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López Miras: "The governments that do not want to transfer or a national agreement to solve the water problem, will face me"

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

The regional chief executive inaugurates the facilities of the irrigation community of Cañadas de San Pedro

The president of the Community, Fernando Lopez Miras, said today that "the governments that do not want to transfer nor a national agreement to solve the water problem, will have me in front" and remarked that he is going to "reclaim what is fair, it is the water that the Region of Murcia does not have ".

"We had made a lot of progress towards a national water agreement in which water was contemplated for all Spaniards," said the head of the regional executive.

"I am disturbed and I regret the statements of the President of the Government saying that the transfers such as the Tajo-Segura and the new Minister of Ecological Transition will end, saying that the transfers will not be the axis in water policies. "added López Miras.

In this regard, he indicated that "as always, I will be fighting to make the national water agreement a reality and that there will be transfers."

The regional president made these statements during the inauguration of the facilities of the irrigation community of Cañadas de San Pedro, in Murcia, "a symptom of the consolidation, modernization and dynamism of agriculture in the Region of Murcia," stressed Fernando López Miras, who added that "this means that the irrigators want to continue working and doing things well for the Region."

During the ceremony, the regional chief executive said he was "waiting to know who will be the new president of the Segura Hydrographic Confederation to advance important issues that we need help from the State administration."

In this sense, he referred to the irrigation community of Cañadas de San Pedro, where "they are underfunded as far as water resources are concerned".

Thus, announced that the Autonomous Community will raise recover 20 percent of the flow of the drought well that supplies these irrigators and, in turn, will request an increase in the endowment that this well receives from the Vega Media-Murcia aquifer .

He also said that the regional government will also raise "that irrigators of Cañadas de San Pedro can receive water from another community of irrigators through the transfer of rights."

López Miras stressed that the Cañadas de San Pedro Water Treatment Plant is going to start running next year and when it is finished it will allow the treated water to be reused for irrigation in this area of ​​the Region.

Source: CARM

Half a thousand people have attended the "ronqueo" of 200 kilos of bluefin tuna at the Mi Mar Menor Salting Days

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

The president of the Region of Murcia has toured the stands of the Gastronomic Days in San Javier with the Minister of Finance, Fernando de la Cierva, and the Minister of Water and Fisheries Miguel Ángel del Amor

Around half a thousand people today attended the '' trophy '' of 200 kilos of bluefin tuna at the Mi Mar Menor Salting Days that have been visited in San Javier by the president of the Region of Murcia, Fernando López Miras.

He has also been accompanied by the Minister of Finance, Fernando de la Cierva and the Water and Fisheries Minister, Miguel Ángel del Amor.

Chefs in action

Today begins the turn of QUIQUE CERRO, Chef de Arcos;

ALBERTO DEL CERRO, Chef of El Pollo Rockero;

or ENCARNA LÓPEZ, cook and trainer

Among the main activities of the three days, talks and presentations on fish salting stand out.

This millenary tradition of preservation and elaboration penetrates the deepest cultural roots of the Region of Murcia.

Today it is a flourishing industrial sector that provides wealth and quality employment.

In the Autonomous Community there are, among other family farms, large companies such as Ricardo Fuentes e Hijos, Salazones Diego, Albaladejo Hermanos, and others with a long tradition.

Two activities of great playful interest are being the tastings for the audience of roe with wine and beer.

Among the acts of celebration, there will also be a "great sardine moraga", in the Plaza de España, next to the Town Hall.

Source: Agencias

Nuria Fuentes: "Diego Conesa paralyzes the arrival of the AVE" The spokesperson of the PPRM, asks "if the Government Delegate confuses or lies to those who meet with him because he has a different message for each group"

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

The spokesperson of the PPRM, Nuria Fuentes, said this morning that "Diego Conesa paralyzes the arrival of the AVE".

He also asked if the Government Delegate confuses or lies with those who meet with him because he has a different message for each group. "

"Murcia needs an infrastructure of the XXI century, and that the Region continues to grow and generate employment and the incapacity of Mr.Conesa can not prevent it," said the PPRM spokesperson.

to criticize the position of "constant lack of definition" maintained by the Delegate of the Government in the Region, Diego Conesa, and the Secretary of State for Infrastructures, Pedro Saura, who "are being unable to make the big decisions that the Region needs, paralyzing themselves when it's about deciding about the immediate future of the million and a half of Murcia. "

"If Diego Consea meets with the neighbors, he tells them that the High Speed ​​will arrive underground and that therefore it will not do it on the surface, and assures them that the catenary will not be installed to electrify the road."

In this regard and as published today by the press, the Government Delegation indicates that "it did not transfer this message to the neighbors".

