The Simplification Plan will reduce the bureaucratic burden of teachers through 30 measures

Highlights the grouping of evaluation standards, the compulsory nature of carrying out a reading or logical-mathematical plan is eliminated and the burden of individualized work plans is reduced

Martínez-Cachá affirms that "the Plan responds to a historical demand of teachers and teachers and will allow teachers to dedicate more time to students"

The Administrative Simplification Plan in the field of teaching, announced last week by the President of the Community, Fernando López Miras, consists of 30 measures "to reduce the bureaucratic burden of teachers and respond to a historical demand of teachers and teachers of the Region, "said the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Adela Martínez-Cachá.

Martínez-Cachá chaired the meeting of the Regional Commission of Directors of Early Childhood and Primary Education to which he detailed the measures contemplated in the Plan, "which will allow teachers to dedicate much less time to the bureaucracy and provide direct attention to the students. that will impact on an improvement of the educational quality and school success ".

This simplification plan, which includes the proposals of the teachers of the Community, is structured around two fundamental axes: the regulatory modification and the creation, development and improvement of computer applications.

Among the measures, four stand out with special repercussion in the daily work of the teachers: the modification of the Reading and Logic-Mathematical Promotion Plans, the grouping of learning standards for the evaluation of the students and the inclusion of the plans of individualized work (PTI) in the computer program 'Note'.

Modification of the Plan for the Promotion of Reading

Specifically, from the next academic year it will no longer be compulsory to prepare a Reading Plan and each center will include measures to promote reading in its teaching program or will carry out a specific global program according to their needs and characteristics.

In this line, the centers will establish the time devoted to working on comprehensive reading, "eliminating the thirty minutes minimum daily that currently should be dedicated", specified Martínez-Cachá.

On the other hand, the Simplification Plan eliminates the obligation for the centers to elaborate a Logical-Mathematical Plan, so that teachers can choose between means and didactic actions that contribute to develop mathematical competence, either in the teaching program, or through specific plans or programs that will be included in the Annual General Programming.

Learning standards

The Simplification Plan also develops measures aimed at facilitating the evaluation process, so that the learning standards can be grouped into evaluation criteria in Primary Education, as in Secondary Education.

Up to now, Primary teachers evaluated their students throughout the cycle in a large number of standards, which meant that a large part of the daily work was devoted to the evaluation process.

"With this measure, the task of evaluating teachers is reduced by two thirds," said the counselor, who said that "we are aware of the large volume of work that has generated the evaluation by standards, and we wanted to streamline this process to the extent as possible. "

Individual work plans

Martínez-Cachá stressed that one of the measures most demanded by teachers was to include the Individual Work Plans (PTI) in the computer program 'Anota', an application to program, evaluate and qualify.

In this way the teacher will not have to fill out all the sections of the Plan on a quarterly basis, but only those that are strictly necessary.

In this regard, the counselor said that favors the work of teachers, because "in the region there are more than 12,000 students with specific educational support needs and have a PTI."

Other measures are the computer application for the planning and monitoring of Dual FP, or the creation of an application to manage the teaching system in foreign languages.

Source: CARM


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