The Region of Murcia International Airport stars in the ONCE coupon next Monday

The Regional Airport of Murcia stars in the coupon of the ONCE on Monday, February 18, which was presented today by the Minister of Development and Infrastructure, Patricio Valverde, and the territorial delegate of the ONCE in the Region of Murcia, Juan Carlos Morejón.

In the coupon you can see the facade of the airport terminal with the letters of Murcia, the control tower and the 3,000-meter runway.

Its dissemination occurs one month after the start-up of the airport.

Valverde said that five and a half million vouchers will be printed and will "spread throughout Spain the image of the Region of Murcia as a tourist destination, while announcing the opening of the new airport to attract thousands of visitors from Spain and Europe, and generate more wealth and employment. "

The counselor also thanked the heads of the ONCE and the concession company Aena for their "commitment to the new airport and the Region of Murcia and contribute to publicizing the potential of the region."

Source: CARM


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