On the other hand, if the meeting keeps him with the mayors of the southern area, who are affected by the works, he tells them that "the catenary will reach the Tiñosa bridge and then we will see how the AVE arrives and in no moment assures them that it will be buried ", which in the opinion of the popular spokesperson is" irresponsibility on the part of the PSOE ".

"That is planning?", Nuria Fuentes asked himself, "that is unclear Mr. Conesa," he said.

"There is a work contracted, deadlines to meet," recalled the regional PP spokesman who has insisted that the High Speed ​​was scheduled to reach the region this year, and this is progress, "he added.

It has also influenced the improvement of commuter trains and for this "the way has to come electrified as in the rest of Spain" and the PSOE has qualified "can not stop the vanguard and modernity, because it hurts the Region" .

The spokesperson of the PPRM has highlighted the work done by the governments of the PP to bury the train tracks, is what they ask neighbors of the southern area of ​​Murcia and for the AVE to arrive which is what the whole region demands ".

He also indicated that "message can be transferred to those who want to set up a business to take advantage of this important improvement in communications, or those who plan to organize a conference in Murcia for next year, if they still do not know if the Region will have of AVE already ";

"the lack of definition of the PSOE is a loss of opportunities for the Region", has ended.

Source: PP Región de Murcia

The Bibliobús de Cultura starts its summer campaign and will park in eight municipalities during the months of July and August

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

Thousands of residents and holidaymakers from coastal and inland areas will be able to access 75,000 volumes of the Regional Library thanks to this service placed in 20 years ago

The Ministry of Tourism and Culture will make available to Murcia and tourists during the months of July and August about 75,000 volumes of the Regional Library of Murcia through its Bibliobús service and its XXI campaign 'A book summer' , which will be developed in eight municipalities of the Region.

The Bibliobús will start on Monday and will travel, throughout the different days of the week, to a total of 12 towns in the municipalities of Águilas, Cartagena, Los Alcázares, San Javier and San Pedro del Pinatar, on the coast, as well as of Alhama de Murcia, Moratalla and Murcia, inland.

In these specially adapted vehicles, users can find numerous titles among which narrative, children, youth and adult, as well as comics and audiovisual material such as films, documentaries and series.

Counselor Miriam Guardiola recalled that "the Region of Murcia was a pioneer in the activities of promoting reading with the campaign 'A book summer', with which the Regional Library has been traveling the beaches for 20 years and some small municipalities of interior, giving the opportunity to all citizens to access books and culture and bringing books closer to the youngest children, two of the main objectives of the Regional Plan for the Promotion of Reading ".

In the Region of Murcia, according to the Minister of Culture, "all municipalities have one or more libraries, but still want to offer citizens a wider and more comprehensive service, which is why the Bibliobús service was created in 1983 and Today there are five buses that travel throughout the year throughout the region, serving more than 150,000 people from almost 200 locations. "

Routes in eight municipalities

Each day of the week, the Bibliobús de Cultura will pass through several locations in eight municipalities.

Loans can be made between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm and the exact places to stop can be found on the website

On Mondays, it will park in Calabardina (Águilas) and on Tuesdays it will pass through the beaches of Los Narejos (Los Alcázares) and Santiago de la Ribera (San Javier).

During all the Wednesdays of July and August, the users will be able to pick up books, discs or movies in Los Nietos (Cartagena), although the Bibliobús will also pass this day through the interior towns of Benizar, in Moratalla (July 11 and August 22). ), and Corvera, in Murcia (July 4 and 18 and August 8 and 29).

On Thursdays it will be the turn of Lo Pagán (San Pedro del Pinatar), where he will be every week, and the beach will be joined by the Murcian towns of Alquerías (July 5 and 19 and August 2 and 23) and Zeneta (12 and 26). July and August 9 and 30).

Finally, Fridays correspond to Los Urrutias (Cartagena) and, inland, to El Berro, in Alhama de Murcia (July 13 and August 24), and El Sabinar, in Moratalla (July 6 and 20 and 3 and August 17).

In order to access the Bibliobús material it is only necessary to possess the card of any library of the Regional Network or to present the DNI or any document of accreditation.

The return must be done in the Bibliobús itself or in the Regional Library (in person or by mail), from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., on Saturdays.

From July 15 to August 15, it will open from 8:30 to 2:00 p.m.

Source: CARM

A total of 103,000 elderly people are already members of the social centers of the IMAS

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

The counselor attended the coexistence held in Roldan and recalled the advantages of active aging promoted by the regional government

A total of 103,000 elderly people are already members of the 17 social centers that the Murciano Institute of Social Action (IMAS) has throughout the Region.

The social centers of the IMAS constitute a meeting point for those who still enjoy a good level of autonomy.

