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The Community distinguishes the best interior designers of the Region of Murcia

Friday, November 30th, 2018

The counselor Patricio Valverde chairs the ceremony of delivery of the second edition of the Interior Design Awards of the Region of Murcia, pioneers in the national field

Silverio Pujalte is awarded the honorary prize for professional career

The Community distinguished today the best interior designers of the Region of Murcia during the award ceremony of the II Awards dedicated to this discipline.

These are pioneering awards at the national level with which the Regional Executive, in collaboration with the Official Association of Interior Designers and Decorators of the Region of Murcia publicly recognizes the professional excellence of interior designers and the quality of their projects .

Interior designers José Antonio Cueto and Ana Ibáñez received two prizes each.

The first one in the categories of 'Single family homes' and 'Leisure premises' and the second one, for two projects of 'Ephemeral design' and 'Works carried out outside the Region'.

The award for the best work in the category of 'Urban Housing' went to the designers Alberto García and Ana Cristina García, while Belén Moratalla was awarded in the category of 'Local of public access-commerce'.

María Carmen Ortuño received the 'Furniture and Lighting Design' award.

The Minister of Development and Infrastructure, Patricio Valverde, presided over the awards ceremony, in which he highlighted that "the Community is the only autonomous institution that supports the dissemination of interior design quality through awards".

"We have the sole objective of putting your art to value, because this is how we consider the interior design of the regional government, because when it comes into play in any room, it manages to turn its comfort and appeal", said the counselor. of "excellent" the 47 papers presented by experts in the use of color and lines, shapes and volumes, materials and textures presented at the awards.

The awards aim to disseminate the interior design actions of all types of spaces and buildings, to help promote the quality of its design, functionality and aesthetics.

Recognition to the professional trajectory

The Murcian designer Silverio Pujalte was awarded the honorary prize for his professional career.

Among his works, his participation in the teams that carried out the restoration of the Almudí Palace of Murcia, the Youth Hostel of Calarreona or the expansion of Arta España in Murcia and Seville stands out.

Since 1992, he began his solo career in which he works with a large number of companies in Murcia and the rest of Spain, and also takes the international leap through different jobs in Italy and Croatia.

In the second edition of the regional awards were also recognized the works of Ana Cristina García, Rubén Alcaraz, Novo Interiorismo, Marina Valenti, Víctor Coll, Manuel García and the event 'In Top Lorca: I Exhibition of Interior Design and Decoration of the Region of Murcia'.

The counselor thanked the work carried out by the jury "of proven solvency" of which representatives of the Federation of Construction Entrepreneurs, Official Associations of Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Industrial Engineers, the Federation of Municipalities of the Region of Murcia, the Center Technological of Construction, the directors of the schools of design of Murcia, besides members of the Official School and of the Counseling.

Source: CARM

IU-Greens bet unequivocally for the real confluence and reminds Podemos that reaching an agreement depends on their will and responsibility

Friday, November 30th, 2018

The Secretary of Organization of the formation of the left, Victoria Rodríguez recalls that IU-Verdes is the third municipalist force of the Region and that in the next elections will return to the Regional Assembly

Victoria Rodriguez, said that the confluence is a historical commitment of the United Left and that the commitment to promote it in as many municipalities as possible and in the Autonomous Community remains firm.

In this sense, "our training has advanced in confluences in different municipalities of the Region and will continue to do so with the actors that bet on the construction of broad and unitary spaces".

The formation of the left reminds the General Secretary of Podemos, Oscar Urralburu, that generosity must be reciprocal and based on respect, in addition it appeals to the responsibility of the purple formation to reach an agreement that represents the parties and is capable of mobilize vote, Victoria Rodríguez has made these statements after hearing the statements of the Secretary General of Podemos, Óscar Urralburu in press.

"We hope to reach an agreement, I hope Urralburu knows how to live up to this moment" continues Rodríguez, recalling that, since their formation, they have been asking for many months to promote a confluence process from the base, with wide-ranging alliances and promoting a process of elaboration. programmatic and that the response of Podemos at all times has been negative by reducing the negotiations to electoral issues, "that is not the model of confluence that we defend from IU-Green" has pointed out the Organization Secretary and has concluded that Andalusia is giving example that another type of unit is possible, necessary and capable of exciting and mobilizing, that is why he has urged to build a confluence for the Region of Murcia as Adelante Andalucía.

