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The Government Delegation will recognize with its institutional awards of the Constitution Day the work of all the entities that participated in the migratory crisis

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

The Government delegate, Francisco Bernabé, has informed them of his decision in a meeting held this afternoon in the new office of the Delegation in Cartagena

The Government delegate, Francisco Bernabé, met this afternoon in the office of the Government Delegation in Cartagena with representatives of the eleven institutions, administrations and public and private entities that participated in the recent migration crisis to inform them of their decision to grant them the institutional awards that the Government Delegation grants on the occasion of the Constitution Day, which this year is celebrated on December 5.

Bernabé has indicated that his exemplary behavior during the recent episode of massive arrival of pateras make them creditors of this recognition.

The distinguished list consists of:

1) Superior Court of Justice of the Region of Murcia

2) City of Cartagena

3) National Police of the Region of Murcia

4) Civil Guard of the Region of Murcia

5) Cartagena Bar Association

6) Cartagena Maritime Authority

7) Red Cross of the Region of Murcia

8) Caritas of the Region of Murcia

9) Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia (Ministry of Family and Equal Opportunities)

10) Spanish Armada

11) Port Authority of Cartagena

Finally, the Government delegate indicated that today's meeting has served to reiterate their appreciation for the work done and advance the mechanisms of coordination and communication between all the agents involved in the event of a repetition of a massive arrival of boats Coast of the Region.

Source: Agencias

The Priestly House honors the priests of the "Home of Nazareth"

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

The Priestly House celebrated its anniversary on Thursday, 31 years as the home of retired priests, which aims to be a place of fraternity and communion among the diocesan presbyterate, as its director, José Manzano, recalled.

The day of coexistence began at 11:30 am with the celebration of the Eucharist, presided over by the Bishop of Cartagena, Bishop José Manuel Lorca Planes;

and the Archbishop Emeritus of Burgos, Mons. Francisco Gil Hellín.

Bishop Lorca recalled the retired priests who live in this house and those in the "Hogar Nazaret" residence, invited to the celebration, who, despite the years and the weaknesses, are "called and sent to announce the Good news".

The Mass has been offered for the souls of the priests who died this year, having a special memory for Antonio Fernández Marín and Celestino Ferrer Cantó.

"God, through you, has forgiven sins, has created families, has healed wounds … Thank you for having spent and worn out your lives for the Gospel," the Bishop told them.

The celebration continued in the Azagra Hall with a poetic musical recital by the priest Vicente García and the seminarian and tenor Eduardo Pérez, accompanied on the piano by José Alberto Morales.

Vicente García, – 'the poet', as José Manzano has described him as his seminarians – has recited a dozen of his Christmas poems, presented by his friend Francisco Javier Illán.

Meanwhile, Eduardo, a second-year seminarian in San Fulgencio, has sung several Christmas carols and Hail Marys.

This year the Priestly House wanted to pay homage to the retired priests who live in the "Hogar de Nazaret" Residence, who have received a commemorative plaque as a reward for their fidelity in the priestly ministry.

Source: Obispado de Cartagena

The Community underlines that the economic offer of Aena significantly improves the requirements demanded by the Community in the documents of the airport

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

It starts the valuation of the economic documentation presented by Aena in the last phase of the adjudication process for the management and exploitation of the infrastructure

The Minister of the Presidency and Development notes that the award process "advances at a very good pace" and stresses that the study of the technical offer has been made "in record time"

The Minister of the Presidency and Development, Pedro Rivera, stressed today that the economic offer presented by Aena in the tender for the management and operation of the International Airport of the Region of Murcia, "significantly improves the requirements of the Autonomous Community in the sheets "of the airport.

This was reported by the director after meeting this morning the Contracting Committee to read the minutes of conclusions of the technical offer and proceed to the opening of the economic offer and verification of the existence of the documentation required in this second phase of the award process .

In the course of the meeting, it was announced that the price of the fares per passenger, proposed in the Aena offer, significantly exceeds the minimum rate required in the specifications.