The conquest of science and the progress of medicine have decisively contributed in recent years to prolonging the average length of life for the elderly.

Active aging, promoted by the regional government, is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Occasionally from the health centers, older people are oriented to participate in the life of these centers as a way to maintain or improve their physical and emotional health.

Living more years in good health presupposes a better quality of life, being more independent and still being more active both physically and socially.

The counselor of Family and Equality of Opportunities, Violante Tomás, attended this week to the coexistence that celebrated the social center of older people of Roldan, in Torre Pacheco, which has 1,095 associates, where he recalled that "the elderly cover a considerable part of the population and are people who, although they are no longer part of the labor market, still have great resources and the ability to participate in the common good of today's society. "

"The personal and social development of a person does not end in the last years of adult life, this stage can enhance many experiences and skills, crystallized in knowledge and practice," he added.

The different senior centers of the Region offer about 250 workshops, with a diversity of activities (gerontogimnasia, memory, yoga, tai chi, storytelling, hiking, crafts, etc.).

A training program is currently being developed with the Vodafone Foundation to manage the smartphone for the elderly.

Intergenerational dialogue is also fundamental and, for this reason, IMAS collaborates with a project of the University of Murcia for active aging and intergenerational solidarity, which received the Social Innovation Research Award.

Day center service

The social center for older people in Roldan also has a day center for the care of dependents.

The IMAS finances with 382.360 euros the transport and the attention a total of 20 people in this center.

The day centers provide specialized health care, with a preventive and rehabilitative purpose, to the elderly with some degree of physical or cognitive impairment, sensory disability and mobility.

The users have an individualized follow-up and programmed activities according to their needs.

Once incorporated into the day center, a Personalized Attention Plan is drawn up by the multidisciplinary team with health and social teams and with the person served and their family or caregivers.

The main mission is to provide older people with technical and specialized support during the day so they can develop activities of daily life with greater autonomy, in an environment close to their residence.

The Autonomous Community currently subsidizes a total of 4,135 places for elderly people in different centers of the Region.

1,093 of these places are day centers.

Source: CARM

The Arrixaca brings awareness to patients in the control of their cardiovascular disease

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

The Virgen de la Arrixaca Hospital has participated this week in the celebration of the 'Lipid day', organized by the Spanish Society of Cardiology and the Spanish Heart Foundation within the Expert Patient project of the Mimocardio Program, to which the hospital is attached.

This activity aims to raise awareness among patients in the control of their cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in Spain, ahead of cancer and respiratory diseases.

The Patient-Expert School, integrated within the Mimocardio project, aims to provide the opportune tools and capture the interest of the cardiology professionals so that, in turn, they develop an informative program among the patients, to which they must involve an active way in the treatment of your disease.

According to a study published in Revista Española de Cardiología, 65 percent of cardiac patients are unaware of several aspects of their disease and 24 percent do not know what type of heart disease they have.

Source: CARM

The members of the Volunteer Platform of the Region contribute their proposals to the Youth Plan

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

The youth of the Volunteering Platform of the Region of Murcia and those of the member entities contributed their proposals to the Youth Plan of the Region of Murcia 2019-2023.

The General Director of Youth, Francisco Sánchez, met with the representatives of the 27 entities that develop volunteer actions in the Region.

These voluntary associations and groups are "fundamental when preparing the Youth Plan because they represent the voice of more than 15,000 volunteers and their opinion is important when including the proposals that the Government of the Region of Murcia offers and that the Youth Plan must include, "stressed the general director.

The Platform brings together entities related to volunteering of very diverse nature such as assistance, disability, culture, sports or the environment.

Source: CARM

2,000 people are examined tomorrow from the examinations of the Murcian Health Service

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

The tests to cover 75 places correspond to the categories of Administrative, Radiodiagnosis and Plumbing

A total of 1,998 opponents are called tomorrow to the selective tests to qualify for one of the 75 places corresponding to the categories of Administrative, Specialist Technician Radiodiagnostic option and Plumbing, of the public offer of employment of the Murcian Health Service (SMS).

The tests will be developed from 10:00 am at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the university campus of Espinardo.

For these examinations 21 classrooms have been enabled, whose distribution can be consulted at

The courts in charge of these exercises will have the support and collaboration of 66 people attached to the Murcia Health Service.

This is the fifth test that has been carried out since last April began the first exams of this public job offer with 1,250 jobs in 89 categories, corresponding to the years 2014, 2015 and 2016. Since then, more than 12,000 people have carried out the tests of the exercises of 12 categories, to choose one of the 430 places.

On the other hand, the expected date for the publication of the score of the Nursing exams will be from the week of July 9.

