Cantonal Party of Cartagena: "The City fails to comply with the opening of a local police barracks in Los Dolores"

The MC-PSOE Government team promised a detachment with twenty-five agents in the Casa Árabe next to the municipal office of the neighborhood (Omit)

Promises that fall on deaf ears.

The residents of Los Dolores require more presence of law enforcement officers in the streets and, in this line, hope that the commitments of the rulers reach a good port.

The previous councilor of Finance and Interior, Francisco Aznar, announced two years ago the start-up of a detachment of the Local Police in the Arab House with a total of twenty-five personnel assigned exclusively to the neighborhood.

In this building, the Municipal Information and Administrative Processing Office (Omita) currently has its location.

The project provided for members of the security corps to share space with administration officials since the property has a sufficient area for both services.

The residents show their displeasure to the Cantonal Party of Cartagena after there is no progress in this respect in as much time.

The agents who patrol the streets of the most populated neighborhoods of the municipality still leave the Security Park of the La Union road.

The different associations, with which the PCAN has contacted in a recent meeting, show their conviction that with a base located in the town of Los Dolores, the police presence and the speed of emergency interventions would increase.

A stable group of patrols, both on foot and in motor vehicles, would result in greater persuasion for criminals in an area still heavily punished for robberies and other criminal activities, in the opinion of the collectives.

The previous municipal government team of the Popular Party rehabilitated the old Castillito del Marqués de Fuente Sol with the intention of its use as a barracks for the Local Police.

This restoration, which cost 585,000 euros, soon served little because the property, due to its special architectural characteristics, did not meet the conditions of job security required by the agents in the functionality of their service.

The modernist building now functions only as a complaints office and a police information point with office hours and with the attention of a single agent.

The quartering of Los Dolores and the construction of a new detachment in Pozo Estrecho formed the two main points of the Strategic Plan 2016-19 of the Local Police, prepared by the MC-PSOE government team, which have been in nothing for three months and only half of the end of it.

Source: Partido Cantonal de Cartagena


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