Diego Conesa: "The authorization of the Government of Spain as a Schengen area, the last procedure needed by the Corvera airport to operate"

The Official State Gazette publishes today the authorization of the Council of Ministers in which the airport is authorized as border post

The Government delegate assures that the Government of Spain has worked tirelessly and loyally so that on Tuesday it can begin to operate the Murcia Region airport

The government delegate, Diego Conesa, has announced the publication today in the BOE of the authorization of the Council of Ministers as Schengenal border international airport Region of Murcia

Diego Conesa explained that this is the last procedure that the airport needed to operate from next Tuesday, the day on which it will be officially inaugurated by His Majesty the King, Felipe VI.

Diego Conesa has also highlighted the commitment of the Government of Spain that has been involved to accelerate the necessary procedures, as well as the investment and adaptation of safety regulations to the aerodrome, since it was completed, but has needed 7 million euros. put AENA to start the operation.

"Another demonstration of the commitment of the Government of Spain to the challenges and infrastructures of the Region of Murcia".

In this way, the BOE states that "the International Airport of the Region of Murcia is authorized as a border post, declaring it the Schengen external border, which will have for all purposes the consideration of border crossing to authorize access or the departure from the Schengen territory from or to non-signatory States of the Agreement of Application of the Shengen Agreement ".

"We have shown loyalty and efficiency at all times so that there is no problem, this is the last step we needed and from today it is a fact," concluded Diego Conesa.

Source: Delegaci├│n del Gobierno en Murcia


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