Likewise, the economic offer of Aena includes that it will compensate the Autonomous Community when it reaches a traffic of one million passengers per year and specifies that it will be paid from the first passenger.

From now on, the Contracting Committee will evaluate all the documentation provided by Aena in its economic offer, which will also analyze the Economic-Financial Plan for airport activities, which will include a forecast of passengers and commercial revenues and merchandise, among other documents.

The meeting also informed that the technical offer has obtained a "very positive" assessment in the different points to be examined.

Among them, it is worth remembering that the incentive measures of passenger traffic have been evaluated;

the Airport Exploitation Plan with the traffic study, the route plans and its commercial development;

the Certification Plan for the infrastructure and the manager of the airport and its operation;

the development of the Complementary Activities Zone;

the maintenance and conservation of the airport, among other aspects.

Counselor Pedro Rivera stressed that the award process "is progressing at a very good pace" and said that the analysis of the technical documentation has been done "in record time", just 25 days, for which he thanked the members of the Board "his great effort and perseverance to have a resolution as soon as possible".

"The airport is a strategic and very attractive infrastructure in the international airport environment that will contribute to generate more wealth, employment and above all attract more tourists to know all the corners of our region," said the counselor.

For the counselor, the airport "is an opportunity to provide an attractive new service that meets the demands and needs of the Region" and in his opinion, the offer presented by the company "reflects the high potential of the airport and the Region. as a tourist destination. "

Next steps

Once the evaluation of the economic part has been concluded and if the offer exceeds the parameters set out in the specifications, the Contracting Committee will make an award proposal that must be approved by the Governing Council and then the contract between the parties will be signed. the regional Administration and the awardee.

Source: CARM

The PSOE asks for water policy instead of politics with water

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

Francisco Lucas criticizes that the Government of Rajoy has been doing nothing for six years to solve the water problems of the Region of Murcia

"The only thing they have done has been loading the Tajo-Segura transfer and not working for desalination plants that started up Narbona and a socialist government"

The PSRM-PSOE spokesman, Francisco Lucas, has urged the Government of Spain to change the way of approaching water policy.

"You have to stop doing politics with water and start doing water policy".

Lucas has criticized that the Executive of Rajoy has been six years doing nothing to solve the water problems of the Region of Murcia.

"The only thing the PP has done has been to drastically cut the Tajo-Segura transfer with the Memorandum and not work in defense of the desalination plants set up by Cristina Narbona and a socialist government."

"Let selfies and walks in the gardens of Moncloa and demand in Madrid solutions to water problems, which is where you have to resolve these issues, and not in the Regional Assembly facing the gallery and cheating Murcia and Murcia, "he remarked.

"The PP of the Region of Murcia has spent ten years doing politics with water behind a banner, an invention to get votes at the cost of deceiving citizens," he concluded.


Initial document of the Open Government Plan

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

The Minister of Transparency, Participation and Spokesperson, Noelia Arroyo, delivered this morning in Madrid to the Secretary of State for Public Administration, Elena Collado, and the Director General of Public Governance, María Pía Junquera, the initial document on which the Regional government of the First Regional Open Government Plan ..

The Ministry wants this Plan "to be the most open of all that have been made so far, hence we have invited more than 3,200 entities to review it and make the contributions they consider," said Noelia Arroyo, who recalled that only other Two communities have articulated a plan like this.

The Region of Murcia "continues to lead transparency and participation at the national level" with this plan, as was the case with the participatory budgets launched in 2016, the only initiative of a community included in the Third National Open Government Plan.

The first Open Government Regional Plan seeks to improve the democratic quality of public institutions and deepen the culture of maximum transparency in the Region.

Source: CARM

Closure of the Enterprise 4.0 awards

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

The Minister of Finance and Public Administration, Andrés Carrillo, today closed the first edition of the Enterprise 4.0 awards, which recognize professionals and companies related to innovation and new technologies.

