The Marea Negra association for private security held a meeting with the political party "Contigo"

This past week the videographer of the association Marea Negra for private security, José Antonio Carbonell, held a meeting with the vice president of the political party "Contigo", Javier Trigueros to let him know the precarious and convoluted situation that the professionals of this sector in the Region of Murcia.

It was a meeting where important issues such as the Self-Protection Plans, which concern public security and which is left out of God's hands, were discussed. Another issue that was discussed is the way in which public procurement is carried out by the Administrations that , in our opinion it is disastrous, especially the one that has to do with taking out public housing surveillance, where the laws on hiring are being violated, such as the "reckless casualties" and awarding companies that do not comply with the specifications of the awards.

Another topic of interest that has been discussed is that entrepreneurs in the private security sector in our beloved Region should be transparent and rigorously comply with their obligations.

This association through data and complaints filed in different agencies has let know "with you" what would be the right employer.

That it is a very important job to have entrepreneurs who create quality jobs, secondly, that they fulfill their obligations such as paying their employees in a timely manner (which is not the case on many occasions) third, that the conciliation of the family life, nonexistent in this sector, carry it out as it is a right contained in the Statute of workers and fourth, be up to date with their obligations to the Treasury as, with Social Security, because otherwise the FOGASA will disappear.

All this why we ask it, because to return to this Region the status that it has lost for so long that it has ever existed.

That Murcia is named in the different media, with news of which we Murcia feel proud.

At the end of this meeting we draw our conclusions that were the following:

This meeting is the only advantageous, compared to others held with other political parties. One of the details that made this productive meeting was, without a doubt the mood of the politician Javier Trigueros, with his knowledge of being, clarity and attention, terms with which Nowadays, any self-respecting politician would have to tell.

Without leaving aside the honesty, vocation and service to the citizen.

Indispensable requirements, I would say to dedicate to others.

Source: Asociación Marea Negra


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