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Suicide Prevention Conference

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

This morning a Conference on the Prevention of Suicide took place at the Congress of Deputies

On this day, members of social organizations that fight every day to prevent suicide, attended by some 300 people, focused on the exhibition of 28 speakers from different professional disciplines.

Source: Agencias

Some Murcian entrepreneurs create 'Neting', the first social network of Digital Networking

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

"It costs seven times less to sell to a client that is recommended than to one you do not know"

Some Murcian entrepreneurs, José A. Gambín and Juan Villa have developed 'Neting', the first Networking app that allows optimizing results and minimizing costs through the collaborative economy and the concept of 'win-win', a marketing strategy that has as an objective that all parties benefit: companies, distributors, sales channels and consumers.

The application makes a channeling of the demands of the users and allows to share services, products or needs of clients, being able to manage everything through a simple Smartphone.

"It's the evolution of the traditional concept of 'Networking' but in the digital field," says Gambín.

The result is an optimization of time and a greater volume of business through a simple system: users can offer their products or services exclusively, generate and receive business opportunities and, at the same time, recommend a service from a professional, so a reward is also received.

"It is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to prosper in the business world, either with their skills as a commercial, through the exploitation and loyalty of their customer base, or using the networking network to promote products and services and encourage the sales among the users of the network, "explains José A. Gambín, the project manager with Juan Villa.

All this in a fast, easy and orderly way: managing business relationships 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in order to take full advantage of the qualities and capabilities of each user of 'Neting'.

"The user who decides to be part of the social network will enjoy exclusivity of their sector or activity within the team of which they are a part.

In this way, the tool gains attractiveness and effectiveness for the user since it will not have to compete with other professionals who perform the same activity.

In addition, the app allows those interested in being part of the network, search existing teams to find those where their services are free and able to enter them, "adds Gambín.


'Neting' emerges as a natural evolution of conventional professional contact networks, which spread throughout the world, eliminating barriers (displacements, time, money) and structures that are already obsolete with the digital world.

Gambín explains that they have always used their circle of contacts and networking to grow their business, "we believe that no commercial action can overcome the word of mouth."

If we add the advantages of digitization to all this, the result was 'Neting'.

An app where you can create a network of entrepreneurs who can send contacts and business opportunities;

where to receive rewards for business opportunities sent to other users;

where to manage those opportunities and control the profits they generate;

where to send offers every week;

and where to be informed of interesting events and activities.

The secret of his success, according to Gambín, "is that it costs seven times less to sell to a client that is recommended than to one you do not know.

Word of mouth has always been an infallible marketing tool. "

Source: Agencias

Miguel Sánchez regrets the new attack of 'citizenship' suffered by the PP and wishes a speedy recovery to the still party in the regional government

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

The regional spokesman considers it regrettable that in the absence of ideas and political initiative, the popular Murcia only know how to respond by charging against their training

The regional spokesman of Citizens, Miguel Sanchez, has lamented "the new attack of 'citizenship' suffered by the leaders of the Popular Party", while he has wished the leaders of the still party in the Government "a speedy recovery, both for its well as for the Murcia, because there are still 94 days until the elections and can become chronic.

Sanchez has considered at least "political cynicism" that the PP charges against their training "taking for granted a pact with the PSOE after 26M, when the truth and truth is that what hurts is that the idea of ​​erecting a democratic cord Against sanchismo, it started with Albert Rivera and not with Pablo Casado. "

He also lamented that "the PP, when it runs out of ideas and without initiative, opts to charge against Citizens."

Miguel Sanchez asked if the PP "will agree with Podemos, as they have done in the region without any shame to be done, for example, with the Mayor's Office of Blanca".

Source: Ciudadanos Región de Murcia

More than 100 volunteers will plant autochthonous trees on the Segura River this Sunday

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

This Sunday, February 24, a planting of autochthonous trees in the Segura River will take place in Alguazas, as part of the PIMA Adapta project to eliminate cane and recover the riparian forest.

