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Rafa Mayoral: "The struggles for labor rights and for a better city coincide on the streets of Santiago el Mayor"

Monday, April 30th, 2018

The last stage of the Marches for Dignity have passed from the station of Los Romanos in Alcantarilla to the Barrio de Santiago el Mayor in Murcia, which has counted with the presence of the national deputies, Rafa Mayoral, Alberto Rodríguez and Javier Sánchez Serna, the Secretary General of Podemos in the Region of Murcia and Spokesman of the Group in the Assembly, Oscar Urralburu, as well as regional deputies and members of the formation in residence.

These have joined the daily protest by the residents of the area demonstrating in defense of the arrival of the Underground AVE as it passes through the city of Murcia.

The national deputy of Unidos Podemos, Rafa Mayoral, present at this stage of the marches for dignity, affirmed that "dignity is realized, when there are no ghettos or infrastructures that try to leave the cities and leave people out". He added that this meeting of the people who fight for the city and for the neighborhoods and for social and labor rights is a "very important point".

For his part, Javier Sánchez Serna, national deputy of Unidos Podemos for the Region of Murcia has said that "the hundreds of people who have integrated the marches for dignity in the Region of Murcia have shown something fundamental, and that economic recovery It is not neutral. "

Serna has stated that "while the government does not say that the crisis has already passed and the recovery is taking place, this recovery does not reach salaries nor does it reach the southern neighborhoods of the City of Murcia, where there is no money not to structure the city. "

In this regard, the Spokesman of the Parliamentary Group and Secretary General of training in the Region of Murcia, Oscar Urralburu, has explained that these Marches of Dignity, "have involved 65 kilometers touring the Region, to denounce the extreme precariousness of working conditions in the Region, as demonstrated by the recent data from the EPA, where wages and pensions continue to reach the lowest levels in the whole country "and" we are therefore faced with a necessary claim that joins, today to another claim that claims for 30 the dignity of this neighborhood, so that the train reaches underground Murcia ".

Source: Podemos Región de Murcia

Schools will inform families about any training that includes non-curricular competences

Monday, April 30th, 2018

Education will continue to develop affective-sexual education days, informing families to promote the freedom of decision of parents and mothers

The measure applies to all those talks and conferences that incorporate the educational centers during school hours and that do not include the curriculum.

The educational centers will inform the families so that the students receive talks and conferences that include non-curricular competences guaranteeing the freedom of the parents.

This measure will be applied to the talks on affective-sexual education given by the collective 'No te prives'.

The Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Adela Martínez-Cachá, explained that "after the request of fathers and mothers and maintain a working day with the collective 'No te prives' has decided to develop the talks of affective-sexual education informing to the families and making it possible for them to choose the participation or not of their children ".

The measure, as informed by the counselor, "will be extended to all those talks and conferences that include non-curricular skills in educational centers thus guaranteeing the freedom of parents."

Given the demonstrations of the collective 'No te Prives' on the exceptionality of parental permission for the talks that are being given in the centers, the Minister Martinez-Cachá recalled that this measure will not be exceptional, but will be mandatory for all those activities that include non-curricular contents

The decision was finally agreed without the need to postpone any of the planned talks.

The Inspection of Education establishes that for the correct development of the days the families are informed and those that do not wish that their children receive the talk can decide it.

The Inspection itself will supervise the model or the type of information on the content of the conferences that will be provided by the families of the students, guaranteeing that the families can choose.

The program of 'Affective-Sexual Education' aimed at students of Primary, ESO, Bachillerato and Basic FP, organized in collaboration with the collective 'No te Prives' and with the General Directorate of Youth, is developed through talks and workshops supported in educational materials on affective-sexual diversity and gender identity.

Martínez-Cachá stressed that "the Region is one of the communities that lead the work against bullying in all its types, including discrimination based on the sexual orientation of people."

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports will create an Expert Commission to introduce content related to the diversity of students and specific training for teachers.

Source: CARM

Lucas: "If Maillo wants to talk about water, ask his colleagues in the PP for the desalination plant of Escombreras and the 600 million disappeared" The PSRM-PSOE spokesman affirms that the Popular Party has only done water have been wastin

Monday, April 30th, 2018

The deputy secretary general and PSRM-PSOE spokesperson, Francisco Lucas, has stated that: "If Maillo wants to talk about water, first ask his colleagues in the PP about the desalination plant of Escombreras and the 600 million disappeared."

Lucas recalled the waste of public money that the PP has made with water.

"The 600 million that they gave to their friends, the hydrological planning to satisfy their urban plans, the banners in institutional buildings, are the clearest examples of which the leaders of the Popular Party only wanted votes and never wanted to bring the water".