The winners have been, in the category Industry 4.0, Marbles and Granites José María Miñarro;

in Social Media Innovation, Kernel Export;

in Innovation E-Commerce, PcComponentes;

in Innovation Mobility, Neosistec;

in Innovation Agro 4.0, Drone;

and in Innovative Idea, Neoradix Smartgreen.

Source: CARM

Santiago Abascal in Murcia: "Spain is a Nation, it is our homeland and we are ready to defend it"

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

Murcia has hosted this afternoon in the auditorium of the University the Conference "Spain in positive, a Nation with a future".

Imparted by Santiago Abascal, president of VOX and Rocío Monasterio, president of VOX Madrid and Deputy Secretary of social affairs for training.

This conference was moderated by Pascual Salvador, vice president of VOX Murcia.

Pascual Salvador has begun his speech thanking for his assistance to those present at the university's assembly hall and dedicated a few words of thanks to the president of VOX Murcia, Santiago Corrales, convalescing from a disease.

The first to take the floor was Rocío Monasterio, who stressed the "importance of rebuilding Spain from the ground up, the Spaniards deserve a project that they feel proud of and that is not worth rewarding those who want to destroy Spain."

He affirmed that VOX "is the only party in Spain today that calls for the closure of Salafist mosques" and stressed "that the Europe that allows the submission of women goes against our principles".

He continued his speech calling for "The time has come to go out to defend Spain, because in VOX we defend ideas, we understand politics as a service to Spain and a service to society."

He concluded with the applause of the attendees, arguing that "The future of our children or we defend it, or no one will defend it."

Santiago Abascal, for his part, began his speech before an assembly hall with full capacity, thanking the VOX Murcia team for their work and daily effort.

He commented that "Spain is a Nation, it is our homeland and we are willing to defend it".

Concerning the delicate situation in which Spain is in recent months in Catalonia, Abascal stressed that "We will not recover Catalonia emotionally if we do not get to work.

What is happening in Catalonia belongs to all of us, Spain belongs to all Spaniards "and he recalled that VOX" will continue to ask for the banning of secessionist parties that only want to destroy it. "

He continued that "in VOX we want the recovery of competences of the State, Education, Justice and Health"

He concluded by saying to the audience that "VOX does not aspire to be a bubble party, but we are growing little by little, but with solidity.

VOX was born due to the crisis of current values;

economic crisis, moral, national unity.

VOX has a program, a manifesto and it's not going to change it. "

Subsequently, the event was closed with a public participation with a round of questions and the media was attended.

Prior to the conference, at the Taurino Club of Murcia, there was a meeting with the VOX youth of "Cañas por España" with the participation of Rocío Monasterio, where they were able to debate and exchange opinions, underlining that "Our ideas are the that will bring Spain a better future.

With courage, it takes a total turn, Spain is at a crossroads of loss of values ​​and we want a different Spain, a Spain of merit, which is necessary not to deceive the voter ".

Monasterio concluded by encouraging the young people to join the VOX project, "because in VOX we speak clearly, because it is a brave project".

Source: VOX

Great affluence to the first edition of the 'ASECOM Breakfasts'

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

They are celebrated the last Wednesday of each month, will have the participation of an expert and will help their partners to know the business work of their colleagues

The Association of Entrepreneurs and Merchants of Segura held on the morning of Wednesday, November 29 at the "Hotel Villasegura" in Molina de Segura the first edition of the 'ASECOM Breakfasts'.

An appointment that was attended by a large number of participants and whose main objective is for its members to inform their colleagues about their company, their area of ​​work and their services.

"We continue to promote activities that facilitate the business and commercial work of our associates", explains Eloy Jiménez, president of the entity, also present at this meeting.