Finally, it offers to We can resort to the open primaries, as a democratic mechanism for the election of the people who make up the list, to unlock what is related to the preparation of lists.

Source: IURM

López Miras opens a traditional nativity scene in the Palacio de San Esteban made by the Lorca Nativity Scene Association

Friday, November 30th, 2018

The nativity scene, which will remain open to the public until January 5, stands out for the grandiosity of the monuments, the landscape recreations and their well-cared for perspectives

The president of the Community, Fernando López Miras, opened today in the courtyard of the San Esteban Palace the traditional crib made by the Lorca Belenista Association, which is now celebrating its twentieth anniversary, and which will remain open to the public until January 5.

A nativity scene that, as the president remarked, "is the fruit of many days of work, years of experience and a careful treatment of this magnificent tradition of the historical heritage of the Region of Murcia that now houses the San Esteban Palace".

The nativity scene, which follows the narrative thread of the traditional scenes, stands out for the grandeur of the monuments of Palestine in the time of Jesus that serves to combine those passages with others of popular customs and traditions, with very careful perspectives and landscape recreations that will surprise To visitors.

Since its creation, in 1998, the Belenista Association of Lorca has gone far beyond the assembly of spectacular monumental nativity scenes, contributing in an outstanding way to the promotion, conservation and promotion of belenismo, and collaborating with other collectives where it has been required.

The opening ceremony was enlivened with carols and traditional songs performed by the Auroros de Lorca group.

The nativity scene installed in San Esteban will be open to the public until January 5, from Monday to Friday (from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm) and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays (from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.).

Source: CARM

ANPE FSES Murcia celebrates the tribute to the comrades who have retired this year

Friday, November 30th, 2018

And to those who have passed the last oppositions

Today, November 30, 2018, the partners of ANPE MURCIA have joined us in the Higher School of Dance, to honor the teachers who have retired this past school year, as well as those young people who have passed the last high school exams in our region.

The teachers who leave us behind many years worked, many villages, many houses, many anecdotes and above all, many students, grateful to their efforts, which have been the meaning of their professional life.

Many of these students are already, as teachers, in this great family of teachers from Murcia, which is ANPE.

And we say that it is a family because ANPE meets all those teachers who consider their classmates almost like their family and their students, almost like their children.

These comrades who retire are sure to remember their best teaching days.

Soon forget the troubles, the problems of coexistence, discussions with parents, inspection visits, … And always, in ANPE, will have your union, because we keep fighting, although we are in times of crisis, for maintenance of the improvements we have achieved these years ago and for the improvements we can achieve and above all for a series of activities that we program, with your participation: trips, excursions, various leisure activities, …

Apart from the president of ANPE Clemente Hernández and Vice President Francisco Espinosa, Agueda, on behalf of the retired professors and a young comrade who has just approved his opposition to Secondary in representation of the new approved ones, have also taken the floor.

In this act has also been awarded the First Prize "ANPE COMUNICACIÓN 2018" that has fallen on La Opinión, specifically, in "The Small IPO".

The responsible and coordinator Paqui Hernández Ardieta has collected the prize.

The party has been very pleasant, with an attendance of some 500 people who have filled the auditorium of the Higher School of Dance.

Source: Agencias

The Ministry of Health will almost double in 2019 the investment destined to prevent AIDS

Friday, November 30th, 2018

Health celebrates the round table 'HIV / AIDS: There is no reason to relax' on the occasion of the commemoration tomorrow of World AIDS Day

The Ministry of Health announced today that it will almost double the investment destined in 2019 for the prevention of AIDS.

On the occasion of the celebration of World AIDS Day, which is being celebrated tomorrow, today the round table was held 'HIV / AIDS: There is no reason to relax' and the screening of the film '120 beats per minute'.

Throughout 2018, 122,420 euros have been invested in HIV prevention actions, which are mainly concentrated in the acquisition of condoms and lubricants, information and awareness campaigns through town halls, universities and youth collectives;

as well as sexual education campaigns aimed at Secondary students.

Of this figure, 16,643 euros are allocated to the acquisition of 1,375 test kits for the diagnosis of this disease and hepatitis C.

