The Community promotes the First Constitutional Olympiad in the Region

The Minister of the Presidency, Pedro Rivera, today highlighted at the presentation ceremony of the First Constitutional Olympiad of the Region of Murcia, aimed at students of the Fourth Year of Compulsory Secondary Education, its character as a pioneering experience in Spain and its purpose "to stimulate among our students, not only the knowledge of the current Spanish Constitution of 1978, but, above all, that of the values, rights and principles that derive from it ".

Rivera stressed that this initiative, in which 26 schools participate, is launched when they have just completed 40 years of the adoption of the Constitution, "and the society that these young people who attend the Constitutional Olympiad are the result of a normative frame that has allowed us the construction of a modern democracy, advanced and leader in rights and liberties, of a text that has provided the most lasting and important period of stability and growth of our modern history ".

The Constitutional Olympiad, which has as precedent a pilot experience developed last year in Mazarrón, is carried out through the preparation of specific materials, talks at participating study centers and 25-minute qualifying trials to select the two representatives of each center that will reach the final phase.

Source: CARM


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