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The Center "Pilar Bernal Giménez" of Murcia hosts this Saturday, June 2, a Workshop of Biodanza for children

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

The Multidisciplinary Center of Comprehensive Care for People and Families with Fragile X Syndrome and other rare diseases "Pilar Bernal Giménez", located in Murcia, will host a Biodanza Workshop on Saturday, June 2, starting at 11:00 a.m. children.

Eulalia Merlo Cayuela will be in charge of giving this activity, organized by Puente Gotas de Luz ONG.

The assistance will be free for D'Genes partners, while it will cost 5 euros for the partners.

The benefits will go to D'Genes.

To participate you have to register by calling the telephone number 675 94 38 30.

Source: Dgenes

Urralburu: "We're leaving because the Mesa blocks the uncomfortable questions to López Miras"

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

The parliamentary spokesman and secretary general of Podemos Región de Murcia, Óscar Urralburu, pointed out that the deputies of Podemos have left the seat during questions to the president because the House "has not respected the rules of the chamber and has prevented our fundamental right as political representatives. "

Óscar Urralburu has stated that in the presence of companies involved in the Gurtel that have contracts with the regional administration, "the question we presented was more than relevant, we wanted to know if President López Miras was aware of whether the Murcian PP has been financed with the same procedures that are described in the Gurtel. "

The parliamentary spokesman recalled that the decision not to ask Podemos comes from the Bureau of the Assembly and that "it was a political decision, voted in favor of that PP veto, Ciudadanos and the president, Rosa Peñalver. have a legal report of the services of the Chamber, which we respect without any doubt, we are facing a clear political decision. "

Óscar Urralburu pointed out that the question presented by Podemos "meets all the requirements of the regulation, we ask to know why it was not admitted, although no one has yet answered us." Therefore, if this continues, we will not have another to ask for protection from the Constitutional Court ".

Source: Podemos Región de Murcia

López Pagán: "We ask López Miras not to be an accomplice to corruption and work to clean up his party." The Socialist spokesman affirmed that the Popular Party of the Region is the replica of what we are experiencing today in the Congress o

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

The spokesman of the Socialist Parliamentary Group Joaquín López Pagán has asked the president of the regional government for the repercussion of the ruling issued by the National Court in the Gürtel case in the regional policy.

López Pagán reproached López Miras that also in the Region of Murcia we have been protagonists of the instability caused by political corruption.

"The Region has not been news because of its potential, its talent, its tourism or the technology of our companies, we are known for corruption, for what they have called the Murcia route due to what happened with Pedro Antonio Sánchez "

The socialist spokesman snapped Lopez Miras who was president by accident, for the corruption of Pedro Antonio Sánchez.

"Once again beaten by the corruption of the PP, which the president wanted to distance himself from saying that when Gürtel was playing the flute, he did not say that he played Pedro Antonio Sanchez, so we asked López You look that is not an accomplice of corruption and work to clean up your party. "

López Pagán criticized the regional government for lacking a roadmap to solve the problems of the region: the inequality gap, economic problems, poor infrastructure.

"The Popular Party of the Region is the replica of what we are living today in the Congress of Deputies, a corrupt party from top to bottom and bottom to top," he concluded.


The PP describes as "catastrophic and incoherent" the motion of censorship debated by Pedro Sánchez

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

The deputy spokesman of the PP in the Congress, Teodoro García, warns that "a supposed government of the PSOE with separatists, nationalists and populists would be lethal for the Region of Murcia "

Criticizes that "Sanchez affirms that if he governs he will manage the Budget approved by the PP, but at the same time in the Senate they have criticized harshly and announced their vote against"

He reproaches Pedro Sánchez during his debate with the "lack of a political project for Spain, which once again demonstrates his political opportunism to reach the armchair of Moncloa without having won an election"

Urges the rest of deputies Murcia "militate in the party that militate, the vote against this motion unjustified"

The deputy spokesman of the PP in the Congress of deputies, Theodore Garcia, has ensured during the debate of the motion of censure that is being held in the Congress of deputies and that the PSOE has presented to evict President Mariano Rajoy from the Government , that "it is a catastrophic motion that goes against Spain and against the Region of Murcia, where the socialist candidate is interested only in gaining power at all costs."