The Minister of Health, Manuel Villegas, said that "it is important to stress to the population the importance of using condoms in their sexual relations when they may pose a risk, so we have distributed 320,000 prophylactics this year."

In this sense, "we must not forget that the price of a condom is only a few cents, when contracting AIDS condemns you for life to a treatment that has a cost of 6,000 euros each year," he added.

In this same line, the head of Health warned that "there is excessive relaxation regarding this disease, motivated, in principle, because it has become chronic and there are treatments that have improved exponentially their survival, but that does not justify, at all, that by not using a condom, AIDS is contracted. "


In 2017, 80,410 HIV tests were performed at the Murcia Health Service (SMS) centers and 114 new HIV diagnoses were recorded, representing 3.2 percent of the total cases registered in Spain.

The SMS counted 2,683 patients on antiretroviral treatment in 2017, which entailed a cost of 15.2 million euros.

During the 2009-2017 period, the average annual incidence of HIV infection was 71.8 cases per million inhabitants in the Region of Murcia, of which 81 percent of the new diagnoses of HIV infection are male and female. The average age at which they were diagnosed was 36 years in men and women.

In the Region of Murcia, 88.7 percent of new diagnoses were attributable to sexual transmission in those years, 4.6 percent to people who inject drugs, 0.6 percent to mother-to-child transmission, and 6 percent remaining was not possible to collect information from clinical data.

"In light of these data on HIV incidence, we consider it necessary to reinforce this line of action, hence we allocate twice the resources for next year," said Villegas.

From the beginning of the epidemic until 2017, 1,975 cumulative cases of AIDS have been registered in the Region of Murcia, 2.3 percent of the 87,369 cases registered in Spain.


Among the objectives that the Ministry of Health has set this year is the early diagnosis of HIV, to materialize it a course is being taught to the 85 heads of health centers in the Region, with the aim of detecting the disease in early stages and reduce mortality.

In addition, 71,000 informative diptychs have been distributed with condoms, with the collaboration of local councils, and a training course aimed at adolescents on the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases is being developed.

Source: CARM

To defend the interim teachers, the "union unity" is essential

Friday, November 30th, 2018

CSIF participated yesterday in the debate proposed by the association of temporary teachers AIDMUR on 'The Future of the interim official in our Region'

CSIF participated yesterday in the debate proposed by the association of temporary teachers AIDMUR on 'The future of the interim official in our region', where he called for less union confrontation and more "unity of action between unions", to ensure the fixity of the interim teaching staff of the Region and while this does not happen, "ensure" the permanence in the waiting lists of this group

The interim association AIDMUR commented in the course of the debate that it seemed incomprehensible to the ANPE and CCOO trade unions to present and know their position, despite being invited, on such a relevant and sensitive issue.

Especially when next Tuesday, December 4, trade union elections are held for teachers and workers want to know the position of each union to decide their vote.

CSIF was the first organization to open the debate, asking the rest of the unions present (STERM-Intersindical, UGT, SIDI and SIDEMUR) the need for a "unitary proposal" of the trade unions in this matter to be brought before the Administration, political parties and media.

From CSIF we see that the workers demand from the unions the obligation to find "solutions" to their problems, and they want us to find common points among the union organizations that allow the interns of our Region to become permanent, and while the be, continue to work on Teaching waiting lists.

CSIF also placed special emphasis on vacancies in private charter schools being offered on a "voluntary" basis, firstly to interns of public education in order of their waiting lists, given that the salaries of teachers of the concerted education- private are paid with public funds.

In addition to that the interns of the public have passed one or several selective processes of competitive character and of free concurrence to be in the public lists.

If this is not the case for the interim of the agreement, paid with money from all citizens, in CSIF we ask that in order to fill the vacancies of the private arranged centers, the principles of "equality, merit and ability" should be followed in the face of affinity criteria, friendship or "purchase" of places.

The debate continued with the interventions of the rest of the unions that "unfortunately" spent more time criticizing the actions of the other organizations, instead of looking for the points that unite us.

CSIF focused its interventions on defending the need for selective processes, not of a memorial nature as up to now, betting on a contest or a working memory, and a contest phase where the teaching experience is valued as has already been done to consolidate the interns of the Murcian Health Service.

The main interest of the interim teacher is to be fixed to be able to dedicate body and soul to his vocation, which is teaching.

