Intersindical Región Murciana sees it necessary to take back the streets

"If the government hesitates in the restitution of rights it will have us in front, but if it advances in social policies it will have the support of the street, the support of the people"

The promising and hopeful prospects that a change of state government could have made us harbor about the reversion of social rights, are not being confirmed with the capacity or real will of change of this government;

Beyond some positive gestures that involve parking cuts, not repealing them explicitly.

Hopes threatened by the possibility of extrapolation to the rest of the nation of the success achieved in Andalusia by the most reactionary neoliberalism with the support of the extreme right.

From the Intersindical Region of Murcia we see it necessary to take back the streets and strengthen with it the counter-power of civil society to demand the restitution of rights, so that the current government understands that if it hesitates in this task it will have us in front;

and so that if he assumes with courage this recovery and advance in social policies, he sees that in society he will have the necessary support.

From the Intersindical we understand that they are short, they are insufficient, the proposals of mobilizations that in this beginning of year make the majority unions;

they demand the repeal of the 2013 pension reform, forgetting the 2011 reform;

call the call for work stoppages of two hours for March 8, ignoring the call of 24 hours made by the feminist movement;

and they seem to continue assuming, de facto, the continuous setbacks in labor rights beyond the latest reforms of the PP.

With the idea of ​​giving the strength they deserve, on the one hand, the demands of the feminist movement, from La Intersindical, understanding that sociopolitical organizations can and should collaborate and co-participate to eradicate violence and sexist coercion, and to achieve real equality the woman;

but not to supplant its protagonism, at the request of our Women's Organization, one more year, we will give legal coverage to the 24-hour feminist strike called by the feminist movement on March 8.

On the other hand, the claims for the recovery of pensions, from La Intersindical understand that we must fight both for the replacement of what was cut with the first scissors given by the reform of the Zapatero government, in 2011, with the rise in the retirement age and of the grace period;

as for the restitution of the CPI in the revaluation of pensions, and the elimination of sustainability factors for the calculation of pensions, introduced by the reform, in 2013, of the Rajoy government.

For this, as we have been doing since 2011, we will summon or support the mobilizations and struggle days necessary to achieve its repeal, convinced that the struggle on the street will give results, as at the moment it has been suspended the sustainability factor, and introduced the calculation of the CPI in the revaluation.

In terms of labor reforms, we are still at a distance from the recovery of labor rights, the fight against temporary employment agencies, the precariousness of public administrations, the temporary nature of employment, the 35-hour day … The struggle for this recovery and protection of labor rights will require us to be up to the task and take the street hard.

This 2019 that begins must be the reinforcement of the strength of the street, the strength of the people, demanding the recovery of their rights and the establishment of protections to them.

Attentive to the call of the street to recover and conquer our rights!



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