Citizens expect the airport to relaunch the regional economy and criticizes "the disastrous management of the regional government during these interminable years"

Miguel Sanchez has denounced "the bleeding that has meant for the pockets of the citizens of the Region an airport that the PP said it would be free" and has praised "the magnificent work of the workers of the airport of San Javier"

Citizens have welcomed with optimism the opening of the Corvera airport "because it can help to relaunch the regional economy," although he has criticized "the disastrous management of the regional government for a few years that have been interminable, since Ramón Valcárcel announced that it would open in 2012 ".

Miguel Sanchez, regional spokesman for Citizens, said that the commissioning of the airport "is very good news because we believe it can have a positive impact on the economy and the image of the region, as we have defended since our arrival to the institutions, when we demand their value. "

However, Sanchez has criticized "the nonsense of the Popular Party that has turned an airport, Valcárcel announced that it would be free, in a drain for the pockets of the inhabitants of the Region of Murcia.

It is one of the many examples of the politics of waste and pitch that has characterized the Popular Party Government, and has led to regional debt to skyrocket to close to 10,000 million euros.

On the other hand, the Orange spokesman has also criticized the regional government's sloppiness "because many of the owners of the land expropriated for the construction of the airport still do not receive the compensation that was fixed in 2013, which is another example of the incompetence and the apathy of the Popular Party, which have not been concerned with solving the serious problem of these people, many of whom depended on their lands to earn their livelihood. "

Sanchez has praised the work of the workers of the airport of San Javier "that has even been awarded for being one of the most profitable in Europe.

Thanks to them, San Javier has been an agile, useful and functional airport, until it becomes a model installation for its proper functioning and a day like today is just to recognize your work ".

Also, the spokesman of Cs has demanded that the decision approved by the Regional Assembly be respected in July 2017 and that the airport be renamed the International Airport of Murcia-Juan de la Cierva Codorníu.

"We think it is regrettable that the procedures are blocked by the national government, we do not know whether because of neglect or for other reasons that would be much more serious, since we remember that the PSOE, like Podemos, opposed the name of the airport of this illustrious Murcia whom we have wanted to honor for having been the greatest genius of Spanish aeronautics ".

Source: Ciudadanos Región de Murcia


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