"We want each breakfast to start with the participation of an expert in some business activity, which serves as a useful tool for job growth," says Jiménez, who says that in this first edition of Mamen Cano, consultant and specialist in growth systems, intervened business

These appointments – which will be held on the last Wednesday of each month in different locations – have limited capacity, three euros of cost for ASECOM members (six for those who are not) and prior registration is required to participate.

"We propose to our associates that, if they wish, they bring a guest who may be interested in the event to friends," says Jiménez.

Taking an example

Likewise, another of the activities that ASECOM wants to launch is the visits of its members to leading companies in the Region of Murcia.

"We want our partners to see the great examples of the entrepreneurial character of Murcia and see how in our region we are entrepreneurially up to any area," says the president of the entity.

Source: Agencias

The Pimentón de Murcia PDO Regulatory Board is honored by the Ejecutivos magazine, with the Denomination of Origin Award, in its first edition in Murcia.

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

The President Pedro Piernas Cánovas picked up the prize on behalf of the DOP Pimentón de Murcia

Last Friday November 23 was held in the plenary hall of the city of Murcia the first edition of the awards given by the Executive magazine, chaired by the Mayor of the town D. José F. Ballesta German.

On this occasion, the first in which the Ejecutivos magazine presents its awards in the Region of Murcia, the prize for the Denominations of Origin has fallen to the PDO of Pimentón de Murcia, which protects and certifies paprika productions within the province.

The President Pedro Legs is very grateful "for this recognition of such prestigious magazine, as it gives renewed strength to continue fighting for this quality mark, wanting to highlight his gratitude to Dª.

Mª Victoria de Rojas, editor of the executive magazine and her team of people "The paprika from Murcia is a Regulatory Council that started as such in 2001 and since then is struggling to maintain this important crop, something that is not easy in this world of globalization, for this reason this type of recognition supposes an important positive impact for farmers and operators who continue betting on generating work and wealth in their land.

The President also wants to "congratulate on behalf of the Regulatory Council all the winners, for being an admirable list of key businessmen for the economic development of our Region".

Finally we want to congratulate those responsible for the edition of these awards for their professionalism and the spectacular organization.

Source: DOP Pimentón de Murcia

Delivery of the Bill of Law budgets 2018

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

The president of the Regional Assembly, Rosa Peñalver, has received from the hands of the Minister of Finance and Public Administration, Andrés Carrillo, the draft Law of General Budgets of the Autonomous Community of Murcia for 2018, approved yesterday by the Governing Council.

The members of the Bureau, the spokespersons of the four Parliamentary Groups and the Committee on the Economy, Finance and Budget have joined the delivery in the Prince's Hall.

Finally, the Minister of Finance and Public Administration has detailed in a press conference the main lines of the budget, which has grown 6 percent over the previous one, reaching 4,544 million euros.

After the presentation of the counselor, the representatives of the Parliamentary Groups have made their assessments, available in the Resource Bank of the Regional Assembly website:


From Friday morning, December 1, and until Tuesday 5, will be held the appearances of the directors in the Committee of Economy, Finance and Budget to explain the items allocated to each department.

On Friday, December 1, the Minister of the Presidency and Development, Pedro Rivera, and the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Adela Martínez-Cachá, appear in the morning, at 9 and 12 o'clock, respectively.

In the afternoon, 4:30 pm, it is the turn of the Minister of Transparency, Participation and Spokesperson, Noelia Arroyo.

On Monday, December 4, the counselors of Employment, Universities and Business, Juan Hernández (9 hours) will speak in the morning;

and Water, Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries, Francisco Jódar (12 hours).

In the afternoon, 4:30 pm, the Minister of Family and Equality of Opportunities, Violante Tomás, will appear.

The last day of appearances in the Commission of Economy, Finance and Budget, begins at 9 o'clock with the Minister of Health, Manuel Villegas;

and the Councilor for Tourism, Culture and the Environment, Javier Celdrán, takes over at 12 noon.

Closing the appearances at 4:30 pm, the Minister of Finance and Public Administration, Andrés Carrillo.

Source: Asamblea Regional de Murcia