The Community underlines that the economic offer of Aena significantly improves the requirements demanded by the Community in the documents of the airport

It starts the valuation of the economic documentation presented by Aena in the last phase of the adjudication process for the management and exploitation of the infrastructure

The Minister of the Presidency and Development notes that the award process "advances at a very good pace" and stresses that the study of the technical offer has been made "in record time"

The Minister of the Presidency and Development, Pedro Rivera, stressed today that the economic offer presented by Aena in the tender for the management and operation of the International Airport of the Region of Murcia, "significantly improves the requirements of the Autonomous Community in the sheets "of the airport.

This was reported by the director after meeting this morning the Contracting Committee to read the minutes of conclusions of the technical offer and proceed to the opening of the economic offer and verification of the existence of the documentation required in this second phase of the award process .

In the course of the meeting, it was announced that the price of the fares per passenger, proposed in the Aena offer, significantly exceeds the minimum rate required in the specifications.

Likewise, the economic offer of Aena includes that it will compensate the Autonomous Community when it reaches a traffic of one million passengers per year and specifies that it will be paid from the first passenger.

From now on, the Contracting Committee will evaluate all the documentation provided by Aena in its economic offer, which will also analyze the Economic-Financial Plan for airport activities, which will include a forecast of passengers and commercial revenues and merchandise, among other documents.

The meeting also informed that the technical offer has obtained a "very positive" assessment in the different points to be examined.

Among them, it is worth remembering that the incentive measures of passenger traffic have been evaluated;

the Airport Exploitation Plan with the traffic study, the route plans and its commercial development;

the Certification Plan for the infrastructure and the manager of the airport and its operation;

the development of the Complementary Activities Zone;

the maintenance and conservation of the airport, among other aspects.

Counselor Pedro Rivera stressed that the award process "is progressing at a very good pace" and said that the analysis of the technical documentation has been done "in record time", just 25 days, for which he thanked the members of the Board "his great effort and perseverance to have a resolution as soon as possible".

"The airport is a strategic and very attractive infrastructure in the international airport environment that will contribute to generate more wealth, employment and above all attract more tourists to know all the corners of our region," said the counselor.

For the counselor, the airport "is an opportunity to provide an attractive new service that meets the demands and needs of the Region" and in his opinion, the offer presented by the company "reflects the high potential of the airport and the Region. as a tourist destination. "

Next steps

Once the evaluation of the economic part has been concluded and if the offer exceeds the parameters set out in the specifications, the Contracting Committee will make an award proposal that must be approved by the Governing Council and then the contract between the parties will be signed. the regional Administration and the awardee.

Source: CARM


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