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López Miras recognizes the work of the 700 technicians and volunteers of Civil Protection, "guarantee of security for the Region"

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

The regional chief executive presides over the first act of homage to Civil Protection in the Region and recognition of local groups and associations that "represent the future" of this service, along with the rest of emergency services

The president of the Community, Fernando López Miras, today acknowledged the work of the 700 technicians and volunteers of Civil Protection groups and associations, who "have managed to consolidate a structure that, together with the rest of bodies and emergency services, is, today, guarantee of security for the Region of Murcia and of which we are very proud ".

The head of the regional government presided today the first act of homage to Civil Protection in the region and recognition of the work of local groups and associations with the slogan 'Civil Protection and national institutions, together for a more efficient management of emergencies' , which is celebrated on the occasion of the International Day of Civil Protection that is commemorated on March 1.

"Every time we have more and better resources, we are more prepared and we coordinate better," said Lopez Miras, who added that "despite everything, we are aware that there is still a way to go."

Therefore, he explained, "from the Government we reaffirm our commitment to Civil Protection," and stressed that "we must all contribute to the effectiveness of the system by giving the value it deserves to prevention and self-protection, and supporting the coordinated action of those who they work for our security. "

Also, during his speech, the president put in value the Civil Protection system and those who make it possible.

"People who, with generosity and thinking of others, go to any place, time and circumstance where there is pain, danger or a disaster that requires urgent help," said the regional chief executive.

During the ceremony, held at the Regional Archive, the Community gave recognition to "the people who left a deep mark on the regional system of Civil Protection", as defined by López Miras Enrique Albacete Llamas (former director general of Civil Protection of the Community ), Francisco Díaz (former head of the volunteer coordination section of the General Directorate of Civil Protection of the Community), Francisco Puig (Civil Protection of the Government Delegation) and José Antonio Alderete (former head of Civil Protection in the municipality of Murcia "

The event also served to recognize the work of young people in the groups and local associations of Civil Protection, "which represent the future" of this service.

Currently, 35 municipalities in the region have Civil Protection (Abanilla, Abarán, Águilas, Albudeite, Alcantarilla, Aledo, Alhama de Murcia, Beniel, Blanca, Bullas, Calasparra, Campos del Río, Caravaca de la Cruz, Cartagena, Cehegín, Ceuta , Cieza, Fortuna, Jumilla, Librilla, The Union, Lorca, Lorquí, Los Alcázares, Mazarrón, Moratalla, Mula, Murcia, Puerto Lumbreras, San Javier, San Pedro del Pinatar, Santomera, Torre Pacheco, Totana and Yecla).

"Today we celebrate and applaud the attitude, the disposition and immediacy of a system for all of which, at the same time, we are all part of it," the president concluded.

Source: CARM

The PSOE describes as "disappointing and failed" the appearance of the Secretary of State in the Senate on the Mar Menor

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Francisco J. Oñate affirms that the positive part is that the Secretary of State for the Environment has sent him an invitation to go to the Ministry to analyze some problems of the salt lake

The socialist senator Francisco J. Oñate has described as "disappointing and failed" the appearance of the Secretary of State for the Environment on the state of the Mar Menor.

"Their answers have been very vague and very generic, two years later, in the Ministry there are more questions than answers about what should be done."

"The most positive thing about the meeting was that in the end the Secretary of State sent me an invitation to go to the Ministry and analyze some of the problems that the Mar Menor has, I will go with the hope of getting more concrete answers on actions to recover the Salt lagoon and for the arrangement of bathing areas, "he said.

"We have asked him what he plans to do to solve the pollution problem that the Campo de Cartagena underground aquifer currently represents, to which he has replied that it is still pending, but in the meantime, nitrates continue to enter the Mar Menor." has indicated.

Oñate has also asked him to speed up the implementation of an extraordinary budget for beach settlement.

"If the sea is polluted, it should be compensated for the part of the bath, and not on the contrary, fundamentally, as regards sludge removal, the construction of spas to access bathing areas and other improvements."

"On this point, he has not spoken either, so we are waiting for this meeting that we plan to do in the Ministry, where we will try to get something more concrete," he said.

In addition, the senator has asked the Secretary of State for the need for the Ministry to single out the Mar Menor, approving a specific provision in the budgets to avoid that each year is in doubt the financing of projects to have to compete with other territories.

"He has not accepted the commitment either."

