Santiago Abascal in Murcia: "Spain is a Nation, it is our homeland and we are ready to defend it"

Murcia has hosted this afternoon in the auditorium of the University the Conference "Spain in positive, a Nation with a future".

Imparted by Santiago Abascal, president of VOX and Rocío Monasterio, president of VOX Madrid and Deputy Secretary of social affairs for training.

This conference was moderated by Pascual Salvador, vice president of VOX Murcia.

Pascual Salvador has begun his speech thanking for his assistance to those present at the university's assembly hall and dedicated a few words of thanks to the president of VOX Murcia, Santiago Corrales, convalescing from a disease.

The first to take the floor was Rocío Monasterio, who stressed the "importance of rebuilding Spain from the ground up, the Spaniards deserve a project that they feel proud of and that is not worth rewarding those who want to destroy Spain."

He affirmed that VOX "is the only party in Spain today that calls for the closure of Salafist mosques" and stressed "that the Europe that allows the submission of women goes against our principles".

He continued his speech calling for "The time has come to go out to defend Spain, because in VOX we defend ideas, we understand politics as a service to Spain and a service to society."

He concluded with the applause of the attendees, arguing that "The future of our children or we defend it, or no one will defend it."

Santiago Abascal, for his part, began his speech before an assembly hall with full capacity, thanking the VOX Murcia team for their work and daily effort.

He commented that "Spain is a Nation, it is our homeland and we are willing to defend it".

Concerning the delicate situation in which Spain is in recent months in Catalonia, Abascal stressed that "We will not recover Catalonia emotionally if we do not get to work.

What is happening in Catalonia belongs to all of us, Spain belongs to all Spaniards "and he recalled that VOX" will continue to ask for the banning of secessionist parties that only want to destroy it. "

He continued that "in VOX we want the recovery of competences of the State, Education, Justice and Health"

He concluded by saying to the audience that "VOX does not aspire to be a bubble party, but we are growing little by little, but with solidity.

VOX was born due to the crisis of current values;

economic crisis, moral, national unity.

VOX has a program, a manifesto and it's not going to change it. "

Subsequently, the event was closed with a public participation with a round of questions and the media was attended.

Prior to the conference, at the Taurino Club of Murcia, there was a meeting with the VOX youth of "Cañas por España" with the participation of Rocío Monasterio, where they were able to debate and exchange opinions, underlining that "Our ideas are the that will bring Spain a better future.

With courage, it takes a total turn, Spain is at a crossroads of loss of values ​​and we want a different Spain, a Spain of merit, which is necessary not to deceive the voter ".

Monasterio concluded by encouraging the young people to join the VOX project, "because in VOX we speak clearly, because it is a brave project".

Source: VOX


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