María Giménez "Podemos is not going to allow the free and express plundering of our natural heritage that the PP intends"

The regional deputy of Podemos, María Giménez has said that a healthy and sustainable environment means, children without lead in the blood, international tourism of vanguard, competitive and sustainable agriculture, and employment deseasonalized, meanwhile the objective the Regional Government proposes the creation of the ARCA that would give free rein to the depredation of our environment without any type of legal guarantees and leaving the margin to the technicians and professionals ".

María Giménez has participated in the debate "Towards a truly effective environmental administration and at the service of citizenship" organized by the unions CSIF, UGT, CCCOO and Intersindical.

The deputy of Podemos has defended the need for the public administration can "to ensure the environment and promote the development of a sustainable economy, without pressure and precarious problems to carry out such tasks" so it has added that "we have to work politically so that those who are responsible for ensuring the sustainability of the environment from the public, do so within an environmental administration in conditions and with sufficient resources."

The regional deputy of Podemos, has stated that "the occurrence of the government of Lopez Miras to carry out the Law of Administrative Simplification and the Regional Agency of the Environment (ARCA) was a declaration of intentions, to eliminate a fundamental public service as it is the one related to the environmental civil service, and exchange these professionals and these legal guarantees, by a private entity, that does and undoes at will based on private interests and expressly ".

This supposes, for Giménez, the abandonment of the environment on the part of the PP that is translated in the retreat of the regional policies and of the quality of life of the Murcians "and has remembered that" the environmental question is transversal, and has an implication direct in the economy, health, employment, tourism that are harmed if a sustainable environmental policy is left aside ".

Finally, he concluded that "we Murcia deserve a policy that puts in the center the most valuable natural heritage of the region and be the vanguard in the rest of policies directly dependent on the good health of the natural environment."

Source: Podemos Región de Murcia


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