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The Community approves the protocol to be followed for the management and archiving of electronic documents

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

The Region is the seventh autonomous community that publishes this policy, which means a further step in the total implementation of eGovernment

The Ministry of Finance and Public Administration and Tourism, Culture and Environment have approved the protocol to be followed for the management of electronic documents, which guarantees the creation and processing of authentic, reliable and available documents over time.

The Minister of Finance and Public Administrations, Andrés Carrillo, explained that "the Region is the seventh autonomous community that publishes this policy, which means a further step in the total implementation of eGovernment.This will allow citizens to save costs, procedures that are more agile and that can access the Administration and consult their files electronically, from anywhere 24 hours a day.

The policy for the management and archiving of electronic documents includes the following processes: capture, which is the entry of the document to the Community;

registration, with the assignment of a number to the document;

classification, which is the inclusion of the electronic document in an electronic file;

description, which consists in the allocation of keywords to a document to facilitate its subsequent location;

access, which is the consultation of a document, both by public employees and citizens;

qualification, which is the assessment of the document, to define both its access and the period of conservation of the same,

conservation, relative to the time of permanence of the document;

transfer, ie the transfer of a document to a file;

and elimination, which is the destruction of the document, if applicable, after the established time.

This protocol defines the life cycle of electronic documents in the Autonomous Community, which is necessary since the entry into force of Law 39/2015, of Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations, which provides that the administrative procedure must be electronic and also the documents that are processed.

The policy of management and archiving of electronic documents of the regional administration was published on 22 September in the Official Gazette of the Region of Murcia (BORM).

Source: CARM

The House of Murcia in Castellón promotes the crafts of the Region in the Valencian Community

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

A dozen craftsmen have participated in the exhibition, which has had the technical assistance of the Presidency and Fomento and Employment, University and Enterprise

The Casa de Murcia in Castellón has participated in the first edition of a fair of handicrafts and traditional products promoted by regional entities with presence in that city, along with those of Andalusia, Asturias, Castilla-La Mancha and Galicia.

The presence of the Region of Murcia in the Castellón Fair has had the technical assistance of the Directorates General of European Union, External Action and Cooperation, dependent on the Ministry of Presidency and Promotion, and Commerce, Consumption and Administrative Simplification, belonging to the Ministry of Employment, Universities and Business.

The House of Murcia in Castellón, which has about a hundred members, has worked since last spring in the preparations for this fair, held in the central area of ​​La Pérgola.

The Murcia entity occupied a space close to one hundred square meters, intended both to account for the activities of the House and to accommodate artisans of different specialties, thus fulfilling the role of diffuser of the values ​​of the Region of Murcia.

The artisans who attended the exhibition are part of the Crea Association.

Until Castellón they moved creative of different modalities artisan: glass fused and carved of glass, painting, enamel to the fire, traditional elaboration of paper and binding.

The exhibition was attended by about ten craftsmen from the region, invited by the Casa de Murcia.

The Murcian food products that have been shown, tasted and sold at the Fair have been cheeses, wines and sausages.

Source: CARM

Citizens assures that the City Council's Transparency Portal does not reflect the salaries or declarations of councilors' assets

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

"The economic transparency of this government team is null and manifestly improveable", says the orange spokesman, Miguel Romero

Citizens today demanded that the Government team "solve and solve as soon as possible the serious deficiencies and shortcomings of the Portal of Municipal Transparency," reported sources of the orange formation in a statement.

The Coordinator of Citizens Totana, Miguel Romero, has highlighted among the main decisions those related to economic transparency, which he has described as "null".

According to Romero, "the neighbors are not given the execution of the budget or the general income statement nor the average period of payment to suppliers by the City.

The only economic information published is budgets, but they are outdated, since the last published is 2015, the same as anyone can consult on the page of the Ministry of Finance.

The coordinator of Cs also stresses that "salaries are not published councilors, nor their declarations of property and incompatibilities, information that we believe the totaneros deserve."

Regarding the general information on the functioning of the City Council, Citizens has stressed that "the minutes of the Plenum or the Board of Spokespersons are not published, as is required by the regulations on transparency.

We also miss that there is no information on the management that the Consistory does on the right of access to the public information of its neighbors. "

Romero has asked the government team that "before criticizing more those who care about transparency and regeneration, apply to solve these shortcomings."

se han publicado los perfiles con la declaración de bienes de los concejales/as y estos se encuentran a disposición de los ciudadanos, junto con el importe de las nóminas como cargos públicos, ya sea por régimen de dedicación o por asistencias ."