"Now the coordinator of the PP has tried to sell that they will propose transfers, when we have been waiting months for their response to the document prepared by the PSOE, which is the only party that talks about water in Congress and that presents initiatives and works to solve the drought that we suffer. "

The deputy secretary general of the PSRM and spokesperson for the Executive has pointed out that if Martínez-Maillo wants to talk about water "he can ask Valcárcel, who has a vice-president in the European Parliament, or his political son, Pedro Antonio Sánchez, if he has time, between meals to give orders to López Miras and his judicial processes. "


Martínez-Cachá highlights the trajectory of Carlos Alcaraz, who has added his first ATP point with an average of 14 years

Monday, April 30th, 2018

The Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Adela Martínez-Cachá, today received the Murcian tennis player Carlos Alcaraz, who added his first ATP point with only 14 years last February and has thus become the second youngest Spanish to get This milestone to overcome Rafael Nadal, current number 1 in the world, and only behind Nicolás Álvarez Varona.

Martínez-Cachá congratulated Carlos Alcaraz and stressed that the tennis player "is called to be one of the best players in the sport in the world."

The counselor added that "we are very proud that you have the name of the Region all over the world."

Among his most outstanding triumphs are the Master Longines Tour, in the Club Internacional de Madrid, two Tennis Europe U-12 tournaments, one in Mallorca and one in Bordeaux (France), the Mutua Madrid Open Sub-12, the second place in Europe with the Spanish team and the Circuit Master Rafa Nadal.

In 2016 he was a semifinalist in the tournament sponsored by the Majorcan tennis player, held at the Real Club de Tenis Barcelona.

In 2017 he was proclaimed champion of children's Spain and runner-up cadet, in addition to obtaining the victory in the Master Sub-14 played in London.

His most important feat came on February 14, 2018 in Murcia, where, after adding his first ATP point, Carlos managed to defeat the Italian Federico Gaio in the ITF Futures and score as well in the Tennis Europe ranking, where he currently holds the 54th place.

Alcaraz was awarded at the Sports Gala of the Region of Murcia, held on December 18, 2017, with the Sports Merit Award in the category of 'Best athlete under 18 years'.

In addition, Carlos Alcaraz is a scholarship holder as a high performance athlete in the Community.

Source: CARM

Nine municipalities participate in the European project 'Global education starts in your village' The objective is to involve young people in global issues such as the end of poverty or the protection of the planet

Monday, April 30th, 2018

The Community, in coordination with the Cazalla Intercultural Association of Lorca, launches in the Region the international project 'Global education begins in your town', aimed at young people between 14 and 30 years old, in which nine municipalities participate.

The program is a three-year project, funded by the Europe Aid program of the European Commission, involving 30 towns with fewer than 50,000 inhabitants in countries such as Spain, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Austria, Slovenia and Lithuania.

The general objective of the project is to foster the commitment of European citizens to take an active role in the face of the challenges of the interdependent world in which we live, based on awareness and critical understanding of their two-way relations with the problems of global development .

The focus of this project is to address the objectives of sustainable development, also known as the Global Objectives, which are a universal call for action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace. and prosperity.

The municipalities of San Javier, San Pedro del Pinatar, Mazarrón, Pliego, Blanca, Ulea will participate in this project and through the Casa Europa association will be held in Bullas, Cehegín and Calasparra.

The general director of Youth, Francisco Sanchez, said during the celebration of training days in Lorca last week, which seeks to "increase" the awareness of citizens and, especially, young people, against responsible consumption, development sustainable and its action in front of these problems ".


During the next few days, in each municipality, participants will attend a conference to plan and carry out local work.

Different learning processes will also be offered with workshops or talks on the theme of the project.

Then, a local action will be carried out on the World Goals involving at least 100 participants per location.

The local work will be carried out between September and November and will be supervised and monitored by experts from Cazalla Intercultural, who will offer support to local teams.

The support network will be created between the municipalities and international workshops will be held, a winter school (December and January 2020) to generate ideas for creative actions and two summer schools (May and July 2020) to generate, debate and commit with ideas and support local action-learning processes, also in relation to pop culture.

And another summer school in Ghana where there will be meetings with youth organizations and groups that carry out global education and development projects.

All the educational events of the project will employ methodologies based on principles of non-formal education and focused on the participants, oriented to dialogue and practices.

Source: CARM

The state deputies of Unidos Podemos Rafa Mayoral and Alberto Rodriguez join the marches for dignity in the Region

Monday, April 30th, 2018

Rafa Mayoral and Alberto Rodriguez, will join this afternoon in the Region of Murcia to the marches for dignity that have been developing since last Friday April 27, where centaurs of people are touring the region to demand the defense of the stable working conditions, decent salaries and pensions, as well as the recovery of the rights lost due to labor reforms, the right to housing and basic services.