Thus, he described this motion as "incoherent", because, "in the same moment in which Pedro Sánchez announced that if he is president, he would support and manage the country with the General Budgets of the State that has been approved by the PP, the PSOE. he criticized them harshly and announced his vote against during his parliamentary procedure in the Senate, "which demonstrates" the lack of direction of a PSOE that wants to lead us adrift, "he lamented.

Teodoro García considers that the motion "is good only for Pedro Sánchez", for which he has criticized that, "it seems as if the PSOE and Mr. Sánchez did not care about Spain, nor with those who are going to govern";

so he has said that "doing so will do with the Catalan separatists and the populists of Podemos, with the sole purpose of carrying out" the relay in the Moncloa without having won the elections.

Equally, the PP parliamentarian in the lower house has urged the rest of national deputies for Murcia, "militate in the party that militate" to define very well their vote to the motion because, in his opinion, "Pedro Sánchez will bring to the Region a new paralysis as it happened when the PSOE governed this country. "

At this point, he has asked for a vote against this "unjustified censorship".

For that reason, he recalled that the government that aims to form Pedro Sanchez "will bring to the region the paralysis of projects such as the Camarillas Variation, the burial of the AVE and its continuation to Lorca or Cartagena as well as tax increases for the middle classes and clashes among the Spaniards. "

"Murcia, Cartagena, Lorca and other municipalities are a priority for Sanchez and the PSOE and this is what awaits us if finally Pedro Sánchez manages to reach the Moncloa," Garcia insisted, to remember that "it will be a Government of inconsistency, bad for Spain and therefore for the Region of Murcia, because the PSOE is not interested or concerned about the problems of the Spanish, or Murcia, since we are not a priority for this hypothetical Government.

Teodoro García has referred to the visits that the Region has had during months of several ministers to the Region, "ministers who have come with projects, with facts and with a future, and they have done it with the Regional Executive of López Miras" , so he added that to govern Pedro Sánchez the Region of Murcia would stand at the tail on issues such as regional financing, as they showed when they governed the Socialists.

He also recalled that "these PGE for 2018 collect the largest investments for the Region in its history and placing it in fourth place among the communities of the rest of Spain that receive more money."

The deputy spokesman of the PP in Congress has ended defining this "possible government as the weakest of all democracy, a man who seeks to lead a national executive without having won an election and with the support of people for whom the Region of Murcia and the future of Spain are not priorities ".

Source: PP Región de Murcia

Surveyors of the Region of Murcia participate in the most important Congress of the building sector

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

The Official Association of Quantity Surveyors, Technical Architects and Building Engineers of the Region of Murcia attends this week in Zaragoza the "Contart" Congress, a benchmark in the building sector in Spain

The Official Association of Surveyors, Technical Architects and Building Engineers of the Region of Murcia (COAATIEMU) attends this week the Congress "Contart", in Zaragoza, which takes place on May 30 and 31, and 1 June.

Contart is the most important convention in the building sector that takes place in Spain, and this year it takes place in the Aragonese capital.

The event was attended by professionals from the Region of Murcia, who have contributed with different communications.

Antonio Marmol Ortuño, president of the School, has moderated the round table "Technical Architecture: present and future", and that has counted with the participation of professionals from all over the country, who have reflected on the current situation of the profession.

The members of the COAATIEMU, José Antonio Rodríguez and Julián Pérez Navarro have presented the presentations "Intervention in unprotected heritage: Knowing how to conserve", and "Programming and monitoring of the quality control of the work with BIM methodology", respectively.

In the same way collegiate of the Region of Murcia have participated in the presentation of posters.

The congress, held every two years, has counted on this occasion with more than a thousand registered, and among the topics discussed are aspects related to safety and health in construction, scientific and technical advances, and the role of the professional before the challenges of construction in today's society.

Source: Agencias

The vehicle rental sector grew by 8.8% last year

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

The upcoming opening of the international airport of Corvera and the arrival of the AVE is expected to be a boost that allows growth at the rhythm of the national average, which in 2017 it was 9.2%

The sector of rental vehicles in the Region of Murcia grew by 8.8% in 2017 compared to the previous year.

