López Miras: "Frost damages in the Region of Murcia can exceed 6,500 hectares and two and a half million euros"

The president of the Community visits a farm in Fuente Álamo, one of the most affected municipalities with Lorca and Totana, and explains that the artichoke, lettuce and beans are the varieties with the most damage

The president of the Community, Fernando Lopez Miras, said today that "the damage from frost in the Region of Murcia during the last nights can exceed 6,500 hectares and two and a half million euros", after the first inspections on land by the technicians of the Agricultural Land Offices (OCA).

The Campo de Cartagena and the Guadalentín Valley are the areas with the largest area affected by frost, specifically the municipalities of Lorca, Totana and Fuente Álamo, where the head of the regional executive visited an agricultural farm to know in situ the scope of the damages.

López Miras confirmed that "the low temperatures have especially affected horticultural crops, such as lettuce, artichoke and beans."

"We will continue to the side of the sector, assessing damages and putting all the tools of the Administration at your disposal," said the president, who highlighted the importance of the subscription to agricultural insurance that allows farmers to cope with losses economic conditions arising as a result of adverse weather conditions on crops or other types of accidents.

In this regard, explained that "the regional government has doubled the departure of the insurance system with two million euros in 2019 to collaborate in the recruitment of more insurance policies and thus make it extend to more lines."

Faced with the low temperatures of recent days in the Region of Murcia, the regional government has established a series of preventive measures with the aim of farmers have the most information to, for example, perform the tasks of fertilization management the days before the frosts and even the subsequent ones to regenerate the damaged tissues, as well as the pruning in the woody ones, the irrigation management or the use of quilts and covers.

Source: CARM


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