IU-Greens calls on citizens to mobilize in defense of women's rights before the entrance of political formations with misogynistic discourses to institutions

The secretary of Organization of the formation, Victoria Rodríguez, has confirmed the attendance of IUVRM to the concentration of 15 under the slogan "Not a step back in equality"

Through its Secretary of Organization, Victoria Rodríguez, the regional leadership of IU-Greens has supported the formation of the mobilizations that will take place on January 15 under the slogan "Not a step back in equality", "Our rights are not negotiated".

From the training point out the need for permanent mobilization to defend women's rights, in this sense Victoria has stated that "in our region we suffer from a PP with reactionary policies against women but in no case can we allow the normalization of the discourse that questions women's rights that we believed consolidated. "

The mobilizations that will take place in different parts of Spain were called while the negotiations for the investiture of the new Andalusian government took place, when the far-right formation that entered with 12 seats to the Andalusian Parliament put on the table the repeal of the law on violence of genre.

According to the formation of the left, it is "unfortunate that the PP and Cs play the game to the far right that comes to attack the fundamental pillars of democracy and the rights of citizenship."

"The political formations that underestimate the strength of women when we mobilize will pay dearly" has continued Victoria Rodriguez who also recalled that Gallardón had to resign after the mobilizations of women in response to his proposal to restrict the right to abortion.

In a regional context of growing inequality, with rates of poverty and exclusion of the highest in the country, "it is urgent to prioritize the rights of citizens and shield services that break these growing inequalities," Rodriguez concluded.

Source: IURM


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