The Community will offer specific courses to long-term unemployed people over 45 years of age

There will be 13 courses throughout 2019 that will combine theoretical training with workshops, seminars, internships or tutorials, in order to increase the options that these people have find a job

These training projects, subsidized with 364,000 euros by the SEF, will have more than 500 participants and will be taught by entities such as Ucomur or the Construction Labor Foundation

The Community will offer in 2019 SEF courses specifically for long-term unemployed over 45 years, in order to increase the options that these people have to find a job.

It will be a more complete training than usual, with complementary actions to the theoretical contents, such as workshops, seminars, practices or tutorials.

Specifically, the Ministry of Employment, Universities, Business and Environment, through the SEF, has awarded grants worth 364,000 euros to 12 training entities to carry out this year a total of 13 specific courses for more than 500 unemployed of this group, which present special difficulties of access to the labor market.

Thus, for example, the University Technical Academy has received a grant of 40,000 euros for its '45 Plus' project aimed at the professional reinsertion of these people.

Likewise, the Construction Labor Foundation will have 53,000 euros to train these unemployed people in welding with coated electrodes, for almost 700 hours.

Other entities that have received subsidies to develop these courses with complementary actions are Amusal (19,000 euros for a training project in teleassistance call management), Meser Center (20,000 euros for a project focused on training in auxiliary services for aesthetics), or Ucomur (45,000 euros for its 'Second chance' project).

Among the courses of this type is also the one offered by Campos Serrano Biólogos, focused on services for pest control.

Specific training in this field is increasingly demanded by companies in the agricultural sector, and their labor insertion is currently very high.

The director general of the SEF, Severa González, stressed that "this group is perhaps the most obstacle to find a job, which is why it is so important to offer an individualized training adapted to their profiles. courses end with obtaining a certificate of professionalism ".

These grants, co-financed by the European Social Fund, are included within those granted by the Ministry for training projects that are aimed at very specific groups, with a total funding of 1.7 million euros.

There are four differentiated profiles: entrepreneurs under 34 years old, entrepreneurs over 34 years old, people at risk of exclusion who need social and labor insertion, and long-term unemployed people over 45 years of age.

Source: CARM


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