This is one of the data that have been released at the extraordinary meeting in which the Business Association of the Valencian Community and Murcia Region of Rental Vehicles (Aecoval) has been launched.

This organization, which represents 90% of the companies that offer rental vehicles with or without a driver, trusts that the opening of the Murcia Region international airport and the arrival of the AVE will mean a relaunch that will allow regional companies to equalize the rhythm of growth of the national average, which last year was 9.2%.

Tourism is the main base of the sector, so the improvement of communications and a greater number of tourists is key to improving the data.

"The experience in the Valencian Community, where last year the increase was more than 12%, tells us that the start-up of an international airport has been associated with an exponential increase in the demand for rental vehicles", explained Mauro Derquí, president of Aecoval.

The new business association is created with the incorporation of the Region of Murcia to the sectorial organization that already existed in the Valencian Community, betting to join forces and share synergies, since companies encounter a similar reality in their day to day.

This change of structure implies the incorporation of Ginés Navarro as the new vice president with Erik Devesa (Alicante), Jorge Martínez (Castellón) and Carlos Torrente (Valencia).

The closing ceremony of the assembly was attended by the Director General of the Tourism Institute, Manuel Fernández-Delgado, the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Murcia, Miguel López, and the President of FREMM, Alfonso Hernández.

Aecoval is integrated into the national federation (Feneval) and European (Leaseurope) and is the main interlocutor of the sector with the administration.

It has more than 110 associated companies and a fleet of more than 40,000 vehicles.

The event was sponsored by Murcia and Cartagena Premium, official BMW and Mini dealers in Murcia, Cartagena and Lorca, recently acquired by the Montalt Group.

With this operation, Grupo Montalt, which has more than 30 years of experience in the rent a car sector, has become the second largest automotive group in the country.

The group works, in total, with 14 brands.

A BMW and Mini are joined by Ford, Nissan, Seat, Kia, Jaguar, Land Rover, Hyundai, Toyota, Fiat, Jeep, Alfa Romeo and Abarth.

Source: Agencias

The Community supports the work of the +34 Foundation, which oversees the situation of Spanish prisoners abroad

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

The counselor of the Presidency, Pedro Rivera, today received representatives of the Foundation +34, with its president, Javier Casado, at the head, to address possible ways of collaboration between the Autonomous Community and the entity, which aims to ensure the quality of life and reintegration of Spanish prisoners abroad and advise their families.

Rivera showed the support of the regional government to the work carried out +34 and the commitment to find formulas through which it can contribute to meet the needs of the 29 prisoners of Murcia origin, according to the Foundation, are prisoners in countries where respect for human rights is in question.

Source: CARM

Family supports Caritas Day of Charity and highlights the great social work that the organization develops

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

The Ministry of Family and Equal Opportunities supports the celebration of the Day of Charity, organized by Caritas Diocese of Cartagena, which has had 37 petitions tables distributed throughout the Region, eight of them in the city of Murcia.

The secretary general of the Ministry, Manuel Marcos Sánchez, and the general director of Family and Social Policies, Miriam Pérez, attended today along with the director of Caritas Diocese of Cartagena, José Antonio Planes, at one of the petitions tables, installed next to the hospital Queen Sofia.

Manuel Marcos Sánchez said that "all those volunteers on the street are the living experience of the commitment of Caritas, to celebrate this day so special are the voice of those who have no voice."

The collection is carried out for social purposes and "it is an excellent opportunity to witness and make known to the rest of society the projects they are working on, many of them in collaboration with the regional government."

Source: CARM

The AOTEC Fair advances the future of broadband telecommunications in Cartagena

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

The President of the Region of Murcia has inaugurated the AOTEC Telecommunications Fair, with a hundred companies

The XII edition of the AOTEC Fair brings together a hundred companies that advance the future of telecommunications in the coming years, a technological development whose objective is to facilitate the digital transformation of society, as explained by the president of the National Association of Local Telecommunications Operators, Antonio García Vidal, during his inauguration.

García Vidal accompanied the president of the Region of Murcia, Fernando López Miras, during a visit to the fair with the mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón;

the rector of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT), Alejandro Díaz Morcillo and the president of the Federation of Municipalities of the Region of Murcia, Joaquín Hernández Gomariz;

and the Minister of Finance of the Region of Murcia, Fernando de la Cierva.