Under the slogan "Let's recover our river, Despacicio, but without pause" the Shining Club of the town "¡Despacico, que no llego !!" organizes this activity that starts the XI Week of Hiking and Mountain.

The activity will begin at 10:00 am at the meeting point, the Alguazas City Hall door.

From there the participants will move to the level of the Segura River where the plantation activity will be carried out, in collaboration with the Water Commission of the Segura Hydrographic Confederation (CHS) and the public company Tecnologías y Servicios Agrarios, SA, SME , MP (Tragsatec) and the Exmo.

City Hall of Alguazas.

The planting of some 600 indigenous trees is planned.

The activity is free and to participate was required to make the registration in advance, leaving the 120 seats covered weeks before the marked deadline.

The organization will distribute the participants commemorative shirts and picnic bags.

Source: Club Senderista ¡¡Despacico, que no llego!!

Diego Conesa distinguishes with the Medals of Merit of Civil Protection the coordinators of the Los Alcázares, Mazarrón, San Javier and San Pedro units

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

The Government delegate assures that training and preventive measures are an essential part of the policy of risks of any public institution

The Government delegate, Diego Conesa, distinguished yesterday with the Medals of Merit of Civil Protection Sergio Manuel Gil, Pedro Hernandez, Fernando Postigo and Vicente Salas, coordinators of this service in the municipalities of Los Alcázares, Mazarrón, San Javier and San Pedro del Pinatar

"Today we reward trajectories and individual merits that, however, decisively affect the life, safety and well-being of an immense collective in terms and number impossible to quantify", justified the delegate, who valued the professional career of the four and their impeccable collaboration with the Government Delegation, both in emergency and normal situations.

"This is the way it is today, and that was the case in 1990, when you became a pioneer in the organization of municipal civil protection, converting that initial volunteer service into the professional and professionalized system we know today," added Conesa during his speech.

These medals, according to Order of the Ministry of the Interior of April 13, 1982, are granted to those persons who stand out for their activities in the protection of people and goods that could be affected by emergency situations in cases of serious risk, catastrophe or public calamity, through the performance of singular acts that imply notorious risk or exceptional solidarity.

The Government delegate indicated that training and preventive measures should be an essential part of the risk policy of any public institution.

"This is what we do from the Government Delegation in the Region of Murcia, whose Civil Protection unit has become a national reference in the design of a wide variety of courses that respond to the training needs of the human resources of the System National Civil Protection and contribute to the maintenance and improvement of their capabilities to manage risk and intervene in an emergency, "he concluded.

Source: Delegación del Gobierno en Murcia

Monte Romero returns to centralize the competition on the regional track

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

The athletics track of the University Campus of Espinardo will host this Saturday the Sub18 Championship of the Region of Murcia, as well as the Absolute Regional Pole and a race control remaining for Sunday the Final B Sub10 – Sub12 – Sub14

It presents a new weekend full of athletics in all levels and modalities, counting as the epicenter of the regional track competition Monte Romero Stadium, in the University Campus of Espinardo.

There will take place this Saturday the Championship Sub18 of the Region of Murcia -except in the tests of 800, 1,500 and 3,000-, as well as the Absolute Regional Championship of vault and a control of races, under the organization of Murcia Murcia Tovarsport.

It will be Sunday when the final B Sub10 – Sub12 – Sub14 will be developed, in both cases in the morning.

Source: FAMU

The president of VOX Murcia, Pascual Salvador, discards the primary to elect the regional and municipal candidates

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

Points out that his training is committed to people and not to the characters that can come from other political formations

The representatives of the green training affirm that tomorrow 23 F, date of the first great Congress of the political formation called Ordinary General Assembly, a great part of the strategies of the party will be decided ahead of the electoral elections of April and May

They are not afraid that the elimination of primaries can confront a bicephaly similar to that of nationalist parties such as the PNV, which, on the one hand, maintains the leader of the party, and, on the other, the candidate for the Community and the first municipality. region of

The president of Murcia Civil Society, Antonio Martinez, emphasizes that MSC plans to meet with all political parties before April to shed the electoral keys

This platform of managers, entrepreneurs and qualified professionals want to highlight the objectives that the parties must face in the Region of Murcia to reach the leading positions in Spain in competition, productivity and citizen rights

Murcia, February 22, 2019 .- The president of VOX Murcia, Pascual Salvador, discards the primaries to elect regional and municipal candidates, as he said today at the meeting of work carried out with representatives of Murcia Civil Society – MSC.

