The League "Mental Health" is integrated into the FFRM

The Federation of Soccer of the Region of Murcia, through the agreement with the Mental Health Federation of the Region of Murcia, will regulate the first league of "Mental Health", in which twelve teams of Mental Illness Centers of the whole Region and in which one hundred and fifty athletes benefit.

In addition, the FFRM has delivered, after the meeting of the day of coexistence held in Cieza between the two conferences -north and south-, defibrillator for the Mental Health Association of Lorca (ASOFEM).

The event was attended by Delia Topham, president of the Mental Health Federation Region of Murcia, María Asunción de Concepción, SMS Mental Health manager, Luciano Herrero, chairman of the Futsal Committee and Javier Lozano, chairman of the Arbitrators Committee, as well as Pascual Lucas, Mayor of Cieza, who has given the facilities of the Arboleja field to celebrate the tournament.

Source: Federación de Fútbol de la Región de Murcia


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