"In short, it has been a failed appearance that increases our doubts that it has been understood that the Mar Menor is a state problem that requires exceptional attention." An environmental, economic, even moral damage of this magnitude requires a more determined action and less dilettante, because every day that passes, is not another day, but a worse day on the way to recover for our sea a shattered prestige, "he concluded.


Fulgencio Gil, coordinator of the communiqué "Our principles, our convictions" brings together his work team

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

to establish the content of it for its presentation at the XVII Extraordinary Congress of the PPRM

Fulgencio Gil, mayor of Lorca and coordinator of the statement "Our principles, our convictions", which will be presented at the XVII Extraordinary Congress of the Popular Party of the Region of Murcia, on March 18 at the Faculty of Economics and Business, has met to your work team in order to establish the content on which the text will turn.

From this statement, Gil said "initiatives related to humanism, family, religious freedom and individual freedom of people, as well as aspects related to the concept of responsibility, fundamental pillars for the Popular Party."

Accompanying Fulgencio Gil in this work team, the regional deputy, Isabel Soler, the councilor in the City of San Pedro del Pinatar and secretary of Participation of the PPRM, Angela Gaona and Enrique Ujaldón, coordinator of Institutional Relations of the PPRM and general secretary of the Ministry of Transparency of the regional Autonomous Community.

Participation of society

With the purpose that the Congress supposes an ideological and moral rearmament of the PP project, and is developed within the framework of a direct, fluid and sincere contact with society and to gather first hand all the proposals and suggestions that the society wants formulate to incorporate them into the communications that will be debated in the Congress can participate in the web: https: //

The accounts of Twiter @ 17 PPRM congress and of Facebook XVII PPRM Congress have also been enabled

Source: PP Región de Murcia

The PSOE will participate in the manifestation of the White Tide to demand a public, accessible and universal health

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

José Antonio Peñalver will attend together with PSRM-PSOE general secretary, Diego Conesa, and other members of the Regional Executive, deputies and regional deputies, mayors and socialist mayors, to ask for more transparency, equity, prevention, reduction of waiting lists, investment in environmental health and mental health, among many other claims

The Secretary of Health, Dependency and Disability PSRM-PSOE, José Antonio Peñalver, participate in the demonstration called by the White Tide for next Thursday March 1 at the door of the Reina Sofía hospital in Murcia, to demand a public health, accessible and universal.

Peñalver will attend together with PSRM-PSOE general secretary, Diego Conesa, and other members of the Regional Executive, deputies and regional deputies, mayors and socialist mayors, to ask for more transparency, equity, prevention, reduction of waiting lists, investment in environmental health and mental health, citizen participation in Health Councils, commitment to Primary Care and co-payment of vulnerable groups, as well as other measures that are included in the manifesto of the Marea Blanca.

"We have met with a broad delegation of organizations that form the White Tide and we have heard their proposals," which are all that we support in the PSOE and are part of our history, "he said.

"There we will be hundreds of militants throughout the Region, accompanying organizations, citizens who fight for public health, accessible and universal, as the PSOE launched in the 80s, which in recent years has deteriorated with a decrease in investment, co-payments and job insecurity, "he concluded.


Terra Natura Murcia, first animal park that adapts to the criteria of the national accessible tourism plan

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Has applied, with the support of the Murcia City Council, an Astrapace project and the Vodafone Foundation that offers information about the route and the animals in different formats through electronic slides

Terra Natura Murcia continues to advance in its goal of becoming increasingly accessible.

The park has already incorporated into its facilities the necessary changes so that it can be visited without any type of impediment on the part of people in wheelchairs or with reduced mobility and, now, it goes a step further by adapting the information it offers to new formats.

It does so, with the support of the City of Murcia, applying a project developed by Astrapace and the Vodafone Foundation that is part of a national plan of accessible tourism that aims to facilitate the understanding of tourism information by the whole society, whatever your condition.

Terra Natura is the first animal park in our country that incorporates it.

From now on, all the information available to visitors, including the presentation of the different species in their respective locations, is also available as audio (by loudspeakers or headphones) or written in easy reading and accompanied by related images.

At the moment, these contents are in Spanish, but they are already working on their translation into English.

To access these new options just activate the QR codes that have been distributed by different points of the different routes using the app 'Mefacilyta', which can be installed for free on smartphones and tablets.

These are solutions that improve the overall experience of the visitor and, therefore, are available to the public, but are aimed especially at people with intellectual disabilities, who will be able to access all the necessary information without barriers. no type.