López Miras said that this event "places Cartagena and the Region as a national reference in the world of digitalization", and highlighted the progress that Murcia is experiencing in this area.

The president of the Community has stressed that this fair, which between today and tomorrow more than 2,000 people will meet, "places the Region of Murcia on the map of the future and progress and endorses the work that is done from the administrations public ", in reference to the actions that are being carried out in technological and innovation aspects, not only in the regional Administration, but also in the companies or in the educational field, among others.

"We can already say that Murcia is a 'Digital Region'," said the president.

Networks with broadband capacity

In this line, García Vidal has underlined the technological capacity of the local telecommunications operator, which has "with fiber optic networks for years, information highways that contribute to reduce the digital divide, connecting small and medium populations to the Internet, opening new business opportunities for companies and training, communication and leisure for citizens ".

Some networks, which are "prepared for the explosion of data expected in the coming years with the connection of millions of devices, the arrival of the so-called 'Internet of Things'", has asserted.

The president of AOTEC has also pointed out that the local operator is "the best ally that administrations can find when promoting the digital transformation of society," we are accustomed to innovate and we have the values ​​that define our companies, the Closeness, seriousness and quick response to any problem. "

Training in IoT

For its part, the mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón, has stressed the importance of the city of Cartagena to once again host the AOTEC Telecommunications Fair where this event was born and to do so in one of the most prominent universities in this field. Nacional level.

In this sense, the rector of the UPCT, Alejandro Díaz, stressed that this fair makes visible the connection between university and business, since "we always want to align the curricula with the real needs demanded by the productive sectors. fair we are seeing what are the latest technologies in products and services, something that Telecommunications students are benefiting from. "" The collaboration between UPCT and AOTEC is taking steps every day, "he adds.

In this sense, the association has proposed to the rector to create a training course in 5G and IoT for Telecommunications students with the participation of specialized companies, a project that will materialize in the coming months.

Finally, the president of the Federation of Municipalities of Murcia, Joaquín Hernández, highlighted the role of local operators as generators of employment, "creating jobs of different profiles and technical qualifications, contributing to give value to the territories by expanding the possibilities for other companies to install themselves in our municipalities and in our industrial estates ".

In particular, it has emphasized its importance in rural population nuclei, which "have seen their possibilities improved and expanded thanks to the introduction of new technologies, bringing the rural world closer to the urban world".

Fair with a hundred companies

The fair brings together almost a hundred exhibiting companies that occupy 148 stands and more than 2,000 square meters in the Faculty of Business Sciences of laUPCT.

It has increased its dimensions by 30% compared to the previous year.

The exhibition is a national reference event in the field of telecommunications and one of the largest professional meetings to be held in the Region of Murcia this year.

It is specialized in local telecommunications operators, a sector composed of more than 1,000 SMEs that serve mainly in populations of less than 50,000 inhabitants and that are distributed throughout the national territory.

In the Region of Murcia can be found in virtually all municipalities, from Aledo (with 945 inhabitants) to Cartagena or Murcia, the autonomous community being one of the largest presence of these companies along the Levant and Andalusia.

This eventoregresaa Cartagena where he was born 12 years ago, complementing the exhibition area with an extensive program of technical conferences and expert presentations, which will address the technological trends that will mark the coming years, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities or the 5G.

The professional meeting, which will be developed under the motto 'Technology to connect the world', brings together the main international and national providers in those areas that offer telecom operators, the so-called quadruple play: Internet, television, landline and mobile.

Thus, companies specializing in the creation and management of broadband networks, advanced telecommunications solutions, as well as some of the most important audiovisual content producers in the United States, Latin America and Spain.

To this are added the proposals related to mobility and complementary services, which range from cybersecurity or adaptation to the new Data Protection Law, to business management.

Digital transformation and 5G

The XII AOTEC Technology Fair complements its exhibition and business area with a powerful program of presentations.

During the first day, the technical days in which Central Government, National Police and the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) will intervene, in which cybersecurity and 5G, among other issues, will be discussed.