The representatives of the green training in the Region of Murcia affirm that tomorrow 23 F, date of the first great Congress of the political formation, denominated Ordinary General Assembly, a great part of the strategies of the party will be decided ahead of the electoral elections of April and may.

Pascual Salvador points out that his training is committed to individual and working people and not to the characters that may come from other political formations.

They are not afraid that the elimination of primaries can confront them with a bicephalia similar to that of nationalist parties such as the PNV, which, on the one hand, maintain the leader of the political formation, and, on the other, the candidate for the respective Community and to the first town hall.

The president of Murcia Civil Society, Antonio Martinez, emphasizes that MSC plans to meet with all political parties before April to shed the electoral keys

Economic challenges 2019-23

The new political force, VOX Murcia, states that a National Hydrological Plan is essential to ensure the interconnection of basins from wet Spain to dry to ensure agricultural and industrial production

With all the matches

This platform of managers, entrepreneurs and qualified professionals want to highlight the objectives that the parties must face in the Region of Murcia to reach the leading positions in Spain in competition, productivity and citizen rights.

The transversal nature of Murcia Civil Society-MSC, composed of businessmen, managers and professionals from different economic sectors, allows us to address these and other issues from multiple perspectives, providing enriching responses.

Source: Agencias

The Civil Guard investigates a person for coercing a minor to give her images with sexual content

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

Contact with the minor through an online game |

After starting a relationship remotely, the minor was extorted to send images of a sexual nature

He is credited with the alleged responsibility of the crime of sexual abuse

The Civil Guard of the Region of Murcia an investigation to clarify a supposed extortion to a minor coerced to provide images of a sexual nature, which has resulted in the investigation of the alleged perpetrator of the criminal acts investigated.

The operation began at the end of last year, when members of the Benemérita were alerted by a woman that her daughter was suffering a series of coercion and threats in order to obtain images of sexual content.

Apparently, the victim's mother detected the facts when trying to solve a problem with her daughter's mobile phone.

When he unlocked the device, he noticed that messages were entering whose contents alarmed him.

The sender of the messages was a person that the daughter had met through an online game.

After maintaining the first contact through the game, the now investigated asked the victim for his phone number and they started talking about messaging applications, initiating a brief remote relationship in which, from the first moment, he had requested photographs and videos of sexual content.

The girl admitted to her mother that she had agreed to send some intimate photographs to the one she considered her boyfriend but, when she detected several deceptions about his identity, she decided to stop sending him more images and end the relationship.

Given the refusal of the girl, the author of the facts changed his attitude and went on to demand photographs and videos of a sexual nature using a threatening tone in his messages.

From the investigation developed it is clear that the child came to feel intimidated and coerced, since she did not know what the alleged perpetrator could do with the compromised material that she already had in her possession.

In this case, the intervention of the mother of the minor has been crucial to put an end to the extortion with lustful spirit to which the victim was being subjected.

Once the operation began, the civil guards carried out a series of investigations that allowed them to identify and locate the suspect in the town of Torrevieja, Alicante, who has been investigated and who has been instructed to act as an alleged offender. sexual abuse.

The investigated and the diligences instructed have been made available to the Court of Instruction of Cartagena and the Office of Minors of Murcia.

Main risks faced by minors in the network

– Grooming, is the cyberbullying of an adult towards a minor for sexual purposes or to obtain images of a sexual nature of the child in the case of pedophiles, or even to maintain real sexual contact with the child, in the case of pedophiles

– Cyberbulling, is the cyberbullying among equals in the school environment.

