices of the Region of Murcia has dropped by 40 percent for the first time in almost seven years.

Specifically, the weight of this group is 39.71 percent today, the lowest figure since May 2012, when they accounted for 39.55 percent.

This date was so far the last in which the 'weight' of this group was less than that 40 percent.

Currently, the Region has 106,939 unemployed people in total, of which 42,467 have more than 12 consecutive months without employment, or at least have been unemployed for twelve of the last eighteen months.

This group presents greater difficulties of access to the labor market, and is also composed mostly of people over 45 years.

One of the main objectives related to this group of the population is that their 'weight' over the total number of unemployed is decreasing.

In this period of almost seven years, the point at which the long-term unemployed reached a greater quota was May 2014, when they represented 47.28 percent of the total.

Thus, from that 'ceiling' there is a fall of 7.57 points, supported by a decrease in unemployment in this group to more intense levels than in the population as a whole.

In quantitative terms, the highest number of long-term unemployed in the Region was reached in January 2014, with 68,916 people.

Therefore, from that high point there are 26,449 long-term unemployed less, or what is the same, there has been a decrease of 38.37 percent of that volume.

As regards the scenario of the last twelve months, 3,258 long-term unemployed people have accumulated less, which represents a drop of 7.13 percent since February of last year.

This drop is three points higher than the general decline in unemployment in the region during that same period (4.13 percent) and reflects that prolonged unemployment falls more than the 'general'.

The Minister of Employment, Universities, Business and Environment, Javier Celdrán, stressed that "people who are unemployed for so long lose competences, and their attitude in the search for employment can be affected, which is why it is important to offer constant support , intense, personalized and that analyzes in detail those obstacles ".

The current proportion of 39.71 percent of long-term unemployed over the total unemployed is 1.28 points less than the 40.99 percent they represented a year ago, and 3.79 points compared to 43.50 percent. percent that was registered two years ago.

Source: CARM

Nearly 100 students from ten centers participate in the VI Baccalaureate Debate League

Sunday, March 31st, 2019

In the activity, framed in the 'Learn to Discuss' program, young people demonstrate their skills and abilities in oral argument

For the first time it is celebrated under the format of 'British Parliament', which is the most widely used system in Spanish universities

Nearly 100 students belonging to ten centers of the Region of Murcia participated in the VI League of Debate of Bachillerato, activity framed in the program 'Learn to debate', where young people demonstrate their skills and skills in oral argument.

For the first time it was held under the format of 'British Parliament', an important novelty to unify criteria with respect to most of the universities in the national territory.

The change in format is due to the fact that it is the most widespread in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, the African continent and many other countries in the world.

It has also been adopted as the official style of the University World Debate Championship in Spanish.

The interventions of the debaters are shorter and usually last between five and seven minutes.

In this edition there were 23 participating teams, from a total of ten educational centers: Santa Joaquina de Vedruna School (Cartagena), San Pablo CEU (Molina de Segura), CCE Virgen del Pasico (Pacheco Tower) and the Aljada institutes (Murcia) , José Luis Castillo Puche (Yecla), Antonio Menárguez Costa (Los Alcázares), Miguel de Cervantes (Murcia), Salvador Sandoval (Las Torres de Cotillas), Saavedra Fajardo (Murcia) and Los Cantos (Bullas).

The League of Debate held on Friday a day at the University Social Center of the University of Murcia, an institution that collaborates in the organization of the League.

The teams debated on various topics throughout the three rounds plus the final, which was preceded by an individual spontaneous debate that valued this quality among the participants.

The final was held in the afternoon and the awards were given by the general director of Attention to Diversity and Educational Quality, Francisco Martínez.

The winners were the IES Los Cantos de Bullas team and the runners-up of the IES Saavedra Fajardo team from Murcia.

All participating students received a diploma of attendance.

"The debate also aims to foster in the students other skills such as information and knowledge management, teamwork, critical and open thinking, or analysis and synthesis and initiation to research. students develop paralinguistic skills such as control of stage fright, the use of voice or gestures, which help them to speak in public effectively, "added Francisco Martínez.

Source: CARM

The Community publishes its plan to carry out more than 3,800 safety inspections in equipment and facilities of 1,570 Murcian companies

Sunday, March 31st, 2019

Special interest will be placed on the inspection of equipment for residences for the elderly, elevators and self-consumption facilities

The objective is to ensure safety in order to prevent risks to people, property or the environment

The General Directorate of Energy and Industrial and Mining Activity has published this week the Control Plan for the operation of industrial establishments, facilities and miners 2019, with which it is estimated that 1,570 safety inspections will be carried out in companies with the revision of 3,812 installations and equipment throughout the Region of Murcia.

The objective of this Plan is to ensure industrial safety in order to prevent risks and ensure protection against accidents that may cause harm to people, property or the environment.

The document, published Thursday in the BORM, establishes seven lines of action through which 1,300 inspections will be carried out in facilities in service;

2,000 inspections and inspections in facilities that need industrial safety for their start-up;

52 inspections in mining facilities;

and 460 metrological inspections.

During this year, the 28 technicians and six verifiers of the General Directorate of Industry will put special interest in the regulatory control of the facilities of residences for the elderly, elevators and self-consumption facilities.

The general director of Energy and Industrial Activity, Esther Marín, explained in this regard that "the objective of this campaign is to ensure the proper functioning of industrial safety, both in products and facilities."

The owners of the companies to which the Inspection of Industry is required for some reason will have 10 days to provide the requested documentation or correct deficiencies to ensure safety.

Source: CARM

The paintings by Santiago Ydáñez and religious imagery feature in the exhibition 'Deus ex machina'

Sunday, March 31st, 2019

The exhibition, organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, opens on Monday in the old church of the Compañía de Jesús de Caravaca de la Cruz

Along with the recent works of the Jaen creator will be sculptures from the fourteenth to eighteenth centuries that belong to his private collection

The old church of the Company of Jesus, in Caravaca de la Cruz, hosts from Monday, April 1, the exhibition 'Deus ex machina', organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture with the collaboration of the City of Caravaca de the cross.

The exhibition is made up of some thirty works, among which are paintings by the Santiago artist Jada Ydáñez and works of religious imagery from the 14th to the 18th centuries that belong to the private collection of the creator himself.

The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Miriam Guardiola, explained that "the axis of the project is the huge canvas of San Juan de la Cruz that Ydáñez made for the exhibition 'Mystics', a surprising work of art that occupies the entire altar and that Ydáñez , with great generosity, donated to the municipality, "and recalled that" 'Mystics' was visited by about 40,000 people and was a successful step in the work of promoting and consolidating the cultural and sacred tourism that has as one of the main references in our Region the holy city of Caravaca de la Cruz ".

Now, this project, "which had its peak with the celebration of the Jubilee Year 2017, continues with new cultural activities as well as gastronomic, sports and nature, which are making known the variety of experiences that tourists can find in the Region of Murcia, "added Guardiola.

The paintings exhibited in 'Deus ex machina' are part of Ydáñez's most recent production;

a series based on the revision of the Caravaggio and Ribera paintings, which take on a new significance through the large size of the paintings and also through dialogue with pieces of religious imagery.

In them, Ydáñez moves away from the Baroque postulates opening a new expressionist vision.

The exhibition opens on Monday at 7:30 p.m. and can be visited until the end of next June.

The project is curated by the gallery owner Nacho Ruiz, responsible for the exhibitions 'Signum' and 'Mystics', which could also be seen in the old church of the Company of Jesus of Caravaca de la Cruz.

Source: CARM