Anti-capitalists Region of Murcia bets to come together in popular unity candidacies.

"Our reference Change Murcia"

On February 9, the assembly of Cambiemos Murcia decided to begin its process of forming a candidacy for the municipal elections of May 2019, with open, democratic and proportional primaries, a candidature of confluence using the instrumental coalition formula as the most appropriate legal form at this time.

The anti-capitalists of the Region of Murcia and people close to Podemos have participated in the formation and during these years in the construction of this municipal, democratic and social transformation space;

and we believe that it continues to be a useful tool for change in the municipality of Murcia, as well as we understand positive the extension of this work dynamic and political line in other territorial areas, such as the regional one.

The anti-capitalists and we were a founding part of Podemos, we carry it on the skin.

We claim that we can popular overflow, that democratic program, participated in social transformation, anti-neoliberal and anti-elites was the program of the European.

We also believe that the best expression of that we can of the beginnings today is Cambiemos Murcia, and we also understand that under the threat of advance of the extreme right is what the workers of this land need.

We are convinced that in the next electoral cycle we need democratic and clearly anti-neoliberal social transformation candidates, not subsidiaries of the PSOE.

Collective projects that are an expression of the struggles that take place at the street level in defense of rights and freedoms, and that place at the center the reproductive work and care, necessary jobs for our societies that capitalism is incapable of assuming recognize.

Broad projects that are not mere managers in the institutions, but aware that the fight for more just and egalitarian societies entails a conflict with the elites who enrich themselves at the expense of the workers, who impoverish us and lead us to inequality and disaster ecological.

The failure of the confluence talks will cause that in the municipality of Murcia we can be presented in a different candidacy than that of Cambiemos Murcia.

Given this situation we can not but be coherent and consistent with the political and organizational lines that we claim and resign from the organs and affiliation in Podemos Región de Murcia to start a different path, also in other territorial areas where we will try to create spaces of confluence in the lines previously marked: clearly programs for the transformation of society, commitment to decision-making and collective debates, proportional open primary and correction for minorities, collegial addresses, control of public representatives.

In this sense we have announced in the organs of Podemos Región de Murcia the resignations of the Autonomous Citizen Council of Pedro Luis López, former Secretary of Civil Society and Social Movements, along with four other advisers and counselors: Conchi Garcia, Isabel Muñoz, Josefa Hernández and Raúl Radovich;

as well as the resignation of the Municipal Council of Murcia Rubén Garre, who was head of the list of Activa We can, which obtained almost 40% of the votes in the last primaries internal to the municipal body.

We have learned a lot these years of the experience of Podemos, with our successes and our mistakes, and we wish the best for Podemos Región de Murcia in the next electoral cycle, because although separated this means that the people of the left will have mobilized, and this It is good for all.

We hope and hope that in the future, from another perspective, we can continue to collaborate and share spaces of confluence, necessary to stop the advance of the rights and solve the problems of a social majority that suffers the effects of this scam badly called crisis that has been become chronic

Anti-capitalists Region of Murcia

Source: Anticapitalistas Región de Murcia


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