Grupo Padel Nuestro beats record sales during Black Friday with 30% more sales

The campaign that has just ended of Black Friday 2018 has been the most successful in the history of the Padel Nuestro Group.

The company specializing in the paddle sector has closed its Black week with a 30% increase in sales.

A growth experienced between Friday 16 that started its black week and Sunday November 25.

Nine days in which Grupo Padel Nuestro has managed thousands of orders, selling, above all, paddle shoes and paddle shoes, the two products most demanded by their customers.

And is that the discounts applied during this period were in some cases up to 35% in collection products, while in the liquidation stock the sales were more aggressive, in some cases reaching discounts of up to 80% , especially in textile and sportswear.

Leader in paddle sales

Thus, Padel Nuestro has positioned itself as the group with the highest sales index in the niche of the paddle market during a month of November, within its historical series.

A fact that has been possible, according to its general director, Pedro Martínez, "thanks to the involvement and internal coordination that has existed between all the departments that make up the company." Having a solid, well-oiled project, and with a logistics area well organized is key to be able to take orders at the frenetic pace that has been worked during these nine days of heart attack. "

It should be remembered that Grupo Padel Nuestro was chosen by the Financial Times, in collaboration with Stadista, as one of the thousand companies that has experienced the most growth in Europe in a given period.

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