In the page of Murciasalud you can consult the answers of the questionnaires of the exam.

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The Community promotes some entrepreneurship awards to the more than 3,700 students of the Region have participated

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

The 1st 'Embarkatubers' contest has closed with the presentation of 24 videos about entrepreneurial and innovative proposals of Primary, Secondary and High School students

More than 3,700 Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate students and 200 teachers from 51 educational centers of the Region have participated in the 'Embarkatubers' contest about informative videos of entrepreneurial projects, organized by the Ministry of Employment, Universities, Business and Environment and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, within the activities developed by the 'Embarca' program for the promotion of entrepreneurship at an early age.

In total, 24 videos have been submitted to the contest, which have been designed, produced and starred by the students.

The topics addressed by the students have been robotic, with a proposal on intelligent and technological solutions such as application design and programming;

a TV channel, radio and press 'on-line' to offer news about the academic and social life of the school;

as well as a blog with QR code to know the culture of Murcia and the construction of decorative elements from recycled garbage, among other innovative initiatives.

The prizes have been awarded based on a vote made by 'Youtube', a social network where students' work is uploaded to give visibility to all the projects carried out in the classroom during the school year.

Also, 'Embarkatubers' was presented to the contestants as a 'marketplace' to sell their innovative products in an 'on-line' market, as a shopping center because they are several stores on the Internet.

The director of the Institute of Development, Joaquín Gómez, said that "one of the challenges of the new Entrepreneurship Strategy of the regional government is that all students become familiar from an early age with entrepreneurship and contests such as 'Embarkatubers' contribute to the Region there are more and more and better entrepreneurs ".

In the development of this initiative the teachers who worked with the students had guidance from the professionals of the European Center for Business and Innovation of Murcia and Cartagena, who also provided accessible technologies for the development of projects, knowledge transfer and collaboration among students.


The contest was divided into six categories and the presentation of projects that merged creation, production and marketing of goods and services was encouraged, with cash prizes and the sponsorship of JAKE SA, manufacturer of sweets, which has collaborated in this activity within its actions as corporate social responsibility.

The prize 'Embarkatubers Emprende' in the Primary category, has fallen to the project 'Wood of Entrepreneurs', on recycling of wood, presented by the CEP Virgen de la Vega;

in the Secondary category, the award went to the 'H-Play' project, of IES Antonio Hellín Costa.

For its part, the prize 'Embarkatubers STEAM' of Primary was for 'Murcia through the eyes of children with QR', CEIP Cierva Peñafiel;

while in Secondary, it corresponded to 'Robotic Solutions', from CBM Cruz de Piedra.

The organization also designated the two special prizes, consisting of the 'Best Communication Work', which was for the 'Galeucci S. Cooperativa' project, of CEIP Cipriano Galea;

as well as the 'Best rated video', awarded to 'Cooperativa Mercastaño', presented by CEIP Maestro José Castaño.

In the link you can see all the videos participating in the contest.

Source: CARM

Germany offers 90 places of Dual FP in elderly care with a salary of 1,780 euros per month

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

The SEF collaborates with the German Placement Service for the dissemination of this call, which enables the address for curriculum vouchers before July 20

Individuals between 23 and 45 years old with experience in geriatric care are eligible for this opportunity in Bavarian cities, and no prior knowledge of German is necessary.

The German International and Professional Placement Service (ZAV) has informed the Regional Employment and Training Service (SEF) of the activation of an offer of 90 Dual Vocational Training places in elderly care in different cities of Bavaria.

This opportunity includes a work contract as a part-time assistant in geriatrics from February 2019 until the end of professional training in July 2022, with a monthly salary of 1,780 euros.

Individuals aged between 23 and 45 who have at least the ESO degree, who have the nationality of a member of the European Union and who have experience or interest in the care of the elderly can choose to apply for the offer.

In addition, priority will be given to people without higher qualifications.

Those interested in this project can send their CV before July 20 specifying age, complete address, level of studies, degree, experience in care of the elderly and language level, if any, to the email address bproe @ sepe .is.

The email must have the subject 'Geriatrics Germany' as its subject, followed by the current province of residence.

It is not necessary for candidates to have previous knowledge of German, since the offer also includes a course in this language in Spain until reaching a level of A2, as well as another course in Bavaria until vocational training begins.

Also, study aids are included, with different counseling measures during the process.

It also offers a monetary prize of 1,500 euros once successfully completed vocational training and support in the search for housing.

The general director of the SEF, Alejandro Zamora, stressed that "dual vocational training is a great opportunity for the future, because it alternates teaching in the educational center and complementary learning in the company, and is synonymous with job stability, because the vast majority of participants are hired definitively by the company ".

Source: CARM