Medio Natural is committed to a more ethical and sustainable hunting

The Minister of Employment, Universities, Business and Environment, Javier Celdrán, visited this morning the facilities in Molina de Segura of the company Azor Ambiental, which is a pioneer in Spain in the manufacture of ecological or lead-free ammunition, besides being a company recycling in a trajectory of more than sixty years.

"The use of lead ammunition is already prohibited in the European Union in the wetland areas and is being extended to the rest of the hunting areas.

Azor's environmental commitment and its capacity for innovation have led them to lead in Spain the production of ecological ammunition in collaboration with the hunters themselves, "said Celdrán.

The Directorate General of Natural Environment works with the Hunting Federation and hunting managers, as well as with the company Azor, in the dissemination of this new ammunition and the elimination of lead for a more ethical and sustainable hunting.

In this sense, the Temporary Hunting Command Emergency Order declared last summer to prevent damage caused in the fields by the proliferation of rabbits only allowed lead-free ammunition.

In addition, the order on working hunting periods for the 2018/2019 season already includes a specific article that expressly prohibits the use of ammunition with lead in the intensive preserves during the celebration of 'ojeo' modalities.

Likewise, Azor Ambiental is one of the largest automotive waste management companies, as well as its transformation into new raw materials, "being an example of a circular economy since before it was spoken of circular economy," said Celdrán.

Source: CARM


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