The PSOE gets unanimous support for the regional government to apply the measures approved in the Assembly aimed at reducing female unemployment

Deputy Antonio Guillamón indicated that the Special Employment Committee approved in 2017 a series of proposals that have not been put march, despite the fact that the situation has not improved

The deputy of the Socialist Parliamentary Group Antonio Guillamón has asked in the Industry Committee the application of specific measures to reduce female unemployment in the Region of Murcia, considering the conclusions of the Special Employment Committee approved by the Plenary of the Regional Assembly.

This motion has been approved unanimously.

In the month of July 2017, the conclusions of the Special Employment Committee proposed a set of measures aimed at alleviating the serious situation of unemployment suffered by the Region of Murcia, which were approved in the Plenary of the Regional Assembly.

The purpose was that, after discussion with the social agents, they were included as part of the Strategy for Quality Employment 2017-2020.

"As of today, we are not aware that the regional government has proposed its evaluation in the Follow-up Committee for its possible application, even though the situation has not evolved for the better".

Therefore, "we demand that the regional government comply with the mandate of the Chamber and not delay further the implementation of these initiatives."

These conclusions included, among other measures, proposals for equality between men and women in the workplace. "

A very important issue, since according to various reports, female unemployment in the Region is more than double the European average.

"This does not support the arguments of those who say that unemployment is going well, and therefore, it is urgent to apply effective policies that contribute to a real reduction."

In the opinion of the socialist deputy "it is essential to implement specific measures that improve the employability and permanence in the employment of women, in order to achieve an increase in the number of active and employed women."

In the V Report of the Adecco Foundation "Employment for all: Women at risk of social exclusion in the labor market" it is exposed that in 2007 there were 62,900 unemployed women over 55 years of age;

while in 2017 that number skyrocketed to 245,100, an increase of 289 percent;

a figure much higher than the unemployment of women of all ages, which has increased by 85 percent in the last ten years.

For all these reasons, Antonio Guillamón urged the regional government to take the problem seriously and take the necessary measures to reduce this unjust labor gap suffered by women and that reduces their opportunities.



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