On this subject, Ganar recently accused citizens of lying and stressed that "since the beginning of this legislature, the transparency of the City Council, and in particular that of Ganar Totana towards neighbors and neighbors has been absolute. for the first time in history and on the proposal of Juan José Cánovas, former Mayor,


The art of the hair salon in Murcia

Friday, September 29th, 2017

Hairdressers Hair Styles One of the most prestigious magazines in the hairdressing sector led by Lluis Llongueras has just recently published an editorial by professionals in our region.

Those responsible, the KIWI PEOPLE brand of the hand of its creator Sergio La Torre, who at the point of scissors have managed to position themselves in the sights of those who know best.

And is that Sergio The tower carries behind many years of experience in the world of hairdressing.

And if it were not enough in this project also accompanied by great professionals of our Region as the fashion designer and stylist JDYS, makeup artist May Celdrán and models María Silvente, Carmen Mateo, Fran Martinez and Ismael Lledó all captured by the fantastic Antonio Marsilla responsible in front of the photograph.

A whole cast of the fashion sector Murciana, who thanks to their fantastic team work have positioned themselves through the art of hairdressing in one of the most outstanding magazines in this sector with an important national and international repercussion since this magazine is distributes in large percentage in South America and in some European countries like Italy.

And is that the art of Murcia never ceases to amaze us.

Source: Agencias

The Popular Party Board elects López Miras as regional president by acclamation

Friday, September 29th, 2017

Today, at the meeting of the PPRM Board chaired by Cospedal

The general secretary of the PP, Maria Dolores de Cospedal, clothes the new president and transfers the support of the national summit

The president of the PPRM has assured that he leads "a party that already is winner, that will be the one in which I will count with all"

The president of the Autonomous Executive, Fernando López Miras, has been acclaimed as president of the Popular Party of the Region of Murcia this afternoon at a meeting of the Board of Directors that has decided to dispense with the vote given the unanimity existing among all members to endorse it as new leader of the training.

López Miras wanted to undergo a secret ballot of the Board of Directors but its members considered the process unnecessary because of the unanimous support among the more than 200 invited members.

López Miras has been accompanied by the general secretary of the PP, Maria Dolores de Cospedal, who has moved to Murcia to clothe the new president, demonstrating the support of the leadership of the PP to the new leader of the party in the Region.

As of today, López Miras will lead a political formation of which he has said, before the highest regional body, "to be proud to belong", while indicating that "all the good that has been done in the Region has been thanks to the policies of the Popular Party, and not the result of chance. "

The president has remarked that "it is time to take one step further, a step forward leading this party to head his candidacy in the next regional elections."

He says he leads a game that is already a winner and will be again in this new stage.

"I will bring a new impetus to the Popular Party in the Region of Murcia, new ideas for a project that is already underway, which is solid and that is making possible a government that offers results to Murcia," has prioritized the newly elected president of the PPRM.

He added that "the most important thing in politics is to serve others, I do it as president of the regional government, and I will do it as leader of the regional People's Party."

In this way he has stressed that "you have to take the initiative and do it clearly" and has criticized that the opposition parties "seek to mess up the image of honesty of the PP with an absolute disregard for truth."

"We are the most voted party, which has the confidence of most of Murcia," he said.

In this sense, he has defended that his administration at the head of the Popular Party will be "agile to act in the short term with speed and immediacy," a party, has qualified, in which "I will have all, so that they feel involved in the day to day of an innovative party, with new structures and equipment, and with the younger ones because the PP is a party of present, but above all with future. "

At this point he asked for "effort to all those who work from the PP for Murcia because we are able to improve things day by day with work."

"We are a strong, honest and sincere party," said López Miras, who recalled 40 years of party work in the region "with facts and realities."

López Miras, has made reference to the future of the Region he looks "with responsibility, loyalty and honesty", and has shown, "his commitment to all Murcia."

He added that "we make brave decisions to create quality jobs, lower taxes and strengthen public services even with the greatest difficulties and the worst. autonomic financing ".

"As president of the regional PP and the regional government will complete the essential projects that will make our region bigger, boost new ones and bet on tourism, infrastructures and a social commitment that will make the region the best of all", has finalized .

Source: PP Región de Murcia

The Community emphasizes the Central Government's commitment to the integral burial of the highways and the connection of the AVE to Murcia, Cartagena and Lorca

Friday, September 29th, 2017

The Minister of the Presidency, businessmen and professional associations of the Region meet with the Minister of Development to know Planning for the Arrival of High Speed ​​to the Region

The Minister of Presidency and Promotion, Pedro Rivera, stressed today that "once again the central government has transmitted the commitment to the integral burial of the roads in the city of Murcia and with the arrival of the High Speed ​​to Cartagena and Lorca."