Also, another highlight is the conference of the expert in digital transformation and one of the most influential women in Spain, Silvia Leal.

In addition, the industry will take the floor with technical talks on the present and future of fiber optic networks to the home, the IoT, the anteroom of the 5G, as well as new offers of television entertainment.

Source: Agencias

The Civil Guard detained a person for providing their DNI to another person who applied for the driving license exam on their behalf

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

It is attributed the alleged responsibility of the crimes of usurpation of civil status and documentary falsification

The arrested person provided his National Identity Document to another person, with a history of similar crimes, to obtain a fraudulent driving license

The Civil Guard of the Region of Murcia has arrested a person for providing his ID to another, with which he kept a certain physical resemblance, which tried to impersonate him in the examination to obtain the driving license, using for it the legitimate National Identity Document .

The alleged perpetrator of the crimes of usurpation of civil status and documentary falsity is attributed to the arrested.

The action is framed in the activities of collaboration with the Provincial Traffic Headquarters of Murcia for the control of the aspirants who attend the realization of the theoretical tests for the obtaining of the driving license.

The events took place on May 22, when an applicant for driving license access to the classroom of the Provincial Traffic Headquarters, where the examinations are conducted, with a DNI that aroused certain suspicions in the examiners to detect certain differences between the physical features of the applicant and those that appeared in the photograph of their identity document.

This circumstance motivated the examiners of the Provincial Traffic Headquarters to request the presence of the Traffic Investigation and Analysis Group of the Civil Guard of Murcia (GIAT) that immediately moved to the exam room to verify the identity of the applicant.

After the exam, the suspect, who was very nervous, got up abruptly from his place and went to the table where the documentation of the applicants was to remove both the DNI he had submitted, and a signature control sheet and rush out of the place to the public road, where he lost track.

The investigators of the GIAT of the Traffic Sector of Murcia, one week after the incident, located a male person, 42 years old, of Spanish nationality and neighbor of the Murcia hamlet of El Palmar who, supposedly, had agreed with the fugitive that This one will appear supplanting his identity to the theoretical examination of the driving license, to obtain it in a fraudulent way.

In that act he was arrested as a presumed collaborating author, necessary for the crimes of falsehood in an official document and usurpation of the civil status.

The crime of misappropriation of civil status is found in article 401 of the Criminal Code and punishable by imprisonment from six months to three years.

For its part, the crime of falsehood committed by individuals assuming in an act the intervention of people who have not had it is sanctioned in Article 390 of the Penal Code with the penalty of imprisonment from six months to three years and a fine of six to twelve months .

Similarly, as a result of the investigations carried out, the Benemérita has been able to identify the supplanter, a man, also of 42 years of age, of Spanish nationality and a resident of Madrid, who has a history of events of this nature (detained twice by the crimes of usurpation of marital status and documentary falsification, one in 2017 by the GIAT of the Civil Guard Traffic Subsector of Ávila and another in February 2018, by the Central GIAT of Madrid), so, through of the Central GIAT of the Civil Guard of Madrid, have begun the work directed to its location and detention as alleged perpetrator of the same crimes attributed to the detainee in Murcia.

This is the third arrested by the Traffic Association of the Civil Guard of Murcia for acts of this nature during the year 2018, since by GIAT Murcia Sector, which regularly collaborates with the Provincial Traffic Headquarters of Murcia in the supervision of Aspirants to the theoretical tests for obtaining the driving license, the following episodes have been recorded:

January 23, 2018 arrest of a person of Senegalese nationality as alleged perpetrator of the crimes of falsification of documents and usurpation of civil status, which supplanted another person to fraudulently overcome the theoretical examination and which was subsequently also stopped by the GIAT Group of the Traffic Sector of Valencia as alleged perpetrator for necessary collaboration of the crimes of falsification of documents and usurpation of civil status

February 21, 2018 arrest of a person of Ghanaian nationality as alleged perpetrator of the crimes of falsification of documents and usurpation of civil status, which supplanted another person to fraudulently overcome the theoretical examination and which was also subsequently detained by the Civil Guard of the Zone of Catalonia as presumed author for necessary collaboration of the crimes of documentary falsification and usurpation of civil status.

Source: Ministerio del Interior