It is not acceptable, that the politicians of the government of turn take out the memorial oppositions in the periods of their electoral campaigns, to then leave the rest of years without hardly oppositions.

Why do the teaching interns have to continually re-examine something that they have already approved? Why do workers who are demonstrating, day by day, their teaching capacity for years have to go back to competing?

CSIF made clear that "we support" those measures of the Association that call us to serve so that current interim stabilize their teaching positions, as our electoral program is always open to proposals for improvement.

Once again, CSIF is committed to a PUBLIC QUALITY EDUCATION "with everyone and for everyone", because we are all teachers and we are proud to be.

Source: CSIF-Educación

"God has given me the gift of communication and I felt that he was calling me to make his Word known"

Friday, November 30th, 2018

Héctor Madrona López, deacon

This Sunday, December 2, at 6:00 p.m., in the parish of Our Lady of the Assumption of Sewer, will be ordained a priest.

He was one of the great voices in the communication of the Region of Murcia and a few years ago he changed the microphone of the radio for the cross of Christ.

A late vocation was that of Héctor Madrona López Sánchez, who at 58 years of age will be ordained a priest on Sunday, December 2, in the parish where he has held his diaconate, in Nuestra Señora de la Asunción de Alcantarilla.

"The Lord has done a great miracle with me and above all has managed to transform my heart, despite my resistance," says the deacon, who looks back is aware that God "knocked" at his door in infinity of but the noise of the world made him entertain himself in other things;

recognizes that there are many people behind his vocation that God has used to reach him;

and he is fully aware that obeying God does not lose his freedom but that he wins it all and "a world of precious possibilities opens up".

He is saddened by the hatred of the Church through which he explains that he has discovered Jesus.

"There is a lot of ecclesiofobia and clerophobia and feeding that anger and suspicion is very harmful.

The Church gives values ​​and transcendence, it is necessary because it is the vehicle that God needs to take us to him.

That's why it's more necessary than ever. "

He assures that he was a very optimistic person and wanted to see everything as a gift for his own effort and merit, "but he was not happy".

And so began the need to fill an inner void and began to explore in a religiosity "of the supermarket".

Hector has tried to find God in many places.

A search that almost a decade ago took him to India.

"I was looking for teachers and I found the Teacher, the only true God".

There he would suffer a change in his life or as he has described: "a true metamorphosis", and that is when he abandons himself to God.

On his return he leaves his job in communication, "without compunction and without grief", and his life gives "a radical turn".

He affirms that he felt that little by little his resistances to God were diminishing while he let himself be loved by Jesus, something that according to him was complicated.

Back in Spain he made several pilgrimages on foot, the last one took him to the Sanctuary of Fuensanta.

It was there at night and the Benedictines told him that the brothers of the Light could give him lodging.

A night that remembers with special affection and emotion.

And there he stayed six years and two months under the spiritual direction of Father Francisco, whose first preaching leads to fire burned in his heart, "it seemed that everything told me."

As a brother of the Light he began his studies at the San Fulgencio Theological Institute and at the same time felt the call to the priesthood.

"God has given me the gift of communication and I felt that he was calling me to make his Word known to the people."

With the studies almost completed, he leaves the community to enter San Fulgencio Seminary and starts "a new adventure" in a youthful environment in which he has not felt strange, but welcomed and loved.

The motto of his ordination will be "Rejoice with me because I have found the sheep that had been lost to me", from the Gospel of Luke, because he considers himself to be that "borreguico that the Lord has in his arms and who welcomes with much mercy.

Not only was he lost because he was misplaced in life, to seek happiness where he should not, but because he did not know Jesus Christ. "

The priestly ordination of Hector will be this Sunday, December 2, at 6:00 p.m., in the Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption of Sewer, and his first Mass on Monday, at 8:30 p.m., in the Parish of San Miguel Arcángel of Murcia.

Source: Obispado de Cartagena

Grupo Padel Nuestro beats record sales during Black Friday with 30% more sales

Friday, November 30th, 2018

The campaign that has just ended of Black Friday 2018 has been the most successful in the history of the Padel Nuestro Group.

The company specializing in the paddle sector has closed its Black week with a 30% increase in sales.

A growth experienced between Friday 16 that started its black week and Sunday November 25.