Rivera made the remarks at the end of a working meeting held today in Madrid with the Minister of Development, Iñigo de la Serna, and the presidents of Croem, Coec, Ceclor, Chamber of Commerce of Murcia, the first deputy mayor and delegate of Development the city council of Murcia, Roque Ortiz, and the deans of different professional colleges (economists, road engineers, architects, industrial engineers, industrial engineers and technical engineers of public works).

During this meeting, the minister explained the planning of the Central Government for the arrival of High Speed ​​to the three cities of the Region and reported that all projects are being streamlined to advance the development of the Mediterranean Corridor.

Councilor Pedro Rivera highlighted the "support of the Ministry of Development" with the improvement of infrastructure in the Region of Murcia and noted that "the connection to the High Speed ​​network is absolutely strategic to boost growth and employment in the Region" .

Rivera insisted again on the commitment of the regional government for the arrival of the AVE to the city of Murcia and not to Beniel "for not being an acceptable option for a city of the importance of Murcia, since it is located 40 minutes by car from center of the city and would punish the majority of the citizens of Murcia and the rest of the Region, as well as visitors, who would like to use the AVE. "

In addition, "this option would not prevent the construction of the provisional route, indispensable to maintain the current rail traffic", which reaches 90 daily trains between commuter, freight and average and long distance.

Regarding the rail integration in Murcia, the minister indicated that Minister De la Serna reported that the burial of the roads will be carried out in two actions.

The first one, which is already underway, will allow the tracks to be buried between Senda de Los Garres and the Carmen station, and the second one, which will be launched in the spring of 2018, will consist of the burial of the station and the exit to Barriomar.

In this sense, it was detailed that in the coming weeks will be ready the project to extend the burial between Senda de los Garres and the station and also specified that before the end of the year will end the project of the burial station and Barriomar, whose works will be tendered in 2018. All this will involve an investment of more than 580 million euros.

Source: CARM

COEC meets with the Minister of Public Works, Iñigo de la Serna

Friday, September 29th, 2017

Pedro Pablo Hernández has demanded concreteness in the terms and detailed investment in the next General State Budgets for the AVE Murcia-Cartagena line.

The president of COEC, at the meeting held this morning with the Minister of Public Works, Iñigo de la Serna and the President of Adif, Juan Bravo, has transmitted the concern of the entrepreneurs for the arrival of the AVE to Cartagena.

Pedro Pablo Hernández, has expressed the need to have a detailed budget allocation for the Murcia-Cartagena stretch for 2018 and following, to know the status of the execution projects, the bidding deadlines and to consider Beniel's bypass to Cartagena.

Pedro Pablo Hernández has insisted on "the need to acquire commitments in the short term that clear the uncertainties about the arrival of the AVE to Cartagena and mark a definitive date for the beginning of the works."

The minister and his team have informed the businessmen that they are working on the projects for the installation of the third wire and electrification of the road, among others.

For COEC it is essential that the AVE arrive to Cartagena as well as the Mediterranean Corridor as a guarantee of progress and prosperity for the tourism and port sector, among others.

This meeting, held in the Ministry of Development, has had the presence of the main business institutions and professional colleges in the Region of Murcia, as well as the Presidency and Promotion Counselor.

Source: Agencias

Graham Baxter, English triathlete living in Totana, leads the world ranking of his age group in Ironman

Friday, September 29th, 2017

Graham Baxter, an English triathlete living in Totana since 1996, currently leads the world ranking in his age group 50-54 in the distance 70.3 of the Ironman franchise.

This feat has been possible thanks to the last three victories achieved by three Ironman media in just one month, first in all of them and reaching the highest score, according to sources in the federation said in a statement.

Baxter's first win was in France, in Vichy's Ironman 70.3, on 24 August.

After this, he set sail for the United States to compete first in California, in Santa Cruz (September 10), and last weekend at the Ironman 70.3 Super Frog in San Diego.

The Super Frog is the oldest half of the world.

It has been taking place since 1978 and a few years ago the Ironman factory included it in its league.

With the peculiarity of spending half of the race on foot (10 Kilometers) for soft sand, Baxter again prevailed in his Age Group of 50-54 years, despite having to stop to change the tubular of his bike, after a puncture in the first kilometer, which made him lose 7 minutes.

Nevertheless, it was proclaimed champion being in the twelfth position of the general classification.