Source: Agencias

The State Bar in the Region of Murcia obtained a favorable judicial ruling in 66% of the cases processed during the year 2017

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

The Government delegate highlights the excellence in the work of this body, which last year processed more than 3,300 records

Francisco Bernabé presented this morning the balance of this unit, which covers the defense and representation of the contentious and consultative area of ​​the General Administration and the autonomous organizations

The Attorney of the State in the Region of Murcia obtained in 2017 a favorable judicial ruling in 66% of the cases processed, as explained this morning by the Government delegate, Francisco Bernabé, during the presentation of its activity balance in 2017, year in which this agency processed more than 3,300 files between lawsuits, rulings or assistance to collegiate bodies.

"They are figures that, added to the accumulated of 2015, reach almost 10,000 records processed by a staff of which I want to highlight their professionalism, their extraordinary degree of knowledge of law and their absolute commitment in the defense of the general interest of all Spaniards" , declared the delegate of the Government.

Bernabé described as "excellent" the work carried out by the current staff of the State Legal Aid Unit in the Region of Murcia, which is made up of five State lawyers and six assistants.

The State Advocacy in the Region of Murcia covers the defense and representation of the contentious and advisory field of the General Administration and autonomous agencies, and by agreement of legal assistance, with public sector entities.

"Taking into account the fact that in the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia are located both the Hydrographic Confederation of Segura and the Mancomunidad de Canales del Taibilla and that we have Provincial Expropriation Jury, Regional Economic-Administrative Tribunal or the Chamber of Contentious-Administrative of the TSJ, we speak of a considerable volume of subjects and that the results are quite positive ", indicated Ana Pérez, head of the State Legal Aid Unit in the Region of Murcia

Source: Delegación del Gobierno en Murcia

PROEXPORT joins the agrarian strike to support participation in the 7 / M demonstration in Madrid

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Fernando P. Gómez: "We defend the future of the sector, our productions, the jobs we generate and the service we provide our clients "

PROEXPORT joins the agrarian strike to support "the participation of companies, cooperatives and farmers in the demonstration scheduled for March 7 in Madrid", with the aim that the entire agricultural sector can participate in the protest, convened by the Círculo por Water, and reclaim water and water infrastructure for the Levant, has informed its general director, Fernando P. Gómez.

This was agreed yesterday by the members of the horticultural association in the meeting held at its headquarters, with the intention of facilitating maximum participation in the day of protest that from the Circle for Water has been convened under the slogan, "In the Levant without water, desert and unemployment … Let's defend the garden of Europe! "

From PROEXPORT has moved to its associated companies of Murcia, Alicante and Almeria and the entire agricultural sector, including the auxiliary industry and other suppliers, the importance of joining the event.

"We have agreed to extend the participation to the entire sector of the auxiliary industry and suppliers that are an important part of the sector and also suffer from lack of water."

From the companies associated with PROEXPORT will inform all their workers and customers of the reasons for this protest because "what we are doing is to defend the future of the sector, our productions and, therefore, the job we generate and the service we give them to our customers, "said Gómez.

Source: Agencias

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Ángeles García Navarro: "The PP in the Region has not implemented Equality policies for more than 20 years: Absence is their plan"]

The regional deputy of Podemos, Maria Angeles Garcia Navarro, said that the cuts in women's policies and the insufficient law of regional equality have led women to the Region of Murcia to a situation of precariousness, invisibility and lack of protection against sexist violence "The regional government has never launched a single measure that seeks effective equality, in fact only has allocated 0.8% of the budget to these policies" this is their true equality plan.

The regional deputy of Podemos has described as "disappointing" the words of the spokeswoman of the Regional Government, Noelia Arroyo, when she announced that the women of the Government will not support the day of strike scheduled for March 8.

Thus the deputy of Podemos has alluded to that "after more than 20 years without moving a finger to ensure Equality in the Region, now the government has a Plan" and explained that "this amazing Plan for the achievement of Equality, it has been presented in a brief way, we do not know what it is, nor what is going to be done, but what we do know is that the government has only budgeted 0.8% of the budget for these purposes "

Thus, García Navarro has stated that "From Podemos, we see clearly, that the Equality Plan mentioned by the Government Spokesperson, is a mini plan, consisting of going off on a tangent so as not to be where they should be: with the women who go to go out to the street to make visible the role of everyone in society. "

In this sense the deputy of Podemos, has demanded the implementation of urgent measures that favor equality, and that have been raised from the Regional Assembly and that the executive must assume as "the implementation of once the Regional Law Equality, which reflects the term of sexist violence and makes it possible to tackle any type of violence suffered by women, and extends to other areas such as labor "and has concluded that" from Podemos we consider necessary the creation of public bodies and freelancers who do not depend on any general direction and who apply a gender perspective in a transversal manner that enables equality between men and women in different areas of life ".