Nine days in which Grupo Padel Nuestro has managed thousands of orders, selling, above all, paddle shoes and paddle shoes, the two products most demanded by their customers.

And is that the discounts applied during this period were in some cases up to 35% in collection products, while in the liquidation stock the sales were more aggressive, in some cases reaching discounts of up to 80% , especially in textile and sportswear.

Leader in paddle sales

Thus, Padel Nuestro has positioned itself as the group with the highest sales index in the niche of the paddle market during a month of November, within its historical series.

A fact that has been possible, according to its general director, Pedro Martínez, "thanks to the involvement and internal coordination that has existed between all the departments that make up the company." Having a solid, well-oiled project, and with a logistics area well organized is key to be able to take orders at the frenetic pace that has been worked during these nine days of heart attack. "

It should be remembered that Grupo Padel Nuestro was chosen by the Financial Times, in collaboration with Stadista, as one of the thousand companies that has experienced the most growth in Europe in a given period.

Source: Agencias

Martínez-Cachá signs with the employers of the concerted education the remuneration homologation agreement to the teachers of these teachings

Friday, November 30th, 2018

The Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Adela Martinez-Cachá signed today the agreement with the employers of education agreed the remuneration homologation agreement to teachers of these teachings so that, if there is a variation of the salaries of the faculty of the public education, the salaries of both groups are equated.

In addition, during the session we also proceeded to sign the agreement of continuity of the extraordinary payment of seniority to the teachers of the concerted education.

The teachers of the concerted do not charge six-year terms unlike the teachers of the public.

This extraordinary gratification comes to compensate in some way the collection of sexenios, which the teachers of the concerted do not have.

This supplement is made after 25 years of teaching and the calculation is one month for every 5 years of teaching, with a maximum of 5 quinquennials.

If a teacher turns 15 years old and can not turn 25 years old, he also has a bonus for seniority. This payment has already been received and does not imply any additional expense for the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports since the financial obligations referred to they are derived from the execution of current educational concerts.

The signing of the agreements was attended by representatives of the Provincial Association of Education and Management of Murcia, the Union of Teaching Cooperatives of the Region of Murcia (UCOERM), the Association of Private Teaching Centers of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia (CECE-Murcia), the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Education of the Region of Murcia, FSIE-Region of Murcia, the Federation of Employees and Employees of Public Services of the General Union of Workers of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia ( FeSP- UGT) and the Federation of Teaching of Workers' Commissions of the Region of Murcia (CC.OO).

Source: CARM

Extra-hotel overnight stays in the Region increased by 4.4% in October

Friday, November 30th, 2018

Highlights the behavior of tourist apartments, which registered a 9.7% increase in travelers and an increase of 9.3% in overnight stays

The non-hotel tourist accommodation in the Region (apartments, campsites, rural tourism accommodation and shelters) reached 180,180 overnight stays during the month of October, 4.4 percent more than during the same month of 2017 according to the National Institute of Statistics ( INE).

This increase in overnight stays, which has led to the best historical record for one month in October, contrasts with the decline in the whole of Spain, where they decreased by 2.4 percent.

Overnight stays of domestic tourists in the Region were 58,096, with an increase of 12.6 percent.

Those of foreign visitors increased by 0.9 percent to 122,084 overnight stays.

According to the general director of the Institute of Tourism, Manuel Fernández-Delgado, "the tourism modality with a more prominent behavior during this month were the regional tourist apartments, which accommodated 8,995 travelers, 9.7 percent more than in the same month of 2017 ".

These travelers generated 58,921 overnight stays, 9.3 percent more than the same month of the previous year, while in October in Spain the number of travelers in tourist apartments decreased by 4.5 percent and overnight stays by 6.1 percent. .

Also, the average stay in the apartments of the Region of Murcia was 6.55 days, the third highest in the country, behind the Canary Islands (7.83 days) and the Balearic Islands (7.41 days).

The average national stay was 5.90 days.

During the first ten months of 2018, regional non-hotel establishments registered 278,886 travelers with 1,896,846 overnight stays, 2 percent more than in the January-October 2017 period, while in Spain there was a decrease of 2.8 percent.

In this period, the overnight stays of domestic tourists in the Region were 987,251, with an increase of 2.5 percent and those of foreigners increased by 1.4 percent, reaching 909,597 overnight stays.

Source: CARM