The Community exposes ten projects of Health Promotion to public consultation

Friday, September 29th, 2017

Health is the second area that more projects presents to the draft Participatory Budgets of 2018

The deadline for voting on the proposals began yesterday and will be open until October 12

The Ministry of Health exposes ten projects of Health Promotion to public consultation within the Participatory Budgets of the Community for 2018. From yesterday, September 28, until October 12, is open to public participation so that citizens can decide on the projects that interest them most.

Health Promotion is the second area with more projects submitted to Participatory Budgets after Youth, with a total of 29 proposals made by the 32 entities that participated in the process.

The joint report on the selection of the proposals of the Participatory Budgets and the justification of those included or rejected are published in the Transparency and Open Government Portal (, where citizens can access the ballot and assign their priorities, choosing three actions from each of the proposed areas.

The initiatives selected in Health Promotion to form part of the budgets of 2018, and that have a maximum endowment of 150,000 euros, are:

Regional project to improve sexual health of young people in their environment (Edusex), with 30,000 euros

Prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) in vulnerable groups, through social organizations collaborating with the health information and education program on AIDS and other STIs, with a budget of 60,000 euros.

Financial aid for the implementation of health education programs in non-university teaching centers, 30,000 euros.

Start-up of schools of mothers and fathers in promotion and education for health, 30,000 euros.

Awareness actions to prevent fragility and disability, 40,000 euros.

Dissemination of the European code against cancer in general population: '12 months 12 recommendations to prevent cancer ', 60,000 euros.

Implementation of the pilot program of 'Schools without smoke', with 23,100 euros.

Strengthen and expand programs of tobacco-free and electronic cigarette centers, 41,000 euros.

Web platform 'Healthy child nutrition' for children's education centers between 0-3 years, 15,000 euros.

Training day for socio-health professionals of the different administrations and social entities 4,000 euros.

All citizens of the Region can participate.

It is only necessary to indicate the DNI and a mobile phone number.

Once registered, an SMS message will be sent to the mobile to participate.

It can be done from the same mobile, with the direct link that is received, or from the computer, using the forwarded key.

The Participatory Budgets are a tool for citizen participation through which citizens can decide the destination of a portion of public resources and this year amount to almost 14 million euros.

The online questionnaire brings together 90 actions proposed by bodies, entities and groups in 11 areas: cultural management, family association, international development cooperation, social economy, promotion of bilingualism, modernization of water infrastructures, promotion of handicrafts, health promotion, trade, sport and services for youth.

Although there are similar experiences in several Spanish cities, the Region of Murcia is the only community that has carried out so far and for that reason has been included by the State Administration in the Third Plan of Open Government presented to the Alliance by the Open Government, an organization composed of governments and civil society that helps the states to develop measures to advance participation and transparency, certifying compliance.

Source: CARM

López Miras: "What makes the State of Law credible and effective is an independent judiciary and with the necessary resources to impart justice"

Friday, September 29th, 2017

The president attends in Caravaca de la Cruz to the opening act of the Judicial Year of the Region, and assures that it endorses the needs of the Superior Court of Justice of the Region

He emphasizes that in the Region "we are fortunate to have excellent professionals in the justice system, which contributes to our having one of the highest rates in Spain in case resolution"

The president of the Community, Fernando López Miras, said today that "what gives credibility and effectiveness to a Rule of Law is to have an independent Judicial Power, autonomous in its decisions and with the necessary resources to impart justice."

"This is what we are seeing in Catalonia, where an independent judiciary is laying the foundations and putting mechanisms in place to ensure respect for the law, constitutional order and democratic values ​​of the rule of law," said López Miras in Caravaca de la Cruz, where the act of opening the Judicial Year of the Region took place, something that "considered a success for contributing to promote the Jubilee Year 2017".

He stressed that in the Region "we are lucky to have excellent professionals in the field of Justice", as reflected by the fact that the Community has one of the highest rates of resolution of court cases in Spain.

Nevertheless, he said, "as president of the regional government, I also make mine the needs of the Superior Court of Justice of Murcia, and so we claim them before the Ministry."

In this regard, he referred to the need to incorporate new judicial units in the Region, to accelerate the construction of the Palace of Justice of Lorca, the construction of the City of Justice of Cartagena, the increase in the number of prosecutors and personnel of the Fiscalía and the improvement of its facilities.

He also said, "We make our demands from the professional colleges of attorneys and attorneys to improve the functioning of the Administration of Justice in relation to the Judicial Office and the LexNet electronic system."

Source: CARM