The minor is harassed through social networks and mobile messaging programs.

In this case, both the victim and the person responsible for the criminal activity is a minor (law 5/2000 criminal responsibility of minors over 14 years of age).

– Sexting, is the sending of images of a sexual nature within a relationship between adolescents.

It becomes a danger when the relationship is broken and the images are used to harass the ex-partner.

– Identity theft, it is widely used taking advantage of weak or predictable passwords of your social networks, or obtaining them through social engineering.

They use profiles to pass themselves off as minors in social networks in order to harass other minors or use their profiles in online games.


The Civil Guard, within the framework of the preventive actions set out in the Master Plan for the Coexistence and Improvement of Safety in Educational Centers and their Environments, has been carrying out a series of training actions including talks on new technologies or the risks derived from an improper use of the internet, aimed at schoolchildren, teachers and AMPA's.

They warn that both new information and communication technologies and the internet should not be a simple game or a mere entertainment and not a way to meet friends.

It should be understood as a work tool, offering, among others, the following security measures:

Do not disclose personal data or third parties to anyone.

If done, do it as safely as possible in a known environment.

Once a photograph, video or simple information is "hung", you lose all control over it.

Do not accept or add as contacts to strangers.

Do not provide passwords;

He who is a friend today may not be tomorrow.

Do not answer emails from strangers.

If you use programs to share music, movies, etc., keep in mind that the folders used by the program are available to millions of users.

Control who can see your profile and post on your wall.

Customize privacy settings: "only my friends".

In short, do not do on the internet what you would not do in real life.

Internet use tips

On the internet we must use logic and common sense, as we would in real life.

The consequences of misuse of the network go beyond the virtual plane, and can generate serious real consequences.

On the internet, not everyone is who they say they are.

Sometimes they use techniques, social engineering among others, to obtain our most precious treasure, our privacy and personal data.

In computers connected to the internet we must have updated not only the operating systems, antivirus and firewalls, but also all the programs that are used in the network, browsers, plugins (java), etc.

With this we will give solution to the vulnerabilities that are appearing.

Remember that the best antivirus is behind our keyboard, we ourselves are our worst vulnerability, but also our best antivirus.

Not only do we have to protect our equipment, we must also protect our Wi-Fi network to avoid non-consensual access to it and thus avoid possible criminal activities from our connection.

Remember that if they access our Wi-Fi network, not only do we lose speed in the connection, but they can easily access our equipment.

For all the services that need it, we will use robust passwords (more than 8 alphanumeric characters combined with a symbol).

Easy to remember for us but impossible to deduce for the cybercriminal.

Avoid using the same for all our accounts, and renew them every so often.

We must protect our privacy in the network, avoiding making unnecessary data public, which may harm us now or in the future.

In our transactions and purchases through the network we will be cautious to make them from safe sites, avoiding trap advertisements.

As for transactions with our bank, we will always do so from a secure connection (https), distrusting any communication that reaches us by email (SPAM and PHISHING).

We will pay attention to the downloads that we make, always making them from the official web pages of the products that we need, with which we will avoid being infected with malware camouflaged in fake antivirus (rogues) or that our equipment is trojanized with any type of malware (zombie) .

We will also navigate on trusted websites to avoid unwanted infections (Ransomware virus from the Police).

We will promote good practices in the network towards minors, educating them and informing them of the dangers that can be found in the network, urging them to have their family in case of the slightest problem.

Remember that the internet is not just the PC: we must take the same precautions from tablets and smartphones.

Source: Ministerio del Interior

The hidden face of the Oscars: that's how profitable they are

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

The most famous prizes of the cinema have multiple benefits, both for the winners -who have increased their cache- and for local businesses, limousine services, jewelry rental companies , etc.

Stars nominated for best actor earn 20% more in their next role

Next Sunday, February 24 will take place one of the most anticipated cinema galas: the Oscars.

Some prizes that enjoy international prestige and that many galordonados take advantage of to talk about social and political problems.

