February 15, International Children's Cancer Day

SAE claims improvements in diagnostic techniques and treatments

The Union of Nursing Technicians joins the International Day of Childhood Cancer claiming that the balance of resources is tilted towards the side in which an early diagnosis, better information and an increase of economic and human resources are located, both in health care as in the field of research, with the aim of improving the techniques used to make diagnoses and develop new treatments aimed at curing cancer in children and improve their quality of life.

The most common type of cancer in children is Leukemia (30%), followed by tumors in the Central Nervous System -SNC- (22%) and lymphomas (13%).

Although it is true that in Spain survival has improved in recent years, standing at 80%, both leukemia and CNS tumors have survival rates below the average (60% and 70%, respectively).

Therefore, early diagnosis and research must be a priority in order to make childhood cancer a curable disease in all cases.

The other side of the balance hinders these objectives, because the lack of personnel and resources has as consequences the long waits that supposes for the affected ones to go from specialist in specialist until obtaining a diagnosis and, in many occasions, an accentuated lack of information.

Investment should be preferred in the field of research, but also in social policies that allow all children and their families, regardless of where they live, their economic conditions or their status, to have access to early diagnosis and an appropriate treatment.

"From SAE we want to launch a simple question to those responsible for the National Health System: On which side do they want to put the balance? It is obvious that they should lean on the side of investment, information, research and all that entails, that of economic savings and the differences in access to diagnosis and treatments From our position as representatives of Nursing Care Technicians, this commitment is also extended to the field of training of professionals, therefore, from SAE we organize days and training activities aimed at improving and updating knowledge about childhood cancer, with the aim of getting adequate care and care that guarantees the well-being of the child and his family ", explains Daniel Torres, secretary of social action and training of SAE .

Source: Agencias


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