Fernando López Miras inaugurates the First Fiscal Forum "Fiscal News and Innovations"

The president of the Community, Fernando López Miras, inaugurated today in Murcia the First Tax Forum 'Fiscal News and Innovations', organized by the newspaper La Verdad, where he listed some of the measures put in place by the regional government "to make the Region the largest area of ​​economic freedom, "such as the elimination of the" unjust "inheritance and gift tax, which has allowed between 2015 and 2018, more than 55,000 Murcians have saved 320 million to receive an inheritance or a donation.

"In successions and donations we are located in the group of communities with less taxation together with Madrid and the Canary Islands," said the president, who reaffirmed his commitment to "continue reducing taxes, making it compatible with the maintenance of public services."

In this regard, he recalled that this year the tax reductions approved in the IRPF will mean that the Region is the community that pays the least in Spain.

He indicated that "these deductions will be implemented progressively in the next five years, which, together with new tax breaks for families and special grants for the purchase of housing, will mean an estimated saving of more than 80 million in that period," he said.

"Our model is to encourage economic activity to maintain public services," said the president.

"And all this, despite the fact that the Region of Murcia is the worst funded community along with Valencia," he said.

He recalled that "we have stopped receiving 7.519 million in the last nine years due to the twisted Financing System, as defined by the report of International Financial Analysts disclosed by La Verdad."

He affirmed that "in the face of this unworthy situation, we are going to present in the Regional Assembly a reform of the Statute of Autonomy to correct the financing deficit suffered by the Region".

Source: CARM


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