Source: Podemos Región de Murcia

We can ask Arroyo about the government's salary increase proposal to his advisers

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

The parliamentary spokesman, Óscar Urralburu, has affirmed that it is "shameful" that the regional government tries to increase the salary of its advisors by 30% while we are "one of the regions with the lowest average salary in Spain and where 50% of the workers are not even a thousand euristas.

Urralburu is going to ask for explanations about this matter to the Minister of Transparency, Participation and Spokesperson, Noelia Arroyo.

He must say "publicly the reasons why the Governing Council in its meeting of January 17 raised the salary of its temporary staff and cabinet."

According to the parliamentary spokesman of Podemos, it is "indecent" for the Popular Party to want to reinforce its particular "Ministry of Propaganda, while keeping the region in line with all the average data on salaries, pensions and public benefits.

Citizens do not tolerate the salaries of government advisers to swell while we have an Autonomous Community that generates poor workers ".

Source: Podemos Región de Murcia

The Region will represent Spain in the most important technology fair in Asia

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

The 'Computex Taipei' organization selects the Region, which will be the only Spanish autonomous community present at the fair, after learning about Ceeim's work in promoting high-tech SMEs

The director of the Institute of Development meets with representatives of the Chamber of Commerce of Taiwan, in the framework of the 'Mobile World Congress' of Barcelona, ​​to finalize the details of this participation

The Region of Murcia will represent Spain during the 'Computex Taipei', the most important technology fair in Asia and the second internationally.

In particular, the organizers of this outstanding event, in which the most important advances on smart devices, the internet of things and other 4.0 technologies, will be presented worldwide, have selected the Region after knowing the work of the Community, and in particular of the European Business and Innovation Center of Murcia (Ceeim), in the promotion of high-tech SMEs and the creation of innovative technology-based companies (EiBT's).

The director of the Institute of Development (Info), Joaquín Gómez, today held a working meeting with representatives of the Chamber of Commerce of Taiwan, in the framework of the 'Mobile World Congress' of Barcelona, ​​to prepare the participation of the Region in this fair, which will take place in Taiwan at the beginning of June.

Thus, the regional delegation will be composed of eight innovative high-tech SMEs and representatives of the main organizations that make up the technological entrepreneurship ecosystem of the Region, such as Ceeim himself and his counterpart from Cartagena (Ceeic), the Technological Center of the Information and Communication Technologies or startup accelerator Cloud Incubator Hub.

"The 'Computex Taipei' fair has been consolidated worldwide as one of the most outstanding events in the technological field, together with the CeBit of Hannover, which is an opportunity for regional SMEs to show their projects and solutions to the experts in the world, to access the latest developments in areas such as the internet of things, robotics, artificial intelligence or mixed reality and to expand their networks of contacts in the face of possible collaborations, search for sources of funding or to the impulse of new processes of knowledge and technology transfer with leading companies and research organizations at the international level, "said Joaquín Gómez.

"The fact of participating for the first time in this fair and having been selected by the organizers, in addition, is a clear recognition of the work and innovative effort of our SMEs and technological entrepreneurs and an important support for the work of the regional government. implement a new economic model, based on knowledge and technological innovation, that allows the Region to take advantage of the opportunities for development and growth offered by the digital transformation process in which we find ourselves, "he added.

This innovative commitment is reflected in an integral way in all the actions of the Info and is reflected in specific strategies such as the smart reindustrialization plan 'Murcia Industria 4.0' or the new entrepreneurship strategy, which will boost in a special way high technology and scientific vocations and technological.

The Region has been for two consecutive years one of the autonomous communities that has made a greater investment effort in innovation, which has allowed to consolidate an entrepreneurial ecosystem in whose epicenter are located the Ceeis of Murcia and Cartagena and the Science Park of Murcia.

These three spaces currently house a total of 86 innovative and highly technological SMEs that have 420 workers, of which 80 percent are doctors or graduates, media and higher, which reflects that employment linked to knowledge presents a greater qualification and stability.

The projects developed in these spaces have a survival rate of 80 percent, a percentage that rises to 95 percent in the case of innovative technology-based companies.

The eight startups participating in the 'Computex Taipei' fair come from these technological incubators and will be grouped together in a Community stand in the Innovex pavilion, an area within the fair specialized in technological entrepreneurship that will feature with another 300 high-tech SMEs from around thirty countries.

Source: CARM