This afternoon the march will leave at 6:00 p.m. from the Las Tejeras neighborhood in Alcantarilla, and will take place in Santiago el Mayor, next to the roads at 8:30 p.m.

Media wishing to take resources, statements and photographs can do so at 8:30 p.m., at which time both the deputies in the Congress, the Secretary General and Spokesman of the Parliamentary Group in the Regional Assembly, Oscar Urralburu, and members of the formation, will reach the neighborhood of Santiago el Mayor, in Murcia.

Source: Podemos Región de Murcia

Urralburu: "If Martinez Cachá governs based on the opinion of the Family Forum, she is invalidated to be an Education Counselor"

Monday, April 30th, 2018

Spokesman of the Parliamentary Group of Podemos, Óscar Urralburu has reported that from his group is going to ask for the disapproval of the Minister of Education because it is unacceptable that the Ministry of Education becomes a speaker of homophobic and minority sectors of our society.

Urralburu explained that "precisely the educational sphere is one of the pillars where social values, equality, justice, and respect for diversity must be built, which allow our society to advance from an equal and non-discriminatory social consensus".

Inspired by these values, since 2010, volutarios belonging to different LGTBI groups, but in a very particular way to "No te prives", have been exercising a fundamental task in our classrooms, offering talks in which they informed of the importance of respect to sexual diversity and collaborated in the construction of values ​​in equality.

Now, however, Urralburu has affirmed, "Both the PP Government, López Miras, and the Minister of Education, Mrs. Martínez Cachá, have shown their inability to understand reality, giving signs of sectarian behavior, typical of another time, outdated and outdated, when announcing that these informative talks are suspended in educational centers. "

With this decision, "The maximum responsible for regional education, decides to meet the requests of the most ultras sectors, the Forum of the Family, abandoning the values ​​of respect for diversity and the promotion of respect, delivering the political direction to a Forum of the Radical Family If it maintains this position, the same counselor will have become a simple means not a public servant, so it would be invalidated for its function ".

For this reason, Podemos will take to the plenary session of the Regional Assembly, the disapproval of the Minister of Education, Adela Martinéz Cachá.

Source: Podemos Región de Murcia

Taking possession of the general directors of the Ministry of Finance

Monday, April 30th, 2018

The Minister of Finance, Fernando de la Cierva, today presided over the inauguration of the general directors of this Ministry.

In the photo, from right to left, the director of the Credit and Finance Institute, Andrés Torrente;

the General Comptroller, Eduardo Garro;

the general director of the Public Function and Quality of Services, Carmen María Zamora;

the counselor and the general secretary, Luis Alfonso Martínez;

the general director of Informatics, Heritage and Telecommunications, Juan José Almela;

and the director of the Tax Agency, Isaac Sanz.

Source: CARM

Inauguration of the management team of the Ministry of Employment, Universities, Business and Environment

Monday, April 30th, 2018

The Minister of Employment, Universities, Business and Environment, Javier Celdrán, presided over today the inauguration of his management team, formed by the general director of Labor Relations and Social Economy, Nuria Fuentes;

the general director of Energy, Industrial Activity and Mining, Esther Marín;

the general director of Commerce, Consumption and Administrative Simplification, Francisco Abril;

the General Director of Universities and Research, Juan Monzó;

the general director of Medio Medio, Consuelo Rosauro;

the general director of Environment and Mar Menor, Antonio Luengo;

the director of the Institute of Development, Joaquín Gómez, and the director of the Regional Training and Employment Service, Alejandro Zamora.

Along with the general secretary of the Ministry of Employment, Universities, Business and Environment, Pilar Valero, the counselor asked everyone "the greatest effort, work and dedication to make the Region of Murcia, in addition to the best region to live, the best region to work, to invest, to create companies, in which to generate wealth and preserve the environment ".

He also thanked everyone for his involvement in achieving the greatest economic development thanks to the union of employment, business, the environment and the talent of the universities.

Source: CARM

Inauguration of the general directors of the Ministry of Development and Infrastructure

Monday, April 30th, 2018

The Minister of Development and Infrastructure, Patricio Valverde, presided today the act of the inauguration of the general directors of this Department: José Antonio Fernández Lladó, Francisco José González Manzanera and José Ramón Diez de Revenga, of whom he highlighted his "capacity and professional qualification harvested over the last few years ", as well as their" desire and enthusiasm to face the great challenges and contribute to making a better region with more and better infrastructures that allow us to generate new opportunities ".

In the image, from left to right, the general director of Highways, Francisco José González Manzanera;

the general secretary of the Ministry, Yolanda Muñoz;

the counselor Patricio Valverde;

the general director of Planning, Architecture and Housing, José Antonio Fernández Lladó, and the general director of Transport, Coasts and Ports, José Ramón Diez de Revenga.

Source: CARM