The gala, in addition and for the first time since 30 years ago, will not have a presenter;

a decision that has not been without controversy.

But aside from this and what it means to win a statuette, the Oscars have a hidden face.

And, according to the data handled by the comparator "", they are tremendously profitable for all parties;

from the actors themselves, to the businesses in the area.

Thus and although the stars do not receive money – yes, the statuette costs about 657 euros – to be nominated for best actor or actress is to earn 20% more in the next role, and the box office turnover can increase up to 150% after of the ceremony.

In any case, the investment made by the producers must be taken into account, which only in the DVDs that they send to the academics, can reach up to 250 thousand euros.

To this disbursement we must add that of the diffusion campaign, advertising, and others.

Another economic benefit has to do with the ads.

Emit one of 30 seconds during the gala round 2 million euros.

Regarding the local economy, the data reveal an impact that does not fall below 60 million euros -producers, actors, guests, and others spend money in restaurants, hotels, and so on.

Only in limousines the estimated cost is 1.5 million euros.

Up to 16 million euros per jewel

But the actors will not be the only ones who will shine during the Oscars, but so will the jewels.

Diamonds, rubies, earrings, rings, chokers and all kinds of accessories will sparkle and be part of the celebrities' wardrobe.

The most surprising thing is its price: some of those that have shown up to now have even exceeded 20 million euros.

Among the most expensive are the diamond necklace of Lucida Start that Anne Hathaway wore at the Oscars 2011 -whose value reaches 8 million euros-, the earrings of Lorrain Schwartz and the ring that Angelina Jolie wore in 2009 -all costs 3 million euros-, the set of earrings and ring that Cate Blanchett presumed in 2014 -12 million euros-, and the replica of the Hope diamond that Gloria Stuart wore in 1998 -this valued at 16 million euros-.

But what would happen if these celebrities lost one of these beauties?

It is a real danger.

Fortunately and given their value, they are insured.

In addition, when they move to the beauty salons or residences of the actors, the maximum security measures are taken.

In any, anyone can insure their jewelry.

In fact, if you have some that exceed a certain value, you will probably have to declare them separately (in home insurance).

It is the case, for example, that they exceed 3,000 euros or 10% of the insured content.

The first thing you will need is to go to a professional to have them checked and calculate the value of each piece.

The appraisal should include a specific description, the size of the gem, the metals from which it is made, and so on.

In addition, it must be specified that they are stored in a safe.

Otherwise, the policy will cost you an additional 80 euros.

When the value exceeds 6,000 euros you will have to prove your existence through photos.

If you are the victim of a theft, the insurance company will indemnify you for the estimated or declared value, which is a good reason to value them well.

And be careful if you said they were in the safe but you had not saved them in it.

Be that as it may, you should review the conditions of the policy at your fingertips.

Among the companies that offer jewelry insurance we find Pelayo -with its Home Insurance Complex-, Ocaso -with its 24 Home Insurance-, Mapfre with its Platinum Home, Mutua Madrileña with MM Hogar- and Zurich.


120 students from 13 centers of the Region participate in the ninth Agri-Food Olympiad

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

The General Director of Universities and Research, Juan Monzó, and the Rector of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT), Alejandro Díaz, today opened the ninth edition of the Regional Agri-Food and Agro-environmental Olympiad, in which a total of 120 students participated from 13 educational centers in different municipalities of the Region.

The Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena has hosted the multiple choice exams, in which students have been able to choose between three modalities (industrial technology, biology or earth and environmental sciences).

The Ministry of Employment, Universities, Business and Environment, through the Seneca Foundation, finances this Olympiad, which aims to disseminate among high school students the higher education that is taught in this center.

The winners of the different disciplines will participate in the V National Agri-Food and Agro-environmental Olympiad in June.

Also, the three students classified first will be given a credential of exemption from tuition fees for academic services, to begin studies in any of the degrees of the Higher Technical School of Agronomists of Cartagena

Source: CARM